Fantasy Football Must Do’s in your Drafts

July 12, 2019  12:24 am

Fantasy Football Must Do’s for your 2019 Draft! These are fantasy football draft strategies you must implement in 2019. Fantasy Football 2019 is almost upon us. The Counselor has you covered!

Here are your must DO’s: 1. Draft Rb’s Early 2. Must Double up on Qb’s 3. Must avoid/be cautious of some BIG named players 4. Master the Study of depth Charts 5. Must Add Depth 6. Be confident in your approach to everything fantasy football

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About this video: This are some must do tips for your fantasy football draft 2019. Joseph Robert is getting you prepared to dominate your leagues! This is some really practical fantasy football advice for your leagues. We are preparing you for your fantasy football draft.

This goes beyond just fantasy football rankings. You must be practical in your approach and really start to think outside the box. This is crucial for your success. The Majority of people are not doing that. They are simply just looking at the rankings and just drafting based on adp. Adp drafting will not get you ahead of the competition for 2019 fantasy football or beyond.

These tips and actually implementing these alone will really put you light years ahead of the competition. Fantasy Football in general is really evolving and you must adapt and not be left behind. The Fantasy Football Counselor is obsessed with helping you win your leagues. So make sure you are stayed glued to this channel for the best advice on the market today. The Future of fantasy football advice has arrived and here to stay!