Fantasy Football Draft 2019 – Listeners League

August 23, 2019  3:55 am

Fantasy Football Draft 2019, Strategy and discussion. The Counselor walks through a full fantasy football draft on the FFE site. This is where we will be housing our listeners leagues for 2019 fantasy football.

The Counselor assembles the listeners leagues all in one spot so it’s easy for your to see who the winner is and who is the leader of Counsel nation. Fantasy Football Evolution gets it done for you below. Join and be crown the champ.

Join here:

1. Register or Login at
2. Buy a team (or a five or ten pack)
3. On the Dashboard, select the ‘Join Competition’ button of one of your teams
4. Name that team
5. Select the option to join an ‘FFE&’ competition
6. Select ‘Fantasy Football Counselor’ from the list
Save … and enjoy!
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About this video: Fantasy Football Draft Strategy 2019. In this Video, the Couselor discusses a game plan to dominate the 2019 listeners league. He introduces you to Fantasy Football Evolution. A great and different way to play year long fantasy football.

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