Fantasy Football Draft Strategy- Late Round Steals

July 29, 2019  6:53 pm

Fantasy Football Late round steals for 2019. Make sure you target these guys in your draft and you will pay almost nothing to get them. Also special Jimme Maverick on the show today, giving us his insite on these picks as well. You could call these guys fantasy football sleepers, but we call them late round steals in this episode.

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About this video: Fantasy Football sleepers 2019 or you could call them late round steals. The Counselor and the Maverick discuss guys you should consider stashing on your bench for 2019 fantasy football drafts.

Drafting these players later can really make and break you team. You have to study depth charts and look at guys that could potentially break you and stash them on your bench. Then you have to look and study depth charts and see who could really boom for fantasy football. Take a look and study who is ahead of them and make a decision to put them on your bench. Study players that have players in front of them that have had years to wow you and your not wowed. This is a good indication that you should probably target them later.

You can really get some solid guys on your roster at the end of draft if you follow the Counselor and some of his predictions and methods of winning. Make sure you are also subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to really get the edge over your friends. The won’t know what hit em.

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