Fantasy football mock draft 2018 – ESPN Platform

May 6, 2018  6:18 pm

Fantasy football mock draft, hosted on ESPN and walked through by Joseph Robert. The Fantasy Football Counselor runs through the first 6 rounds of this Mock draft. We want to give you a feel of what players are going and how fast they are coming off the board in this 2nd qtr 2018. Fantasy football advice at its best!

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About this video: The fantasy football counselor does a mock draft on the espn platform and walked through and gives you fantasy advice as he moves along each draft round. Listen and absorb as much information as you can, because the fantasy football advice in this video has been proven to work. There are a lot of draft strategies you much implement when you are doing a fantasy football draft. The Counselor covers some fantasy football tips and tricks in this video. To fully grasp how to draft like a pro, you can check out the draft domination video training series Joseph Robert created. This is the first time ever any fantasy analyst has offer this. Our duty with this fantasy football podcast is to give you all the tools or any possible competitive advantage to win your leagues.  Joseph Robert is hard at work 10 hours a day studying and creating content for you to beat the dfs sites, your friends and your family. Take the time to take some notes during this video as there is a lot of valuable information.  Also, note that some of the depth charts may change and the decisions the Counselor made here may change by the time the NFL season roles around.

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