Fantasy Football 2019 Busts – Players that Suck

June 21, 2019  11:04 am

Fantasy Football Players to avoid that suck! The Counselor lists off fantasy football players you should not draft.

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About his video: This goes beyond fantasy football busts. These players really suck. Joseph Robert lays out the truth about these fantasy football players. Do not draft these players in your 2019 fantasy football draft. Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to dominate your leagues.

Sometimes you really have to be honest and that’s what the Fantasy Football Counselor is. If a player has had years to wow you and your not wowed you can’t draft them on your roster. Every year many fantasy football fans fall victim to drafting players that suck. Joseph Robert wants to make sure you do not fall into this trap. This is why he created things like the CUDDY system. You want to make sure they falls under the cuddy at least. That way you are getting someone who is consistent, has upside, is durable, young and is higher on his depth chart.

You have to be super picky when drafting these players. Also, don’t just draft a player because the have a popular name. Draft a player becuase they fit the cuddy, are talented and can actually produce on a higher level. Always look at talent and the volume the player will get. You have to look at the team they play on as well and the opportunity.

All of these factors make up what is worth of being on your fantasy football team. Do not draft players that suck! Go dominate!