Fantasy Football – How to Win 10 Tips

May 27, 2018  9:57 pm

Here are 10 fantasy football tips on how to win and Crush your leagues. The Fantasy football Counselor is obsessed with winning and helping you dominate your leagues. These fantasy football tips and advice give you a major advantage over the competition.

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About this video: Fantasy football advice at it’s best. The Fantasy football Counselor is giving you practical advice to win your leagues. 2018 fantasy football will be a lot easier with this advice and if you continue to listen to this podcast. In this video some of the tips include: Preparation, draft rookies, avoid the consensus rankings. We also advise to do fantasy football mock drafts. Doing mock draft will give you a massive advantage in fantasy football. We are certain these tips will help you crush daily and year long fantasy. Fantasy football advice and tips and tricks are important, but nothing is more important that working hard and knowing your stuff. A lot of advice can be found here in this channel, but you need to be aware and knowledgeable yourselves. Do not just follow the fantasy football rankings that are given to us my the main stream media. You need to think outside the box. Subscribing to this podcast is your first step. After that, stick to studying and knowing your stuff. Knowledge and awareness of what players to draft and staying on top of the latest news and notes is also crucial to your success. Just be careful on where you get information!

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