Fantasy Football Draft advice and Andrew Luck Retirement

August 27, 2019  2:17 am

Andrew Luck Retires! Now what? The Counselor discusses fantasy football fallout after the retirement! Also, some fantasy football advice going into this weekends drafts.

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About this video: Andrew Luck retires and Joseph Robert and the entire planet is shocked. We can’t believe we heard this news about Luck’s Retirement. This is very sad becuase Andrew Luck still has a lot left in that tank and is extremely talented. The shocking thing about this Luck retirement is that there was a lot left in the tank. Sometimes injuries can take a physical toll on your body and it seems like Andrew Luck doesn’t want any more of it. He wants to retire and possibly preserve his body.  This is totally understandable. Sometimes sports injuries can last a lifetime, if he can walk away now he will preserve his body as much as he can.

This retirement has received some positive and negative feedback. Either way this decision is not ours to make and Luck should feel certain that he made the right choice. You don’t have to please other people, and sometimes you have to look after yourself. That is what matters sometimes. It doesn’t seem like Luck is influenced by the haters and the outside discussion. Hopefully it all works out with Andrew Luck and this future.

The Fantasy Football Counselor discusses his thoughts and what you should do from a fantasy football perspective.

The Counselor also shares some solid fantasy football advice to help you get prepared for your draft.

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