Fantasy Football Podcast 2018- Players to Avoid

May 21, 2018  8:58 pm

Fantasy Football Players to avoid, becuase they have had years to wow me and I’m not WOWED! The Fantasy football Counselor, wants to ensure that his roster is always optimal. These are players that just don’t wow or exicite him. You will never see these players on Joseph Robert’s fantasy football team. Learn who they are and to stay away.

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About this Video: Fantasy football 2018 will go a lot smoother for everyone if they avoid these average fantasy football producers. They have to be avoided by the opinion of the Counselor. They are just really safe players for the most case as best. Joseph Robert wants you to be aware of these guys and not fall into the trap of drafting them early or even at all. Make sure you run some fantasy football mock drafts to get a feel for where these players are going, and who else you can grab at the same spot. Some of these players can be considered fantasy football busts. Most don’t bust, but who wants average? Mock draft and find out who you can avoid and when. This advice should all start falling into you overall fantasy football strategy for 2018. There is a lot to take under consideration when drafting that optimal roster. This is why the CUDDY system is very important when you are drafting. Most of the players in this video do NOT meet the CUDDY SYSTEM. They definitely lack the consistency that we are looking for. Be aware and only draft elite talent!

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