Fantasy Football Podcast 2018 – Rookie Rundown

May 17, 2018  10:17 pm

Who is this year’s Alvin Kamara for fantasy football? We have the answers. This is the fantasy football rookie rundown episode! The Fantasy Football Counselor reviews the top NFL rookies that are in the best position to succeed in fantasy football 2018. He let’s you know which NFL rookies have the most fantasy football upside. You will be light years ahead of the competition this year by being aware of these potential breakout players.

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About this Video: We discuss a majority of the top fantasy football rookie prospects. We are hunting down and looking for the next Kareem Hunt or Alvin Kamara. Understanding the background and where these players sit in the depth charts will help you get a massive advantage over the compeitition. We suggest you do some fantasy football mock drafts and get a feel as to where some of these potential stud rookies are going. Being aware of this you could draft yourself the next Alvin Kamara. Studying these rookies you will see that there are some serious fantasy football sleepers here. Be aware of them and Crush your leagues.

The Counselor feels that some wide receivers could break our this season also. Guys like DJ Moore and Kirk and Ridley all guys that could make a impact right away. Anthony Miller looks special as well. Usually and lately running backs have been making the biggest impacts, but in this case we might see both rbs and wrs doing some serious fantasy football damage.

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