Fantasy Football Draft 2019

August 12, 2019  10:04 pm

Fantasy Football draft 2019, 10 Person standard league. The Fantasy Football Counselor coaches his good friend though his 2019 draft. Lot’s of great insite in this episode to help you dominate your fantasy football leagues!

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About this video: Doing a draft with the Fantasy Football Counselor. Joseph Robert coaches his friend through his year long fantasy football draft. There is a lot of information here to help you dominate your drafts as well!

Hershal is getting a massive advantage here. You will notice that his friends are simply drafting based on consensus rankings. There really is not much draft strategy here.  You have to think outside the box to dominate. You see that ridley fell super late in this draft also. People who don’t live and breath fantasy football will have a hard time to compete with the Counselor and his 16 rds draft solution. Your roster is gonna be full of so much depth

It is about having belt and suspenders. Having a back up plan for a back up plan is the key to success. You see that Joseph is suggesting 2 qb’s here. He also has two tight ends as well. Always looking for breakout potential and security at the same time. Depth, security and a balance of breakout potential is key to success.

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