Fantasy Football Mock Draft 2019

June 7, 2019  6:45 pm

Fantasy Football Mock draft picking a WR first overall! Hosted by the Fantasy Football Counselor, giving you the advise you need to dominate this 2019 season!

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About this video: First overall pick in a Fantasy Football Mock draft hosted by the Counselor. We are having some fun by selecting a Wide Receiver first overall and seeing how it all plays out! To prepare for your 2019 fantasy football draft, we do suggest you mock draft often to get a feel for the adp’s. The Fantasy Football rankings can lead you astray. Make sure you are doing the practical work like this to help you. Also, subscribe to this #1 fantasy football podcast to dominate your leagues!

The Fantasy Football Counselor adds a lot of depth to his team and can take risks such as drafting a WR first overall. You will not get a ace wr if you wait untill the third round. Now you may get some Wide Receiver breakouts possibly but you have to take a risk. The volume and target count receivers are all in the the first round. A couple of wide receivers the Counselor really likes early this year are,  Adams, Michael Thomas, Julio Jones and Juju. All proven Wr’s that will get a ton of target. Also, when looking at the wr’s you have to look at who the person is throwing the ball. Most of these wide receivers that are on TOP have great qb’s throwing them the ball. This is crucial, when looking at drafting any player on your roster. The players around them have to be solid as well.

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