Fantasy Football 2019 Qb Rankings – Fantasy Football Podcast

May 23, 2019  7:14 pm

Top 10 Fantasy Football QB’s you should target for you draft in 2019! This is not your typical fantasy football QB rankings list. The Fantasy Football Counselor has hand chosen Quarterbacks, that if drafted at the right time will help you dominate your leagues.

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About this video: The Top 10 Fantasy Football 2019 Qb’s. Make sure you anchor your team with a quarterback that will produce on a high level. When you look at fantasy football qb rankings, make sure you observe the consistency of the particular qb. Qb trends are easier to spot then any other position in fantasy football.

One of the main formula’s of success and winning at fantasy football is getting the right qb. This is critical to your success. Having the right qb can make or break your fantasy football season. They TOP qb’s put up over 300 well needed points. The consistent points that are put up every single week will make or break that week.

You also do not want to over pay at the quarter back position. While you need that solid qb, you must note there is a lot of depth at this position. You will also find that studying the qb stats, you will see a lot more consistency within the information you get. You can see trends of success. With the running back position you get a lot more inconsistency.

Enjoy the episode and make sure you get the 16 rds draft solution to know exactly when and where to draft the qb that will take you to the finals. Go Dominate!


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