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2020 RB Rankings | Top 10 Fantasy Football Running Backs

Fantasy Football Rb rankings

The Top 10 Fantasy Football RB’s for 2020, brought to you by the Counselor. This is your non-consensus practical look at who should be in the top 10 and who could actually finish in the TOP 10 in fantasy points for 2020

  1. Saquon Barkley
  2. Derrick Henry
  3. Christian McCaffrey
  4. Ezekiel Elliott
  5. Josh Jacobs
  6. Alvin Kamara
  7. Todd Gurley
  8. Leonard Fournette
  9. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  10. David Johnson

Joseph Robert, The Fantasy Football Counselor, we are talking top 10 fantasy football rankings for 2020. Yes, the running backs, my favorite position, the robust RB strategy. We’re talking everything running backs right here, right now. Now, this list is not going to be your consensus list, this is going to be the list as, kind of how I would draft these running backs in order, based on ADP, as if the draft was actually happening. This is the way lists should be presented, not the consensus type lists. Let me remind you last year, okay, that James Conner, Melvin Gordon, and guys people fall, Le’veon Bell, guys fall out of the top 10 that were listed in the top 10. Even David Johnson a guy that I liked last year, fell out of the top 10. He was top, I think five amongst running backs last year, okay? That was a coaching thing, but that’s beside the fact, it was definitely not a talent thing, all right? So this is a top 10 list based on the non-consensus and the way it should be done. The running backs I like for fantasy football 2020, let’s get to the show.

All right guys, welcome to the show, top 10 running backs, 2020. I’ve honed in on this list, I’m excited about this list, fantasy football 2020 is around the corner. We are now in June everybody, time to get ramped up, my energy level is rising. We’re in June guys, a totally different month, it’s going to be a totally different new energy coming in for me. I’m the leader of the industry, I’m going to show it to you guys with my passion, my power and of course, accurate fantasy football now says no more cookie-cutter BS, copy and paste BS, okay?

And that’s the one thing that annoys you before I get into this list, I got to talk about this. The very, annoying, okay. Last year these guys finished on top, let’s draft them again in that order. That’s what everybody tells you, that’s BS guys, it doesn’t work like that. Christian McCaffrey finished number one last year, everyone’s putting him, we got to draft Christian McCaffrey number one. That is total, total BS. That is people lying to you. Yes, he could finish first overall again, but it’s very, very rare. Last time anyone finished two years in a row on top, first overall, was a guy named Priest Holmes back in 2002, 2003. So it’s a very rare, very, very rare occurrence. Now, a lot of people will say, “Well Joe, even if it doesn’t finish first overall, I still want to … He’s still going to finish top three.” Very possible as well. But understand Christian McCaffrey is part of a new team, I’m going to talk about it. New team, new offense, new coach, new quarterback, different offense, right? And he caught a pinnacle amount of balls. We’ll get to Christian McCaffrey in a second. The point I’m trying to make is, when you draft the first overall pick, you got to aim for the highest ceiling. Try to get the guy that’s the highest guy, the guy’s got more of a ceiling.Fantasy Football Rb rankings

Christian McCaffrey is going to be on his way down, get a guy that’s rising. So you got to compensate and say, okay, this guy’s going to move down, this guy’s going to move up. Like Nick Chubb’s out of my top 10, so don’t be surprised when I go through this list when you’re like, “Where’s Nick Chubb, where’s Dalvin Cook?” There are reasons why they’re not here, okay? Nick Chubb is sharing a backfield with a guy that outscored him six out of the eight weeks last year, Kareem Hunt. Kareem Hunt is there, Kareem Hunt could be a starter. Kareem Hunt is a better talent than Nick Chubb. Maybe not as good of a pure runner, but more of a pass, catching running back more versatile. And if you guys remember, some people forget because they’re so caught up in recency biased, last year, I mean, a couple of years ago, he was the rushing leader, Kareem Hunt back in 2017 on the Chiefs. So you’ve got to understand guys, things change, they’re volatile, you got to compensate., That’s what we’re doing here. Before you guys jump in the comments saying, “Where’s Dalvin Cook? Where’s Nick Chubb?” Dalvin Cook has never been to a fantasy football championship, he has not finished a year. He fell apart near the end of the year last year, there’s a reason why the Vikings got Mattison.

So, guys, I want guys that are consistent, guys that’ll produce. Guys that have really good ADPs. Guys, that I know are going to be the workhorse running backs, okay? And I just saw a guy do a mock draft yesterday and, I’m giving you guys the back story, stick with me because this is actual, practical fantasy football draft strategy, and fantasy football knowledge. I saw a so-called expert do a draft, I think his main running backs, this is pretty sad, were like Phillip Lindsay, Devin Singletary, and like his backup was Latavius Murray. Dude, those are like RB1, RB2 kind of guys, they’re going to be in committees, right? You got to secure that robust RB early on, I’m literally going for running backs the first full round. That’s how obsessed I am with going robust because it’s the most scarce position, and you got to secure this running back position. It’s imperative, it’s crucial, and it’s very important that you secure those running backs, okay.


1. Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley FantasyNumber one. Now, again, a lot of people are going to say, Christian McCaffrey, I’m not. The guy I’m talking about at number one is Saquon Barkley. Why? They’ve improved the O-line, I believe they got 3 new O-line men, it’s definitely going to help them. It’s definitely going to help them a little bit, it’s going to open things up there. Daniel Jones now getting settled inside offense into a second year, that’s going to be exciting too, to see Daniel Jones evolve as a quarterback there. And, Saquon Barkley based on physical ability, is the best running back in the game. You guys could debate it all you want, that’s fine, you’re going to lose. Because he is physically the most gifted guy. If you have any questions, just take a look at his quads, he’ll squash you. This guy’s an absolute beast, I love him, and again, work ethic second to none. And he tore it up. Like weeks 15 and 16 of last year, I mean 39, okay sorry this is standard, let’s go to PPR. I’m just going to filter here by PPR. Now, I mean 43 points in week 16, that’s what I’m talking … 189 yards on the ground that week. 30 points in week 15. So he finished really strong, and this is something that I really look at when I’m looking at a running back, especially near the tail end of the season if they picked up the pace.

Because a lot of teams, and I’ve seen this before back when David Johnson was endorsing my brand, I went to his house, he was endorsing my brand, we did a photoshoot for the brand. He came alive back in 2015 near the end of the season and then tore it up. David and I called it, he’s going to break out in 2016, and he did. Last year, David, Derrick Henry had a great year, right? Because of the year before he started tearing it up, and showing that momentum going forward. So Saquon’s a beast, there’s no denying it, like there’s no denying it all. But he only played 13 games. Still managed to get over 1,000 yards on the ground. 1,003 rushing guards, six touchdowns on only 217 attempts, and still managed to finish 10th in PPR. Missing those three games, terrible O-line, Daniel Jones not in the groove, Saquon Barkley by far, maybe next to Derrick Henry, has the highest ceiling amongst running backs, okay? Love him this upcoming season and, 244 points last year at PPR, which again, put him 10th, that’s definitely going to go up a healthy Saquon and, if you guys read some reports and watched it, he was disappointed in his season. He wants to step up this season. I definitely, 100%, with absolute certainty feel Saquon Barkley steps up for fantasy football, 2020, so much so that I think he’s going to probably be the top running back. But again, things change, things are volatile.

But, all I’m trying to do here with my first, if you’re drafting in the first five picks, is to secure the best possible running back. Now I’m seeing guys like Michael Thomas, if you doing some fantasy football box drafts, I see Michael Thomas coming off in the first five picks, that’s crazy. I see Dalvin Cook coming off the top five almost every time, that’s crazy, the guy has not finished a season. You want to get a guy that’s proven, that fits the CUDDY, right? Consistency, upside durability, depth, and youth. So you’re going to get Saquon, and you’re going to get all that in a package. You’re going to get that durability, you’re going to get the volume, there’s nobody else that’s going to take the volume away. So I feel really secure with Saquon as my RB1 because the ceiling is high, the talent is there, only way up for him based on last year, okay? Coming in at number two. Now, I understand what goes up must come down, that’s why Christian McCaffrey is not my first running back. And yes, in PPR I still like this guy, the guy I’m talking about is Derrick Henry. Finished fifth in PPR last season.

I know it’s not the most exciting thing, but here’s what is exciting, okay? Number one in attempts and number one in rushing. And he still managed to get 16 touchdowns. So, when I say attempts, I like a volume. I don’t care because, the thing about it is, all I care about is volume, that’s a big part of it. Well, in some cases it’s bad. Because if you remember Peyton Barber a couple, it’s volume and talent, let’s put it that way. A couple of years ago, I think it was Peyton Barber, who was like ninth in attempts, but really sucked. That guy really, really sucks.

2. Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry FantasyBut we’re looking at Derrick Henry, coming in at number two for me in my rankings, you got to look at a guy that’s the absolute beast workhorse. A guy that hasn’t been paid the mega-contract. Like what is going on? This guy is one of the most talented running backs in the league, and they signed him for like a $10.2 million deal for one year. Listen, another thing that I like here is that 10 Tannehill’s back and that offense hasn’t really, really changed much. I think they got another O-line guy to help the O-line a little bit. AJ Brown is going to take a step up this year. I think Geno Smith’s going to be used a little bit more in the passing game. Listen, Derrick Henry’s prime for another season. Yes, he could face stack boxes, but the guy’s an animal. He’s going to get all that goal-line work. So you’re still looking at around 16 touchdowns, 1,540 rushing yards. Let’s say it drops to 1,200, I’m still okay with that, okay? Maybe he’s evolved a little more on the passing game, maybe he works on his hands, right? Bottom line is, this guy’s a full and true workhorse that I feel secure with, as my, picking them second overall. And this guy is falling until about six, the seventh pick sometimes. But I love him, the talent is there, Derrick Henry I’m comfortable with as, the second running back off the board.

Again, load up on those running backs, robust RB strategy. And I talked about this in my 16 round draft, so make sure you guys go to the, get the 16 round draft solution. I got to chime in, take a time out here. Guys this is the game-changer, I’m telling you. I give you all the optimal players to draft in each round. Last year in my 16 round course I said, stay away from Le’veon Bell at the end of round one. And a lot of people were saying, “Well, Joe you told me, David Johnson, first overall.” Listen, David Johnson was a top-five across the board, in some of my leagues I drafted him first overall, not all of them. But I backed them up with Derrick Henry in almost all my leagues, okay?

And some leagues I went Saquon first overall, some leagues I went Christian McCaffrey, because Christian McCaffrey is my top four last year, okay? So in each round, in 16 rounds, I give you all the optimal players that I think. The only one I really messed up on, I take ownership, there’s a couple of guys. I was off a little bit on, and I’m being transparent with you guys. I was off on Hawkinson, I was off on Montgomery a little bit early, and I was off on David Johnson. But, in my 16 round course, you were able to grab Henry, you’re able to get Kenny Golladay, right? A lot of people crushed it with Kenny Golladay. You’re able to get the right quarterbacks, Kyler Murray guys, he had a bit of breakout season last year. He was my backup quarterback in all of my leagues, okay?

Another thing you guys dodged the Antonio Brown bullet, right? A lot of people, guys, when you’re doing their drafts say to you, “Hey, you know what? You got to draft based on ADP.” Last year, Odell Beckham first round, everyone told you, I said, stay away from Odell, not enough targets. Landry was a top target the year before at 149 targets. How is Odell going to come in and be a top-five wide receiver, you need 150 targets. Are there going to be another 150 targets there with Landry there? It didn’t make sense. So I dive in, I analyze, I do all of that homework for you. I omit players that I feel aren’t going to succeed our potential bus, right?

Damien Williams, everybody told you the beginning of round two. I said, stay away from Damien Williams, he used to wow me, I wasn’t wowed, look at the situation. So, I really, really hone in, filter out what you don’t need, and make sure you guys get all the optimal players in each round, it’s phenomenal, get the 16 round draft solution at if you’re in the car, or the link here below. I’ve pinned it to the top guys. You got to get this, I’m telling ya, you’re also helping support the channel, it means the world to me, okay?

So again, to round this out, Derrick Henry, number two, very confident workhorse, beast, love the upside, love the talent. And, statistically again, attempts are there, rushing yards are there, volume is there, talent is there and incentive is there because he hasn’t been paid. That wraps up Derrick Henry.

3. Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffreyComing in at number three, I got to go with Christian McCaffrey. I’m not going to try to dance around him a little bit, I’ll tell you why. The amazing thing about him is this, 116 receptions last year. I’m just pulling up the wide receiver numbers here. When you look at it from a reception point of view, remember Christian McCaffrey guys, is a running back, okay? He was number two in regards to receptions, and he’s a running back, let me repeat this. Christian McCaffrey was number two in the league, in receptions with the 116 amongst wide receivers. The only person that had more receptions last year was Michael Thomas because he had 185 targets, we had it, again, back to the volume, right? Tons of volume equals tons of output if you’re a good player, and Thomas obviously is. So number two in receiving, this is Christian McCaffrey. The only person that came close to him last year, well, there’s a couple of guys. Keenan Allen, Hopkins, and Edelman. Hopkins had 104 receptions, Keenan Allen had 104 receptions, Edelman had 100 receptions, Julio had 99. This is the type of volume that Christian McCaffrey had in the receiving game. So what I’m trying to tell you is this, there’s no way in hell he’s going to get 116 receptions this upcoming season. I don’t see it, they’ve added Robbie Anderson, they’ve added a whole new quarterback. Understand guys, a lot of receivers in this case, Christian McCaffrey let’s classify him as a receiver just for one moment. A lot of receivers are successfully predicated on the output of volume, and predicated on the output of the rapport that they have with their quarterback, okay? So he had a ton of volume with all the quarterbacks, they would throw it and there them.

So, when you’re looking at Christian McCaffrey you got to say, okay, they’ve got a new quarterback in Bridgewater, is he going to throw enough? That’s a question mark, that’s a red flag. Number two, they’ve got Anderson are they going to utilize him a little bit more. Well you can say, “Well, Joe, now they’re going to open things up, more passing and fewer stack boxes, more running for Christian McCaffrey.” Very possible as well, so that’s kind of a split there. But, when you also look at a situation where what goes up must come down, you got to look at, he’s had two Cinderella seasons. This guy has been absolutely phenomenal and bulletproof, and those are the type of guys you definitely want to target, I get it. And I’m not knocking him, and I’m not saying he’s a bust, but I’m what I’m saying is, I just feel that maybe Henry and Saquon have a higher ceiling than Christian McCaffrey, okay? He’s going to come down 471 points last year, that’s going to come down. And again, you’re saying, “Well, Joe, he may end up with 415 points.” I’m okay with that, and that’s fine. All I’m saying is that I think Saquon Barkley will end up with 416 points, that’s the thought process. I think Derrick Henry will end up with 418 points. I just think that at the end of the day, when they reach the finish line, Henry and Saquon could end up with more points. But you can’t go wrong with the first three picks with these guys, if you mix and match any way you slice it and dice it, okay? So Christian McCaffrey coming in at number three.

4. Ezekiel Elliott

Fantasy Football RB 2020Coming in at number four here, I have some question marks with this guy, but the guy I’m talking about is Ezekiel Elliott. Now, I love Ezekiel Elliot, love the upside, love the talent, he was number three in PPR last year and number two in attempts. Again, the volume and the talent there, 1,357 yards, 4.5 yards per carry, and 12 touchdowns, I love this. He was number four in rushing. He’s always there, he’s always approaching, with always finishing, I should say, in top numbers. Every single year he’s durable, he’s solid. Now, a couple of concerns here, they did add CeeDee Lamb, they have a lot of receivers, they have a lot of good receivers which could mean fewer stack boxes again, helping Zeke Elliot, this is a plus. But I think maybe they implement more of a passing game this year, different coaching, are they going to run Zeke as much? And if they want to win, they should run Zeke. But again, there’s also the Pollard effect. The Pollard effect bothers me a little bit. Now Pollard only had 86 attempts, and two touchdowns, one receiving touchdown. So, if you are looking at Pollard, he could be a thorn in the side of Zeke. That’s definitely going to be a problem, but how much of a problem is the question enough? Enough so that I put them forth, and I feel comfortable with the other three guys ahead of him. Still going to be a solid guy, still going to be durable. Pollard may play a factor, but he is the guy that’s paid, and again, if you want to win, you got to play your best player, that’s why the Cowboys are going to play Zeke Elliot, so I think the workload’s going to be there. So even if he’s at 301 attempts, let’s say he drops down to 280, still going to be a solid producer, still going to get 10 touchdowns, and he’s still going to get over a 1,000 yards, almost guaranteed, safe and solid Zeke Elliot come in at number four. Pollard a little bit of a thorn in my side, but I’m not going to let that affect me. Because again, only 86 attempts, two touchdowns, and one receiving touchdown, okay?

5. Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs Fantasy ImpactAll right, coming in at number five, this is going to shock the world, this is where things get a little bit different year for me. The guy at number five, different from me from the consensus I should say, and I’m not even going to talk about the consensus. Because it’s BS okay? When I think a guy’s going to fall out, he’s going to probably fall out. So Josh Jacobs coming in at number five here now. Listen, numbers weren’t the most exciting last year, but that’s okay, because the ceiling is high and he is the workhorse there with the Vegas Raiders, okay? Now Josh Jacobs last year, didn’t have the greatest season, what he finished 21st? I’m going to pull this up in PPR. I was looking at, I always have the standard numbers out all the time. All right, so yeah, I think he finished 21st, 21st in PPR, 13 games, 242 attempts, that’s not bad, that’s definitely going to go up. So he’s going to have at least around 260 attempts as a floor. He average 4.8 yards per carry when he was running the ball. Now, what I love about him is he’s a past catching, running back. He had a bum shoulder after week seven, so he was a little banged up, okay? And he’s still, again, 13 games guys. A little bit of a bummed shoulder, and he didn’t play the full season rookie year, right? Trying to get integrated. They had no other wide receiver to spread the offense, now they have Ruggs. Ruggs just had a recent injury. I think he had one of his thighs punctured or … I don’t know the extent of Ruggs’ injury, but either way, hopefully, he’ll be ready for the season. He’s going to be able to spread the defenses a little bit back there, and open things up for Jacobs. But number seven in rushing still for Jacobs with 1,150 yards on the ground. That’s very impressive considering, again, all of these obstacles, rookie coming in, maybe some stack boxes, bummed shoulder, no receivers there. So, I love Jacobs, love the ceiling, love the upside. Now, you could probably get this guy probably at the end of the first round but, if I can get him after the first three guys are gone, I’m comfortable with that, okay? Josh Jacobs coming in at number five, the ceiling is high, talent is there, opportunity, volume, everything is going to be there for Jacobs, and there’s going to be a focal point in that offense as long as he stays healthy, okay? Coming in at number six, and this could have gone either way, the only reason I went with Jacob’s at five and the next guy, which is Alvin Kamara,

6. Alvin Kamara

Kamara fantasyAlvin Kamara at six is because Alvin Kamara is always kind of caught up in a little bit of a committee. Now, that always happens, Latavius Murray is going to be there, but here’s the thing. He finished number three back in 2017, number four in 2018, amongst running backs that is, and then last year had a little bit of a dip finished ninth in PPR. Now, that dip could have happened, a couple of reasons, right? Taysom Hills coming in, running some balls in, different types of … But Michael Tom has actually got a lot of volume, right? That’s another problem. And then Drew Brees was banged up a little bit. So there’s a couple of variables there in regards to the decline a little bit with Kamara, and again, you’re always going to get 81 receptions. Now, one thing he was down on was the one receiving touchdown. I don’t like that, okay? That’s got to come up to five, his receiving yard has got to come up, he only had 533, and where he was down was the rushing touchdowns. And that could be again, the running back running, or sorry, the quarterback running it in, and Latavius Murray I think he stole like five away from him as well. So if Kamara gets those rushing touchdowns, which sometimes he gets some hoarded away from, he still could come up there and become a top-five, the ceiling is high, he needs to get paid and incentivized, he’s looking for that big contract. So that’s another thing that I like about him, is that hunger for that big contract. But what I dislike here is again, is that committee, again, the running, the quarterback runs it and Taysom Hill, that bothers me a little bit. So, when you’re looking at Kamara the ceiling is high but, I prefer a guy that is the guy. Full volume, full … Like 171 attempts aren’t enough for me. And he’s not a guy that rushes the ball, he’s kind of like an Austin Ekeler who had 132 attempts, 171 for Alvin Kamara. And I always talk at one point PPR, by the way, this is ranked at one point PPR, even still, I like the volume, volume gets me numbers.

So, when you’re looking at these guys, their committee, and the reason Ekeler is out of the top 10 as well, is because Ekeler has never been a full-on shoe workhorse running back, they also drafted Joshua Kelly there, who’s going to probably be a factor with Melvin Gordon being gone. Ekeler’s could be great in PPR solid, but I don’t trust that. I always try to get those guys that are full workhorse running backs. And you can get the guys in the first four rounds of your draft this year. So coming in at number six, Kamara, going to be safe and solid.

7. Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley Fantasy 2020Coming in at number seven here, this is going to roll some eyebrows, and this guy finished 14th last year. The guy I’m talking about is Todd Gurley, 14th in PPR last year. Now I’m getting this guy typically in the seventh, sorry, in the second round, okay. Todd Gurley in the second round is where I’m getting him. Now the thing about Todd Gurley is that, he wasn’t utilized. He didn’t see 20 attempts, okay? And he’s the full workhorse running backs. He didn’t see 20 attempts until week 11. And I know a lot of people are saying, “Well Joel, it’s because of his arthritis.” No, I think it’s simply because the Rams wanted to utilize Todd Gurley near the playoffs, near the end, and they realized, “Oh, we’re running out of time we’re not going to make the playoffs, we got to use Todd Gurley.” This is back in 2019 okay? Under 1,000 yards, he had 857 yards, 3.8 yards per carry, but 12 touchdowns, which is very impressive on 223 attempts. Now, the Falcons let’s talk about these guys. They want to make a Superbowl run. Matt Ryan’s getting older, they got two stud receivers, Ridley and Julio Jones, and this is going to spread the defenses back. They’re going to go back, they’re going to focus on Julio, they’re going to focus on Ridley, it’s going to open things up for the passing game for you know, catches out of the backfield for Todd Gurley. Love the upside, love the ceiling, love the opportunity. Now they’ve got Brian Hill and Ito Smith, nobody cares about those guys, they’re not that good. If you are making a Superbowl run and you’ve signed Todd Gurley on for a year or so, you’re going to push him to the limit, you want to win. And Todd Gurley’s probably got a chip on his shoulder, he’s probably tired about his arthritis conversations, this and that. So watch some training videos on him, he looks really good, really solid. Love Todd Gurley this year, second-round guy, as part of a robust RB strategy. So when you say, “Joe, you’re drafting Todd Gurley.” Yeah, but I’m going to be covered cause I’m going to basically have a Derrick Henry, or Saquon round why come back at Todd Gurley, or Jacobs, Todd Gurley. I’m going to mix and match that combo, to cover myself with these workhorse running backs. The most scarce position. Not only are you loading up on the most scarce position to cover yourself at depth, and if you have a ton of running backs, you can have good trade bait if somebody needs a running back. And they will because you’ve hoarded them all, and you’re also taking away from the most scarce position from the draft, and you got power in your hands, okay? Because there’s a ton of depth in that quarterback and wide receiver. So Todd Gurley coming in at number seven, I don’t care about arthritis, I care about the opportunity volume, and the fact that the Falcons believe him and they didn’t draft anybody else.

8. Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette FantasyComing in at number eight here, now this guy also due for a mega-contract, Leonard Fournette. Now I’m posting these guys kind of on ADP, based on the players that I would like. I’ll give you an example. So, I could have said, well, Leonard Fournette I like more than Alvin Kamara, but I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t put him in my rankings ahead of Kamara because I know that Kamara would come off first and you could always get Fournette later. Understand the thought process guys, okay? So it’s a little bit ADP, but based on players that I like. So Leonard Fournette coming in at number eight, listen this guy was seventh in PPR, seventh in attempts, not bad like that. 265 attempts, I don’t got to say anything more about Leonard Fournette. If he stays healthy, he’s going to deliver, he’s a volume guy. Six in rushing yards, 1,152, I like that as well. So Leonard Fournette solid again with those rushing attempts, 4.3 yards per carry. Now here’s the thing about Leonard Fournette you want to note here. Last year he only had three rushing touchdowns, still finished seventh. He’s definitely going to get more than three rushing touchdowns.

I look at it, a floor of eight rushing touchdowns on the ground because he’s going to be more integrated. Understand the Jacksonville Jaguars were looking at trading Leonard Fournette, that’s going to light some fire under his ass, understand that he needs to get paid, incentivized, his life is on the line, his future’s on the line, his legacy’s on the line. As you know, running backs have a short shelf life, and they’re being replaced. We see these guys. We see Marlon Mack may not get paid, they brought in Jonathan Taylor. We see Damien Williams not going to get paid the big contract because he sucks anyway, they brought Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

We see this with Zack Moss with Singletary, not making Singletary the main guy, they brought in Zack Moss. You see it with Kerryon Johnson, not being an elite talent, they bring in D’Andre Swift. You see it with Darrell Henderson, with Cam Akers, all of these new rookie running backs are coming in, that has more upside than the guys they have, to basically maybe steal the job and push the other guys out. instead of paying the main guy, why not bring in a rookie that’s got more ceiling see if he works out and not pay the other guy a big contract. So Leonard Fournette needs to get paid, needs to prove that he is the lion in the industry. So Leonard Fournette needs to be the lion of the industry, especially with the running backs, love Lenny Fournette okay, coming in at number eight.

9. Clyde Edwards- Helaire

Clyde Edwards-Helaire FantasyComing in at number nine here, and again, I’d have someone else here above this guy, but based on ADP of where he’s going, I think this guy cracks the top 10. But I want to make a disclaimer, the guy I’m talking about is Clyde Edwards-Helaire. But I want to make a note here, okay. Jonathan Taylor can crack the top 10 Cam Akers. As of right now, I feel a rookie is going to crack the top 10. Well, you’re like “Joe, pick one.” So I’m picking one Clyde Edwards-Helaire right now at number nine. Let me make a note here though. Disclaimer, I need to see training camps roll out. I need to get reports, I need to know who’s shining, I need to hear reports from coaches. Now mind you, I don’t take everything the coach says, religiously or whatever you want to call it, I don’t take it seriously. So when you’re looking at Clyde Edwards-Helaire, you got to look at the ceiling. Early August update of Damien Williams opting out boosts CEH value significantly.

Now, let’s talk about numbers. Last year in college, 215 attempts, 1,414 yards, 6.6 yards per carry, 16 touchdowns, 55 receptions for 453 yards, and a receiving touchdown. Not the most astronomical workhorse numbers, but I love the receptions, I love the volume, I love that he could run up the middle. I love his short, compact stature, his size, right? Compact, people bounce off him, great vision, great cutting ability. This guy can and will be a workhorse. And I think that the gap between him and Damien Williams is far larger, so they got to ride the hot hand. Another thing that I like about Clyde Edwards-Helaire is that they’re going to make him the workforce potentially.

The reason why I’m kind of hesitant is that I don’t really trust the chiefs really, and it’s a different offense since Kareem Hunt was there. Pat Mahomes, was under center, different offense, they throw a lot and I get it. But, he could be part of the passing, there are too many mouths to feed. That’s kind of my own concern is basically what I’m saying to you, right? I love the fact that Damien is no longer on the Chiefs as it opens this up more for Clyde. Last year, they has even put LeSean McCoy in thinking he could be the guy, but he was running with the ball five yards away from his body and had fumbles and he looked terrible. He’s washed up. LeSean McCoy should retire. But when you look at Clyde Edwards-Helaire, they’re craving that workhorse running back because they never really did trust Damien Williams, I don’t trust Damien Williams, they know Damien Williams is not that good, and Darwin obviously passed protection, probably an issue for Darwin Thompson, didn’t emerge. He was a late bench round stash for me last year, though he would break out because I knew Damien Williams sucked, this is what we’re working for. This is what we want, is a Clyde Edwards-Helaire. If he gets the volume, if he gets the opportunity, if he stays on the field, this guy is going to crack the top 10.

Disclaimer, I got to see who else is going to be emerging. Maybe, you know, we already hear that Marlon Mack and Taylor are going to be a committee that sucks but, I think whatever team like an Akers, right? Akers and Darrell Hunter is going to be a committee. But I think Akers, guys like Jonathan Taylor could crack the top 10 as well. There are other good running backs. Zack Moss is a beast, right? With the Buffalo Bills. Let’s say Devin Singletary gets hurt week two, now you’ve got a workhorse in Buffalo that could potentially crack the top 10 if given the volume and the opportunity. Joshua Kelly there with the Chargers, there’s a ton of guys with a lot of ceiling that could break out, McFarlane there with the Steelers if Connor gets hurt. And if he gets hurt early, tons of volume for McFarlane, right? So when you are looking at Clyde Edwards-Helaire, the ceiling is high, the potential is there, if, and only if the chiefs believe in him, he could crack the top 10, and I’m doing this based on ADP. I see this guy coming off in the second round. So you’re like “Joe, how could you draft him to the top? Put him in the top 10?” Because it’s being drafted in the second round, that’s why all right? That’s why I’ve got them in the top 10.

So the ceiling is there and, I’m not just going to draft Clyde Edwards-Helaire I’m going to draft Saquon, or Henry, or Jacobs, then I’m going to go Helaire, and then I’m going to go Fournette, or whoever it is, right? It’s going to work like that, okay? The next guy here, based on where he’s going to finish. So Clyde Edwards-Helaire at nine. I do love the fact that Williams has opted out and as long as they don’t acquire another RB, CEH will do great.

10. David Johnson

Next guy here let’s move on, David Johnson at number 10. Now people are like, “Well, David Johnson, I can get him in the fourth round. He’s 20th amongst running backs.” Anyone ranking David Johnson 20th amongst running backs is an idiot. I’m telling you guys, David, Johnson’s going to finish in the top 10 talent opportunity. And you’re like, “Joe, you’re crazy, he sucked last year, he looked sluggish and slow.” And I keep saying this to you, imagine you work at an auto shop, you work at Bob’s auto shop, and Bob tells you that he’s taken away all your shares. “Sorry, we’re taking away your shares, you’re out of the company, you’re working here for one more week, only because we got to fill your spot. You got one week and you’re getting fired.” Would you work hard for Bob’s auto shop? No, you wouldn’t, you’d be sluggish, you’d be slow, you’d be telling everybody to F off, right? The same type of thing. And then in comes another shop down the road called, I don’t know Billy’s auto shop. So Bob’s auto shop you know you’re leaving there, Billy’s auto shop says, “Hey David Johnson,” or Joe, or whoever you are watching this video, you know, Donny or Greggy, or whatever the heck your name is. “Hey Greg, listen, this is Billy,” I’m losing track here. “This is little Billy’s auto shop, and we’re going to give you shares, and we’re going to make you the CEO of our company. And we’re going to build right down the street from Bob’s auto shop, and we’re going to wipe him out because he was a dick to you.” Dude, then you’re going to start trying.

So, the point of the story is, the moral of the story is, David Johnson didn’t feel like he wanted to try for a team that didn’t want him. It just came down to that, and he had a little bit of back issue, his back was bothering him, it wasn’t serious enough to affect him. Because remember, the one week he sat down and they brought Kenyan Drake in, David Johnson tweeted or posted, “I’m ready, I’m in, I’m going to play.” And Kingsbury made a decision. And that was, because number one, Kingsbury is a Dick and he has no integrity, and number two, they wanted to create an offense that fit them better, and they feel Drake is better for that offense. I think Drake has had years to wow, so we’re not wowed, and I don’t think he’s going to do well. But I think, Benjamin is the guy that can emerge with the Arizona Cardinals, the guy out an Arizona state who’s got an amazing spin move and knows for the end zone, and actually could be better than Kenyan Drake. That’s beside the fact let’s talk about David Johnson. Listen, this is the biggest deal in fantasy football history. Now just because he’s in my top 10, I’m not telling you guys to go draft him in the first round, what I’m saying, or second round for that matter. What I’m saying is that you guys can get this guy in the fourth round. He is a steal, he is a bargain and he could finish in the 10th with absolute ease based on volume. Why? Let’s talk about numbers? Why Joe did come to this conclusion? Number one, because the ceiling is there. He had 407 PPR fantasy points back in 2016. “Joe, that was a long time ago, let’s get over it, he’s injury-prone.” No, he’s not injury prone. He had a fluke injury the year after in 2017, where a defensive back hit him, on the wrist, smashed his wrist up, fluke injury. The year after he still finished ninth in PPR, and then last year Kingsbury screwed him out of his control. So he had one year where he was really injured and a minor injury last year. I know the history guys, this guy was a guy who endorsed my brand years ago, listen, I understand.

And I also know after meeting him, his work ethic is second to none, this guy who was always told I can’t do it, haters were always on this guy, and he’s always out to prove the haters wrong, okay. He’s a beast, he’s an animal, he’s working out hard, the Texans believe in him, and another thing let’s talk about numbers again, Carlos Hyde. 240 plus attempts, and he absolutely sucked. Over 1,000 rushing yards, and I think six touchdowns. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but Carlos Hyde was a guy that was worked heavily, and he absolutely sucks. One of the worst running backs in the league. “Yes, Joe but he rushed over 1,000 yards.” It doesn’t matter, he still sucks, he’s not going to be your top tier running back, David Johnson will be. You’re looking at a floor of 260 guys, I repeat, 260 attempts as a floor. I think it’s going to be up at around 280 to 310 rushing attempts. But, the reason I say it’s going to be lower is that I think he’s being involved in the passing game as well, which is really good if you’re looking at PPR. Lookout, David Johnson’s there, this is an offense, I’m going to be watching heavily, I like the addition to Cooks, who’s another fantasy football sleeper, 2020. Love Brandin Cooks there, if he stays healthy as well. Texans are going to be a force to be reckoned with in that division, I assure you and to round up my top 10 is David Johnson. So let’s recap here, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey, Zeke Elliott, Josh Jacobs, Alvin Kamara, Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette, Clyde Edwards-Helaire and David Johnson to top 10. And I look at, as guys that could finish in the top 10. Now there’s going to be some rookies that are going to be emerging. There could be other guys that could slip in here, David Montgomery could slip in here, he’s working on his top-end speed. Love David Montgomery.

Other guys that could slip in here, Drake could have a ceiling gear, I’m not sold on a Mile Sanders if he remains the running back there with the Eagles, could be a guy that could slide in here as well. I don’t … Dalvin Cook will not finish the season, I assure you. Aaron Jones will decline, they got Dylan there as well. Mark Ingram’s got Dobbins there, I’m staying away. Chris Carson’s got Hyde there, I’m staying away and the injury is there. So, those are my guys. I’m telling you, these guys will potentially break the top 10 with a rookie integrate depending on how the camp goes, I may swap out Clyde Edwards-Helaire, put in Taylors or Akers, or someone like that, okay?

So this is the non-consensus list, lot of information for you guys to process, I understand. But take it in, and do not go with the consensus rank. Because remember the consensus rankings had Le’veon Bell top 10 last year, I said stay away, new offense, things change, it was a product of the Steelers offense, right? They have Connor in the top 10, James Conner injuries, right? You got to look at everything. Okay? Dalvin Cook has not finished a season, stay away from him. Go for a guy that’s more secure and that’s it, guys. That’s your top 10 fantasy football running backs, 2020. I’m so excited about the season happening, and I love talking running backs. If you guys want to hit me up, guys, you can hit me up, there is a free Facebook group, just look up on Facebook called the Counsel, check us out there. Smash thumbs up as well here. Leave a comment I’ll get to your questions and DM me on Instagram. I try to get to as many questions, I can’t guarantee it, but why not? Take a shot on Instagram, I’m trying to answer some questions here in the offseason as we’re ramping up, keeping it real with you guys.

Thank you for being here, get the 16 round draft solution, it is the game changer at, and those are your top 10 running backs for 2020. And this list may change. It’s June, stick with me guys waiting for all the camps to really start up and get a feel for what the scouts and what everybody, the coaches, and the teams are saying. Okay, thanks for being here guys. I am out.

–  The Counselor

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