Fantasy football 2018 – Trending Questions

May 9, 2018  6:33 pm

Fantasy football 2018 trending questions (mid May). What happens to Alvin Kamaras Fantasy value with the Mark Ingram suspension? Does Cristian McCaffery value drop with the Panthers acquiring Cj Anderson?

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About this video: The Fantasy Fantasy Counselor takes to social media and answers your hot and trending fantasy football questions and shouts out your account. 2018 fantasy football will be much easier having the Counselor in your corner. These questions are trending but you can ask questions about anything fantasy football related. Including fantasy football draft, dfs, fantasy football ranking question, fantasy football dynasty ranking questions and more. Making sure you follow the CUDDY system whe you are drafting will help you answer your own questions at time. If a player does not meet a minimum of 3 out of 5 criteria of the CUDDY drafting system, he will not be on the Fantasy football counselors team. The Cousnselor will answer trending questions on a weekly basis and they don’t have to always be trending. HERE is where you can leave them. You can DM them to him. He will try to get to as many as possible. The best way to get direct acceSs to Joseph Robert is in his Elite talent mastermind group. The advice in the group is absolutely game changing and no one else is offering this service.  This is the first ever fantasy football mastermind with die hard fans like yourselves. JOIN AND WIN!

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