Fantasy Football 2018 – #1 Tip to Win

June 18, 2018  10:58 pm

#1 tip to win at Fantasy Football. Joseph Robert shares this very important advice that you should be aware of. Subscribe to this channel to get a REAL competitive advantage in daily and year long fantasy football. DFS or year long, The Fantasy Football Counselor is obsessed with helping you win.

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About this video: In order to win a fantasy football 2018 and beyond you have to be aware of this #1 tip. Fantasy football rankings come out every year and they can lead you in the wrong direction. Joseph Robert’s outside of the box thinking will give you a massive advantage over your fantasy football competition. Fantasy football is serious and a real business. If you follow the main stream ConSHEEPsus you will not set yourself apart. For fantasy football advice that works, stay glued to this #1 fantasy football podcast and channel. It takes more than one tip to Crush your leagues. This is why the Fantasy Football Counselor offer so much content. Part of following the consensus rankings locks you down to a conform way of looking at rankings.  The Draft Domination and the CUDDY course are going against the grain here. Instead of just looking at basic general rankings, you begin to think outside the box. You get that competitive advantage and your eyes open up to bigger upside players and players that are off people’s radars. Make sure you also subscribe to this channel and do not miss a thing. Fantasy football 2018 is right around the corner!

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