Fantasy Football News – Zeke gets paid

September 4, 2019  7:11 pm

Fantasy Football Discussion along with reaction video to Ezekiel Elliott getting paid. Zeke becomes the highest paid running back in NFL history. As prediction by The Counselor.

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About this video: Ezekiel Eliott get paid big dollars. 90 million with over 50 million guarenteed. This is a mega contract that makes him the highest paid running back in NFL history.

While many were focused on getting Pollard, Joseph Robert kept saying you should be careful as Zeke is the main guy there. There should not have been much doubt as Zeke is the focal part of that offense. He deserves the money that is being issued to him. He fits the CUDDY system. Most players that fit the CUDDY should be entited to a big payday. They are consistent, the have upside, they are durable, they are high on their respective depth chart and the are young. Zeke meets all this criteria and some. He has a good relationship with Jerry Jones from we understand. This payday was well overdue.

As for guys like Melvin Gordon. His payday is still due. He doesnt meet the cuddy system as well as Zeke does but he should get paid as well. The career of the running back is limited and shorter, so these paydays can really make or break a player in real life. Hopefully Melvin gets the payday he is looking for as well. Good guy that respects the fantasy football community.

Also some after the draft fantasy football advice.

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