Fantasy Football Advice – Frequently Asked draft Questions

July 11, 2019  12:45 am

Fantasy Football Draft advice. Joseph Robert answers your most frequently asked questions. These are some of the most commonly asked fantasy football 2019 draft questions. Take Notes!

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About this video: The Fantasy Football Counselor answers some of the most commonly asked draft questions for 2019. We wanted to consolidate a bunch of common draft questions into one video. The Counselor gets a lot of questions asked on a regular basis. He had to make a video to cover a lot of them

These questions include: Who do I take first overall? When do I draft a qb? What do I do if I am drafting at the 12th and 13th position, and so  much more.

We can answer most of these through different episode but decided to put most of them here in this one.  The Fantasy Football Counselor lives and breaths fantasy football, and wants to make sure you actually win your leagues. This goes beyond fantasy football rankings. This is about practical tips and tricks and strategies to win your leagues. That is the bottom line here with this #1 fantasy football podcast. We get right to the main content.

One of the main reasons Joseph Robert started this podcast is because, he was sick and tired of the mainstream garbage that was out there. He has since then changed the game. Interactive and passionate about the game of fantasy football, out mission is that you win! Makre sure you are subscribed and absorbing all the content to get every advantage and edge you can get.


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