Fantasy Football Top 10 Wr’s – Fantasy Football Podcast

May 20, 2019  7:27 pm

Top 10 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers 2019. This is the early list of WR’s to target in your fantasy football draft.

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About this video: The #1 fantasy football podcast and host laying out the fantasy wr rankings 2019. These fantasy football wide receiver rankings are outside of the box. The Counselor called out The Devante Adams pick last year and the Micheal Thomas breakout the year before. A good fantasy football draft strategy is secure that ace wide receiver. The secret tip here is to have that ace, but also have two solid fantasy football running backs in rds 2 and 3. The problem with fantasy football 2019 is that if you draft a rb early on, the ace wide receivers are pretty much gone.  This is why the Counselor would like to have a Michael Thomas or  Juju later in round one.

Joseph Robert created the 16 Rounds draft solution to solve your problems about who to draft and when.  Joseph the Fantasy Football Counselor makes sure you have right amount of depth on your roster and it is well balanced.  Depth is also crucial to your success of winning your leagues. It’s kind of like the belt and suspenders theory. Always cover yourself and have a back up plan for a back up plan.

The Wide receiver position does have a lot of depth, but we still like having that solid wr receiver that will get the volume of targets. Targets are important attached to a qb that likes to throw the ball a lot. Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and Luck are great examples of Qb’s that are gun slingers!

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