Fantasy Football Defense and Kickers 2019

July 28, 2019  3:34 pm

Fantasy Football 2019 Draft strategy for defense and kickers. The Counselor getting you ready for your fantasy football draft 2019

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About this video: Fantasy Football Defense and kicker dicusssion. The Counselor giving you some great insite on your fantasy football draft, when it comes to def and kickers. These positions are definitely positions you can wait on for 2019 fantasy football.

The Fantasy Football Counselor Def waits on these positions. You are better off getting a potential breakout player than taking a def. But it is important to see if you can get a top 5 def. The reason being is that you want to get those consistent plug and play points. This is crucial to the success of your team. Sometimes the points a def puts up can make or break your team. You also can say the same thing when it comes to the kicker. There is only a handful of kickers that put up consistent points every single week. You want to target them ideally.

Most leagues now are going without the def and kickers position. This is because of the volatile numbers that come out of them. We believe it takes more skill to find a breakout player than just drafting a def and playing it safe.

This all being said, it would still be nice to have the Bears or the Rams def this 2019 fantasy football season. It can def give you fantasy footabll team a boost in certain games.

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