Fantasy Football 2019 Bounce Back Players

May 22, 2019  8:00 pm

Fantasy Football 2019 bounce back players. Will guys like Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette and Odell Beckham Jr bounce back. The Fantasy Football Counselor has the answers! Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast and leave a comment!

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About his video: This goes beyond just fantasy football sleepers! We need to know if these players will bounce back and put up some numbers. Most of these guys are heading into 2019 coming off injuries or seasons that were sidelined due to injury. Could this be a fresh start for them. The fantasy football Counselor has the ans Fantasy Football 2019 will be a make of break season for a lot of these athletes . If is very hard to trust drafting them if they have not done much for years.

A rule of thumb the Counselor  always states is that you have to avoid players that have a lot of question marks. No need to put yourseld at risk of drafting a player that will get injured again. For example last year Odell was a TOP 5 wide receiver across the board. Joseph Robert was warning about about. He stated that the O line was suspect and that you have to be careful with Odell coming off injury.

Make sure you follow that CUDDY system to optimize your roster. Consistency, UPside , durablity, depth and Youth. You follow this and you limit yourself from getting a fantasy football bust. These bouce back players suffered injuries that cost you and your fantasy football team a lot of points. Never take leave it all to chance. Add depth!

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