Fantasy Football Bust or Trust 2019

June 13, 2019  7:04 pm

Fantasy Football 2019 Bust and Trust. These 2019 Fantasy Football Players that could really breakout and dominate or bust! Joseph Robert hosts and breaks down these fantasy players for you!

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About this video: Fantasy Football Bust and Trust hosted by the Counselor and Tim the Bald Guy. When you are doing your fantasy football draft, you need to be aware of what players can be trusted and which ones can’t.

Many players have let us down over the years, including Leonard Fournette last year. The question that we ask ourselves on a subconcious level is, do we trust the player or not. Although there are no guarantees in fantasy football, we should at least try our best to get a player that has been consistent and trust worthy to some degree. This is why the Counselor says you have to limit the amount of question marks on the player that you draft.

How do you get a safe player? Well the first step is making sure that they follow the CUDDY system . Get players that have at least 5 points of the CUDDY. Consistency, Upside , Durablity, Depth and Youth. This is very important as you limit your question marks about the players you are drafting. Be extremely picky with which player is on your roster. 2

Having the right players that can deliver on a consistent basis are crucial. 2019 Fantasy football is almost here. Make sure you are glued to this channel to dominate your leagues.

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