Fantasy Football Podcast 2018 – Hater Comments

May 19, 2018  10:01 pm

In this Fantasy football podcast, the Counselor responds to social media hater comments! Also, discusses the battle that is going on in the fantasy football twitter world. No matter what anyone does in life they will get haters. The Fantasy football Counselor has a lot of fans, but the haters tend to show themselves on a daily basis. Fantasy football is about being competitive and trash talking, so he has a thick skin for the talk. We thought we would share some comments here with you and discuss all the fantasy football twitter drama from the past few days. Let’s have some fun!


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About this video: Fantasy football can be very competitive. Some people get offended easily while most can actually handle the smack talk. There was a lot of fantasy football drama on twitter of the past few days that involved the Fantasy football Counselor and some other industry experts. Joseph Robert discussed the incident and goes over some hater comments. Many comments come through when Joseph discusses his fantasy football rankings. His rankings are different from the general consenus and while most people love it, some do not. Make sure you subscribe to this channel to crush daily and year long fantasy football. Your fantasy football leagues depend on it!

People are passionate about NFL football and Fantasy football. There are many opinions and people get heated about there teams. In this industry you have to keep a cool head and focus on winning you fantasy football leagues. Trash talk is normal in leagues also and we love our fantasy teams. Winning is still #1 for the fantasy football Counselor

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