Fantasy Football Draft Advice and Common Questions

July 23, 2018  11:02 pm

Some common Fantasy Football draft questions answered for 2018! What is the best draft position to draft at? Who are some late round sleepers? What are some effective fantasy football draft strategies? We have the answers for you!


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Business Inquiries: About this video: Fantasy football Counselor answers some commonly asked fantasy football draft questions. 2018 Fantasy Football is here. This episode will help you polish up for the your fantasy football draft skills. One thing that the #1 fantasy football podcast focuses on is secure a RB with minimal committee and stay away from the general consensus rankings. You really need to think outside the box to dominate your leagues. The Fantasy Football Counselor just finished a experts draft and is ready to give you his fresh advice for 2018 fantasy football. You need to load up your team with guys that are a top of their depth charts. When it comes to wide receivers, make sure they get the volume and they have a good qb throwing them the ball. Sometimes in mid to late rounds Joseph Robert was seeing a lot of value at WR and wr 1’s that were on teams that were not that exciting but have some upside. Robby Anderson being a example. Stay sharp this season and lock up the right rookies also. Tons of talent in the 2018 nfl draft.


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