Do Not draft Todd Gurley – Fantasy Football 2019

March 1, 2019  8:01 pm

Do NOT draft Todd Gurley for Fantasy Football 2019 and the reasons why! The Fantasy football Counselor lays it all out here on why to draft someone else in the First round of you Fantasy Football Draft and not to waste a pick on the overrated Todd Gurley. The mainstream fantasy football rankings are never right and will not help you. Stray away from the masses to win!

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About this video. Todd Gurley was a fantasy football bust at the end of last season. Moving into 2019 fantasy football you need to be aware of what he did wrong last year and NOT pay too high for him. We know and Todd Gurley has stated he does not care about your Fantasy football team. When you are getting fantasy football advice make sure it is outside of the box! Do not follow the fantasy football consensus rankings they will lead you astray and won’t help you win.

Todd Gurley fell apart in the fantasy football playoffs.

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