Bust or Trust – Fantasy Football Podcast 2019

July 7, 2019  1:39 am

Fantasy Football Bust or Trust 2019 with special Guest Jimmy Maverick. We let you know if we trust guys like, Leonard Fournette, Carson Wentz, Leveon Bell, Odell and so many more. A great episode to help you prepare for your 2019 fantasy football draft.

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About this video: Fantasy Football Bust and Trust, hosted by the Fantasy football Counselor. Some of these players this year are really hard to trust for 2019 fantasy football. You have to be careful if you draft these guys. Make sure you look at everything, The Fantasy Football Counselor and Jimmy discuss these trust or bust players. You can’t just trust the fantasy football rankings. You have to think outside the box. Make sure you are subscribed to this #1 fantasy football podcast to dominate your leagues.

Most of these players are suspect and have question marks. This is what leads us to ask. Bust or trust.  Guys like Fournette, Odell, and Freeman are the type of guys you should watch this year. They lack consistency over the past couple years. Sometimes you don’t want to just draft on names. You need to look at the consistency and the situation they are in. You also have to be careful with injury prone players. These are the guys that come up for the bust or trust discussion.

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