Fantasy Football Podcast – Sleepers 2019

May 31, 2019  5:30 pm

Fantasy Football Sleepers 2019! Target these guys later on in your fantasy football draft.

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About this video: Fantasy Football Sleepers 2019 brought to you by Joseph Robert. Making sure you draft the right sleepers can make or break your team. Most of these guys you can get later in your fantasy football draft and they could dominate. Joseph Robert will help you dominate your leagues for 2019 and beyond.

When you are looking at sleepers you want to observe a few simple things that will help you get the right fantasy football sleeper. You want to make sure that this player is 1. Talented, 2. On a good team that will produce fantasy football numbers 3. In a position to succeed on their depth charts. You have to really look and analyze the situation. For example, this year a guy like Geronimo Allision is a sleeper with massive upside. He is with a great QB that will get him the ball. You can also steal Allison, late in the draft. So you have to have a great combination of factors  that play in to make sure you get the right sleeper.

You should also put all players you draft through the CUDDY system. Consistency, Upside, Durablity , Depth and Youth.  Implement this thought process and the probablity of your player performing better increases by a high margin.

Study those depth charts and make sure you player is in line for a lot of attempts if he is a RB and a lot of targets if they are a WR.