Fantasy Football Draft 2019 – Freqeuntly Asked Questions

August 27, 2019  5:26 pm

Fantasy Football Draft 2019, frequently asked questions. Questions like should I draft Zeke? Who do I draft first overall? Do you trust Amari Cooper? These and many more questions answered here.

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About this video: The Fantasy Football Counselor answering your commonly asked fantasy football draft questions. Joseph Robert gets a lot of questions and these are some of the most common. Some of the major headlines are if ZEKE will play this year. This question is address here. Also, another big question is who to draft 1st overall? This is a very common question. In this video, Joseph will explain why he likes David Johnson at this 1st overall position. There is always a lot of variance at the top 5 overall picks every year. Things change so drastically year over year and you need to make sure you compensate for that.

Other common fantasy football draft questions are do you trust this or that guy. Sometimes these questions are hard to answer. What you have to look at is the big picture. Going back to the CUDDY system. You have to look at what type of situation that particular player is in. You havet to look at potential breakouts and of course the depth chart and who is sitting infront or behind that fantasy player on the depth chart. Think outside the box and you will have a great season.

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