Fantasy football 2018 – Depth Chart analysis

May 15, 2018  1:28 am

Fantasy football 2018 depth chart analysis! The Fantasy Football Counselor reviews all 32 team NFL fantasy football depth charts and tells you who is worth drafting! Mega episode packed with information to help you Crush your fantasy football draft 2018.

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About this video: Studying fantasy football depth charts is crucial if you want to win your leagues. The Fantasy football Counselor, reviews all of the NFL team depth charts and advises you on which players are worth drafting for 2018 fantasy football. The Fantasy football rankings Joseph Robert comes up with are heavily weighted on depth charts. The Cuddy system also plays a part. The depth charts are only on piece of the CUDDY.  This episode is so important because it is a great overview of all the fantasy football relevant players for 2018.  The Fantasy football Counselor states which players he likes and which players and teams you should avoid. Some teams have massive committees and certain players just won’t get that heavy volume you want and require. You need to focus on those players that you know will get the touches and targets. This is one of our favorite episode becuase it does not only cover depth charts, but we also cover fantasy football sleepers. You definitely need to get out a paper and pen and take down some notes. This is our early fantasy football depth chart episode podcast. Our final fantasy football rankings come out in August 2018 and this falls under our early evaluation. Subscribe and Crush your leagues!

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