Fantasy Football Draft 2019 – Do Not’s

August 21, 2019  12:23 am

Fantasy Football Draft Do Not’s 2019. Things you should NOT do in your 2019 fantasy football draft. NOT doing these things will give you the edge in 2019.
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About this video: Joseph Robert giving you more information to help you with your fantasy football draft. Draft things you should def NOT do for this year or ever. Avoiding these things will give you the advantage over the competition.One of the main things you should NOT do is draft based on adp. This is a major no no. Doing this will have you miss out on some of the potential breakouts.
You need to do the homework and research and make sure you draft the right players. You can’t rely on consheepsus.
It if very important you avoid the mainstream and think outside the box. This is why the Counselor has to reassure you do not do these things. The mainstream is starting to catch up on the early Counselor predictions. The Earlier you draft with this podcast the better you do. One of the do not’s  should be NOT to wait to draft last min. Then people start to catch on the latest trends and information.
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