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Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Impact 2022 | Should you Draft him?

Fantasy Football Outlook Tyreek Hill

Fantasy Football Outlook For Tyeek Hill in 2022

Tyreek Hill is on a new team. He’s on the Miami Dolphins signing a four-year $120 million deal with approximately $72.2 million guaranteed. This is a huge move and there’s a lot of fantasy impact related to this. I’m going to talk about who’s affected, what Tyreek Hill’s value is going to be, And if you should draft Tyreek Hill for Fantasy Football 2020 in a fresh new spot with a young quarterback who’s relatively unproven. Going to break it down fully here for you.  Now there are a lot of people offering advice on the impact of this. And guys, a lot of lies out there, okay. There’s still a lot more to be uncovered after the NFL draft. But I’m going to give you guys my breakdown either way, even if the draft happens and things change and they improve their O-line or they get the best quarterback in the draft.  I don’t care if Brady goes to Dolphins, it’s something we’ve got to discuss. We’re going to break it down here for you the truth about Tyreek Hill’s fantasy football impact.

Tyreek Hill Fantasy Football Outlook

The upside is low for Hill in 2022

Fantasy Football Draft Value for Tyreek Hill

Let’s dive into this. Tyreek Hill is fantasy football value, but understand this is a Tyreek Hill video, but there’s a lot, guys, that goes behind Tyreek Hill’s move to Miami. Okay. There’s so much going on. Now, I don’t know, I don’t have all the trade details here, but I think the Dolphins, what did they get here? They gave up a first-round pick in 2022, I believe a second-round pick in 2023, and so on and so forth. They gave up quite a bit for Tyreek Hill. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is Tyreek Hill and his fantasy football impact. He is now on the Miami Dolphins. He is sharing the field and lining up with the young and talented Jaylen Waddle. Now, Jaylen Waddle, he could have had a good year this upcoming year, could have had some volume. But Tyreek Hill’s there. Now I’m going to tell you the biggest concern with Tyreek Hill and his fantasy football outlook. We haven’t… There’s actually quite a lot of concern.

First and foremost, he’s joining Tua. If Tua is the starting quarterback at the beginning of this season, he is very young, okay. Tua is only in his second year out of Alabama, and he’s a first-round pick, a fifth overall, 24 years old. Now the problem here with Tua… Sorry, he is going into his third year. Okay, let me stand corrected. He’s going into his third year. 388 attempts last year, played 12 games, 2,653 when you’re looking at passing yards, 16 touchdowns, 10 interceptions. We have not seen anything out of Tua at all, guys. Okay. At all! It’s the third year. All right.

Now he is still relatively unproven. The talent is there, the potential is there, we still have not seen it. So that’s a big, huge question mark. Now again, he only played 12 games last year. The attempts weren’t there. So when I’m looking at Tyreek Hill, now, when you look at Tyreek Hill, he’s not a huge volume guy. The guy can catch and run, get a lot of yards after the catch with very minimal. But even still man, in his 2021 season, okay, 151 targets, 1,239 yards, nine touchdowns. The targets were there.

But there were years when he had good numbers. What’d he have? It was 2020, he had 135 targets. Okay. Still put up solid numbers. But he still needs quite a few targets, all right. Again, I don’t know if he’s going to get that with Tua. That’s the problem, okay. So again, if you look at Tyreek Hill the talent is there, new situation. They’ve got Jaylen Waddle, who last year had himself a good year as well, a decent year, 104 receptions on 141 targets, 1,015 yards, six touchdowns. Okay. 141 targets are not bad. But, Tyreek Hill is there. So is that rapport going to continue with Jaylen Waddle? Yes, it will. But is Tyreek Hill going to get his fair share of targets? That is the big question.

Jaylen Waddle Fantasy Football 2022

Fantasy Football Impact for Waddle takes a big hit with Hill there.

So now you’re contending with Jaylen Waddle, who is the number one target getter last year. Now I’m going to pull up here, this is crazy, but I’m going to pull up the Miami Dolphins wide receivers last year, okay, based on target distribution. It was Jaylen Waddle, DeVante Parker with 73 targets, he was number two. Waddle with 141, DeVante Parker was 73, then there was Mack Hollins there with 28, Albert Wilson with 39. So you had Waddle at 141. You had DeVante Parker at 73. All right. So again, Waddle being the one guy there that’s going to be a concern. So Tyreek Hill comes in here and he’s going to demand at least 130 targets, minimum if he’s going to be a first-round pick. Now, the problem is I think a lot of the mainstream, a lot of the consensus, and the sheep are going to be drafting Tyreek Hill in the first round, or they’re going to have him in their top 10. And I think this is a mistake, because again, young quarterback, new offense, and Tyreek Hill now is going to be sharing targets with the number one receiver in Miami who is Jaylen Waddle over 140 targets last year. And we have a quarterback who just doesn’t throw the ball a lot or has not been proven.

So are the targets going to be there for Tyreek Hill? That’s a big question mark. Nobody really knows. I’m going to say off initial look here, I’m going to say a big no. A big no. And Tyreek Hill again, I’m seeing him on the consensus at number eight right now. And that’s a problem. You’ve got this guy top 10 on a new team with everything I just stated, okay. So I’m going to give you guys my breakdown here, whether I’m going to draft him or not.

But I also want to talk here real quickly about the other people that are going to be affected by the Tyreek Hill trade. First and foremost, it’s going to be Tua. Now that’s going to give Tua a boost. So Tua, he gets a thumbs up. Tua gets, that’s definitely going up, right? That’s definitely going to help Tua. Is it going to help Pat Mahomes? I’m going to say it’s not going to help Pat Mahomes. Now you’re going to say, well, Joe, Pat Mahomes has Travis Kelce. Yes, Pat Mahomes has Travis Kelce, so people are going to be all over Travis Kelce saying, Travis Kelce is going to have the best year of his life. And that’s very possible, right?

They’ve brought in Juju. They’ve got Mecole Hard-… Mecole Hardman is still there. They’ve shipped off Byron Pringle, he’s off to the Bears. Robinson was there, he’s off with the, I think he’s a one-year deal with the Raiders. Robinson, Pringle are gone. Juju slides in. Mecole Hardman slides up to the top at the time of this recording, unless we see what happens with the NFL Draft.

I don’t speak about the NFL Draft until the NFL Draft happens because I don’t care about the rookies until they land on a particular team, and where they’re drafted. So if a team is in a need of a particular position, let’s say the top wide receiver coming out of the 2022 draft, let’s say he’s drafted top 10 overall in the NFL draft and he is on a team that needs a wide receiver, that person’s going to get volume. So it’s based on where they’re drafted in reality, what team they land on, and the needs of that team. That’s when I know if that person’s going to have a fantasy football impact, once I juggle the depth chart around.

But as of right now, Travis Kelce is primed for a big season, yes. But, I don’t know if Mecole Hardman is good enough to be a wide receiver one. He is good. I think he could be a wide receiver one, but are they going to bring in somebody else to line up with him? If not Mecole Hardman is absolutely going to be a steal this year. I love Mecole Hardman this year, okay. Again, you’ve got Tua, he gets a boost. Mecole Hardman gets a boost. Travis Kelce gets a boost. Jaylen Waddle does not get a boost. He gets a decline.

Should you Draft Tyreek Hill in 2022 Fantasy Football Drafts?

Tyreek Hill, now that’s a big question. Let’s talk about it. Do you draft Tyreek Hill this year? Now, the simple answer to this one would be, well, he’s talented, Joe. He’s going to be the wide receiver one, Joe. It makes sense. The problem is the ADP. Now, if I can get Tyreek Hill in the fifth, sixth round, sure, absolutely. But that’s not how it’s going to go because the consensus, everybody seems to follow the mainstream. And he’s going to be, as again, as of right now sitting top eight amongst the consensus, the consensus rankings. So Tyreek Hill, based on average draft position, is very, very expensive. Am I going to draft him? Absolutely not. I will be staying away from Tyreek Hill. I was going to be staying away from Tyreek Hill anyway because he’s very volatile. He is getting it to downgrade from Pat Mahomes to Tua.

Tua Fantasy Football 2022

Tua Fantasy Football Value takes a boost

So I don’t know what else to tell you other than that. And he was pretty volatile with Pat Mahomes. Yes, at the end of the year, Tyreek Hill put up phenomenal points. Okay. He did well. I mean, what he put up last year, I’m going to pull this up in PPR, 296 points. But typically on a game-to-game basis, there were five or six games there where he was a wide receiver four based on fantasy points, putting up five, six, nine points games. I’m looking at it right now. There was a game in week 16, he put up 3.9 points. There was a week in week 13, he put up 4.2 points. There was a week in week nine, 7.3 points. There was a week in week two, 5.9 points.

Now imagine this guy, you invest a first-round pick in Tyreek Hill, and I know players have volatile games. But you invest a second-round pick in Tyreek Hill last year, and week two comes along, you start him as your wide receiver one, and he puts up 5.9 points. And then you think to yourself, hey man, that was a bit of a fluke of a game. The week after he puts up 9.7 points. So now three out of… Week one, he had a good week, you got 37.1 points. But two out of the first three weeks of your Fantasy Football season for a wide receiver one, he puts up two duds. And you’re thinking to yourself, well man, he had two bad weeks. I may bench him. This other player’s playing better. He had a breakout week. He’s the waiver wire wonder. I’m going to start him. Then he has a phenomenal game.

And listen to this guys, I’m taking you through an emotional rollercoaster here. Week four, he has 47.6 points. So damn, yes, Tyreek Hill’s back. And then you start him week five, he has 14.8 points. So the point I’m trying to make guys, it’s one game good, one game bad. That’s with Pat Mahomes. Jaylen Waddle’s there now with the Dolphins. And again, they’ve got Tua, which is a downgrade.

So very dicey. I don’t like it. I’m not drafting Tyreek Hill. It’s up to you guys to make that decision. That’s my full breakdown and the fantasy impact as if right now, pre-NFL draft surrounding Tyreek Hill.

All right guys. If you are new to the channel, you like the breakdown, this is making sense to you. I’m not just ranking him top 10. Guys, common sense guys, right? That’s something that the mainstream lacks. Get the 16-round draft, which you’ll be very happy and light years ahead of the competition. Claw your way to the championship this year, 16-round draft solution guys. All right. Get it below. If you are new to the channel subscribe, and hope you enjoy the video.


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