Fantasy Football Players to avoid 2019

August 28, 2019  7:24 pm

Fantasy Football 2019 players to avoid because the suck! These guys are total fantasy football busts and you should avoid them at all costs!

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About this video: Fantasy Football players to avoid for 2019. Make sure you stay away from these guys. You have to take your fantasy football draft very seriously. Drafting these busts will not help you in anyway shape or form.

These guys have had years to wow us and we are not wowed. There performances have lacked for years due to injury or simply becuase they suck. Sometimes people think the Counselor is being harsh but he is just speaking the truth here. He is very excited to actually get you this valuable imformation. He is saving you from fantasy football disasters. You need to avoid these bust potential players. They will not help you. They have had years to wow you and you are not wowed. Not to mention they do not even come close to meeting the cuddy system. Stay away from them at all costs!

Fantasy Football 2019 drafts are wrapping up make sure you are making the right decisions this year when you aquire players. Avoid these fantasy football players at all costs!

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