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May 16, 2018  8:22 pm

The Counselor calls out an analyst on the worst fantasy football draft advice he has seen for 2018. Joseph Robert is obsessed with helping you win your leagues and he needs to make the world aware when bad advice is being given to the masses. Also, in this episode we go to social media and answer your questions for fantasy football 2018.

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About this video: Now is the time to be running your fantasy football mock draft for 2018. Practice, so you have a feel on when certain players are being drafted. The Fantasy football Counselor wants to make sure that you ONLY get ourstanding fantasy football advice and not be steered the wrong way. He ended up calling out a ESPN analyst after he was presented with this terrible advice that is being passed along to the masses. You MUST always secure a solid running back with minimal committee. This very basic fantasy football tip will help in a great way! The advice given was go WR/WR in the first rounds and wing it for the year and try to get a RB off the waivers. Playing RB on the waivers or streaming a rb all season, is NOT good idea. See how The Counselor discusses this in this video. The draft strategies the Counselor implements work! That is how he wins. The Cuddy system plays big factor in Joseph’s decisions. He also released a dratt domination Course. Link above, that will help you properly draft a team that will win. Fantasy football advice will never be the same anymore and the consensus ranking days are over. The game changer is here, time to win at daily and year long fantasy football ! Get the Fluff out!

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