Top 10 Running Backs

August 14, 2018  4:34 pm

Fantasy Football Top 10 running backs 2018. The Fantasy football Counselor lays out the Top 10 rb’s that will dominate fantasy football 2018. * Disclaimer McKinnon Stock value drops a bit with Morris recent aquistion after this video was filmed and will be updated on the website


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Top 20 Running backs – Fantasy Football 2018 1. Ezekiel Elliott 2. David Johnson 3. Leveon Bell 4. Saquon Barkley 5. Leonard Fournette 6. Todd Gurley 7. Royce Freeman 8. Alvin Kamara 9. Joe Mixon 10. Jerrick McKinnon (Value drops 15th place with new Morris move) updated on site. 11. Melvin Gordon 12. Ronald Jones 13. Devonta Freeman 14. Kareem Hunt 15. Jordan Howard 16. Christian McCaffery 17. LeSean McCoy 18. Derrick Henry 19. Kerryon Johnson 20. Dalvin Cook

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Business Inquiries: About the Video : Fantasy Football Running back rankings 2018 hosted by the Counselor. This is not your general concensus fantasy football rankings. We see it every year. The Top finishers never all finish on top again year after year. We saw guys like Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt shined last year. 2018 fantasy football will have it’s share of fantasy football breakouts as well. Recent news has Alfred Morris being aquired by the 49ers! Brutal as this may change McKinnon’s value if they decide to use him. We cannot express the importance of securing a solid running back with minmal committe in Round one of your fantasy football draft. Fantasy football 2018 mock drafts and draft run thin at solid rbs after the 3rd round. You do not want a c-block that will steal volume from your top running back. We here on the fantasy football Counselor podcast are obsessed with Running back volume! #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballadvice #dfs