Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2019 – Do not do!

June 28, 2019  8:46 pm

Fantasy Football Draft 2019 Do Not list! Things you should NOT do for your 2019 fantasy football draft. Hosted by Joseph Robert!

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About this video: The Counselor getting you ready for your fantasy football draft 2019. This are things that you must NOT do in your draft. One of the main things you must not do is listen to the mainstream fantasy football rankings. Stay away from the consensus and you will have a massive advantage in your leagues. Put this tips in your fantasy football draft strategy to win this year. Draft with some outside of the box thinking to get the edge!

Sometimes instead of telling people what to do, its better to tell them what NOT to do. These are some practical yet advanced fantasy football tips to help you with you 2019 fantasy football draft. Make sure you implement them to get the edge over the competition.

Some of the things you must not do are:

  1. Do not draft rb’s in major committees
  2. Do not draft players in committees with similar talent
  3. Do not follow the mainstream fantasy football rankings, they are wrong every year
  4. Do not wait till later to draft a rb
  5. Do not draft safe and boring players
  6. Do not draft players that have had years to wow you and your not wowed
  7. Do not get fantasy football advice from just anyone!
  8. Do not draft players that get hurt a lot!
  9. Also very important. Do not draft players that have a lot of question marks

Now go dominate your draft!

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