Fantasy Football Draft Advice 2019 – 5 Winning Tips

June 13, 2019  1:26 am

Fantasy Football Advice that is practical and will help you the the edge in 2019. 5 Fantasy Football Draft Tips brought to you by Joseph Robert. These tips are strong and very practical. You need to implement them in your fantasy football draft strategy for 2019. The fantasy football Counselor is here to make sure you get the edge in every way possible.

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About this video: Fantasy Football advice hosted by Joseph Robert. 5 draft tips that will give you an advantage for 2019 fantasy football.

Applying these tips will help you win at fantasy football 2019. You have to think outside the box to get the edge. Don’t do what everyone else is doing and you will have the edge.

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One of the tips here is that you need good balance in the first three rounds. If you are going early you need to secure a solid running back. If you go later in rd one you have to secure that ace wide receiver. The main point is that there is 2 rb’s in the first three rounds that is crucial. The depth has to be there to succeed. Especially at the rb position. There is a lot of question marks at the RB position. So this is why you need depth and why you need to secure that early rb in the first 5 picks.

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