Fantasy football podcast – Wide Receiver Rankings 2018

May 2, 2018  8:34 pm

Here are the top 12 Fantasy football wide receiver rankings for 2018! Fantasy Football 2018 has launched and this is the early list. Joseph Robert Strays away from the general consenus and offers you fantasy football advice that actually works! You will get the regulars in this list from Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham to DeAndre Hopkins. There are some major surprises here on this list. Like the Counselor says all the time, all the top finishers from the year before, do not all finish on top again the year after. In fantasy football you have to take risks and gamble with players with upside and that are in a position to succeed. There is a lot of depth at wide reciever, and it is different from running backs when it come to drafting. The Counselor likes to draft rbs in round one, but in there are a few wrs worth draft in round one later in the round.  Disclaimer that this is the early list. Things may change and other players may be accuired that may effect some of these players rankings. Full and final lists to be released in Aug 2018.

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About this video: These are the early top 12 fantasy football wr rankings 2018. In this video these receivers inlcude Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham jr, Mike Evans, Aj Green. See where the Counselor ranks these Studs. Outside of the box thinking has helped the Counselor Crush his leagues. In order to win you have to do what the others don’t and take some risks.

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