Fantasy Football Busts 2019 – Players that Suck

August 15, 2019  10:10 pm

Fantasy Football 2019 players that sucks and are just bust material. These are the fantasy football players to avoid for 2019.

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About this video: Fantasy Football players to avoid for 2019.

The Counselor let’s you know about players you should not draft this 2019 fantasy football year. The Counselor says these guys suck because he really does not want you to draft them. He wants to protect you from these terrible players. A lot of people will just draft a players based on their names.  Especially in later rounds because a lot of players don’t know the later round talent. Do not get caught up on drafting players because you know their names or they are on your favorite team.

The players mentioned here in this video have just not performed on a optimal level and are just not high end fantasy football players. You need to get guys that fit the cuddy system. You need the guys that have the upside and have the talent to succeed. Do not draft players that have had years to wow you and your non wowed. Be smart and selective with you picks.  Never settle with player that are sub par. Raise your fantasy football standards and you will be a happy person. It is all about winning, and that is what Counsel nation is all about.

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