1st Overall Pick for 2019 – Fantasy Football Podcast

June 11, 2019  3:14 am

Who is the 1st overall pick in your fantasy football draft 2019? The Fantasy Football Counselor has the answer!

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About this video. Time to start preparing for your fantasy football draft 2019. If you have the first overall pick, who do you draft. Well there is a bunch of great guys. Ezekiel Elliott, Christian McCaffery, Alvin Kamara, Saquon Barkley and David Johnson. The Counselor gives you his pick and the reasons on why to draft him. Note David Johnson has already said he is the best fantasy football running back. Could that be a good enough reason to draft him first overall? We think so.

When you are drafting a player, especially 1st overall you must make sure that you really limit your question marks. You have to wait a long time until your draft pick comes up again. So it is absolutely crucial you  make the right choice. The Fantasy Football Counselor really believes in David Johnson for fantasy football 2019. He has no character issues, and he is extremely talented.

He also fits the CUDDY system. He is consistent, massive upside and still very young. He will also be playing to potentially get a major contract. Looking for big things out of ARIZONA and DAVID Johnson. You cannot underestimate his ability and his ceiling. Joseph Robert likes to invest in players that are talented and have that high ceiling. Last year Barkely was on TOP. Sometimes what goes up must come down. We strongly feel that DJ is the safest bet as 1st overall for 2019 fantasy football.

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