Fantasy football podcast 2018 – Tight end rankings (Early List)

May 10, 2018  7:23 pm

Fantasy football tight end rankings 2018 are here! These are the early rankings but these top 12 tight ends will give you some solid value at the position in 2018 fantasy football. Also some bonus fantasy football draft tips in this podcast episode. This episode goes being just giving a list. The fantasy football Counselor wants to ensure you win your leagues. He offers up some inside information and practical drafting tips on when you are drafting a tight end in your leagues. Now that you are aware of the Counselor and watching these videos, you will be able to dominate your daily and year long fantasy football leagues.



Dominate your draft with THIS!:

About this video: The fanatsy football Counselor discusses when to draft a tight end and fantasy football draft strategies when it comes to drafting this position. These are the early rankings and the final top 12 rankings come out in August 2018. In order to dominate your fantasy football draft, be careful you do not draft a tight end early on. Listening and subscribing to this fantasy football podcast will help your crush daily and year long leagues. Fantasy football 2018 will never be the same after you listen and learn from Joseph Robert. His outside of the box thinking will give you a massive advantage in fantasy. Through the years, the Counselor has won countless fantasy football leagues Championships. Never has he ever drafted a tight end in the early rounds. This episode hammers home the fact, that you can get solid value from drafting a tight end later in draft and still dominating. Tight ends are important and in 90% of fantasy football leagues you will need them. Just don’t over analyse this position!

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