Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2019

August 10, 2019  7:41 pm

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2019. Advice to get the advantage in your 2019 fantasy football draft.  Get 16 Rounds Draft Solution HERE:

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About this video: Fantasy Football Draft strategy 2019. Joseph Robert Preparing you for the first 5 rounds of your draft to give you the edge early on. If you want the full list of sleepers and breakouts for 2019. Make sure you get the 16 rounds draft solution at

The Fantasy Football Counselor walks through the strategy for the first 5 rounds.  The point of this video is so that you think beyond the consheepsus rankings. You need to stay away from the adp. You will see that it is ok to get guys like David Montgomery in the 2nd round. You have to bank on upside but also balance your team with the right players. The first 5 rounds of so will really set the tone on how your team will end up. The Counselor really believes you need to get those workhorse rbs. This will give you the edge as the Running back position runs really thin after the fourth round this year.

You don’t want to end up with a rb that will be splitting a lot of his carries with other player. Stay with getting guys that will get the large work load and hoard those rbs early on this year.

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