Fantasy Football Rookie Rbs 2020
Rookie RB Rankings 2020 | 3 RB’s to Target in Fantasy
April 25, 2020
NFL Draft Recap and Fantasy impact
NFL Draft Recap 2020 and Fantasy Impact
April 27, 2020

Fantasy Football RB Rankings 2020 | Top 10 Running Backs

Top 10 Fantasy Football Rb's 2020

Top 10 Running Backs 2020

  1. Saquon Barkley
  2. Derrick Henry
  3. Christian McCaffery
  4. Ezekiel Elliott
  5. David Johnson
  6. Josh Jacobs
  7. Leonard Fournette
  8. Alvin Kamara
  9. Todd Gurley
  10. Miles Sanders

The early top 10 fantasy football running backs 2020. The Counselor dives in and looks that guys at the RB position that will get the volume and put up the fantasy points.

What this is, is well thought out, researched analysis of running backs that could really finish in the top 10 based on talent, volume, opportunity, minimal committee. This is it. This is the golden grail. This is the ultimate running back list for Fantasy Football 2020 when it comes to running backs. The top 10. Before I get into these guys, there is a link below. Get your lion shirt, guys. I just created the lion shirt brand. All you guys, if you’re listening to me, obviously you’re lions. I hope most of you guys are anyway. We get a couple of sheep that linger in here once in a while, especially in the comments. It happens, right? Not everybody can be a lion. So, the lion mentality shirts guys, available at, also we’ll link below.

And of course guys, this is again, the ultimate solution, guys. The best solution for Fantasy Football, the 16 round draft solution. I’m telling you guys, I’ve created this the first-ever only video training. I put a lot of time, a lot of effort into it. Sleepers, Breakouts, I got some dynasty rankings in there, and all the optimal players to draft in each round.

All right, top 10 running backs. I’m so excited. Let’s just get to it. I can’t contain it anymore.

1. Saquon Barkley

Top 10 Fantasy Football Rb 2020

All right, so first running back on the list, it’s Saquon Barkley. I’m going to tell you guys why I love Saquon Barkley so much for Fantasy Football 2020. Number one, going back to 2018, this guy was a top finisher. 385 PPR points, absolute monster beast. There’s no denying. You guys can debate me all day long. There’s no denying that Saquon Barkley is the most physically gifted running back in the NFL right now. We can’t really deny that. You guys could come at me. You can tell me other guys, but this guy is it, okay.

Last year, he finished 10th in PPR, this is very important to note and I want you to guys to know this. Tenth in PPR amongst running backs, that was with 13 games with a terrible old line, and again, Daniel Jones just getting into his own. This year, Daniel Jones now going into a second year. There’s some comfort with him and Saquon Barkley. Hopefully, Saquon Barkley, I’ve got him. Number one, assuming, knock on wood, he stays healthy, everything’s okay. We don’t want him to get injured. Knock on wood.

Imagining he finishes 16 games. Now, they have beefed up the old line too. They went three offensive linemen in the NFL draft for 2020. They went Andrew Thomas with their first pick, fourth overall. They went Matt Peart in the third round, and they went Shane Lemieux. They in the fifth round. So, they’ve beefed up that old line. They got some help where they needed it. Barkley will feast and get a lot of volume especially with Andrew Thomas there, the guy’s a monster. He’s going to open things up for Barkley.

Now, my only concern a little bit is they didn’t really address the wide receiver position. But again, I’m not too concerned. I still think, yeah, Saquon could see some stacked bunkers, but if anyone’s going to overcome that, it’s going to be Saquon. I still think they’re going to have a pretty good offense overall, and I think Saquon, again based on volume opportunity, he’s going to get it. He’s got no one to contend with. He’s got Dion Lewis and what, Gallman but who cares as they are not fantasy relevant.

He’s going to be the guy. And again, people are saying, “Oh well, you have Lewis there.” But Lewis was behind Henry and it didn’t affect them. So knock on wood, it doesn’t affect Saquon Barkley. The reason I went with him at one is that the ceiling is high. So, there’s a high ceiling there. What goes up must come down. Now he had a mediocre year, top 10. Still good, but there’s still a ton of room for him to go up. I love Saquon Barkley at number one.

2. Derrick Henry

Fantasy Football RB Rakings 2020

Number two, Derrick Henry. I’ll tell you why I like Derrick Henry at number two. And again, this is not your consensus rankings list. There’s going to be some players here that you might question and ask why they aren’t in my top 10.I’m going to explain it as I go along. So, stick with me guys. This is why you got to subscribe and of course, comment, engage. Let’s interact. But you got to subscribe because I’m out here, lion mentality, breaking away from the sheep. I don’t just break away from the sheep just to be different, I break away from the sheep because every year, the rankings come out and they basically copy and paste pretty much from last year.

But every year, the results are different. So when I do a list, I try to compensate for where those differences are. So it’s not going to be direct copy and paste, but I’m sitting in there and I’m compensating where they may go wrong. Guys, I’m really honed in and focused on … This is my life. I live and breathe fantasy. I’m honed in on Fantasy Football to help you guys win. My genuine mission is for you guys to not only win but dominate your leagues, embarrass your friends.

Number two overall amongst RB’s, I’ve got Derrick Henry and I’ll tell you why. Henry was number one in attempts last year, number one in rushing. 1,540 rushing yards, phenomenal and combo that with 16 touchdowns. Now, here’s the thing with this guy and what I like about him. He hasn’t been paid. Now, I feel bad for him. He hasn’t been paid the mega-contract, I should say. Now, they signed, what, a $10 million dollar one year deal, which is great. But the fact of the matter is, he hasn’t really been paid that mega-contract, which tells me that he’s still hungry. That is something that I think is really going to help motivate him, because he’s like, “Dudes, I finished number one in rushing. I crushed it. 16 touchdowns on the ground. I dominated. I finally imposed my will on defenders.”

By the way, going back to last year, I was the only guy that had Derrick Henry in my top six running backs. I think I had him fifth or sixth. Nobody else had him in the top 10, because I watched the tape on him and I watched near the end of the season before that, where he talked to Eddie George. Eddie George was like, “Listen, you got to impose your will on defenders. I was telling everybody, Derrick Henry, you got to draft him. Now everybody’s riding the Henry train after I’d already told everybody, Derrick Henry. So, why do I like him? Well, let’s talk about it. Isaiah Wilson was drafted. They beefed up the old line even more. He hasn’t been incentivized and hee’s an absolute monster. And overall if you look at the situation, which I’m going to get to my third guy next, it hasn’t changed much. The landscape hasn’t changed enough to really say, “Okay, this is going to significantly change Derrick Henry.” He’s still hungry. He’s still amazing. They helped the old line.

Tannehill‘s still there. So some of the key ingredients of that formula, or most of the key ingredients of that formula, made Derrick Henry. Derrick Henry of 2019 is going to continue on in 2020 and 2021. It really helped Derrick Henry solidify his role. I still think there’s a higher ceiling for this guy and I love Derrick Henry. I’m debating whether he might be even first overall, and that’s how much I love him. Saquon or Henry can be drafted at first overall and I wouldn’t complain.

3. Christian McCaffery

Fantasy RB Rankings 2020

Coming in at number three, and again, here’s where I get a little pissed off when you’re talking about top 10 running backs, and when you’re looking at Fantasy Football RB rankings. Here’s what I get a little annoyed with other analysts. Christian McCaffrey, let’s talk about him. Everybody’s got him first overall. Where a majority of people do, the mainstream consensus rankings have him at first overall. Before I get into this, I want to tell you that the last time anybody finished on top two years in a row at the running back position in fantasy points was Priest Holmes back in 2002/2003. It’s very rare that a guy that finishes on top one year finishes on top again this year. This solidifies my point here, I got to say what goes up must come down.

Record year for Christian McCaffery, phenomenal. Number one and fantasy points, 471 points, an absolute monster all around and a receiving monster. I think he had what, 116 receptions on 141 targets and a thousand receiving yards for four receiving touchdowns and 15 touchdowns on the ground. After hitting such a high ceiling, I don’t see him finishing on top again. Especially now, when you’ve got a new quarterback. They’ve got Bridgewater in there. Yes, they’re saying that he’s going to throw it to CMC a lot. Very possible. But that’s all hypothetical and now they’ve got Anderson now to stretch the field a little bit, and you could say that this could help CMC but I doubt it. If the Carolina Panthers want to make it to the playoffs and want to win a Superbowl, they cannot rely on one piece. Now, I play chess. If you guys play chess, you understand guys, there are several pieces in there. There are pawns, there are rooks, there are knights, there are bishops, there are kings, there are queens. Everybody’s got a role. So, if you’re just using one piece, the defense is going to realize, hey, that’s their focal point. We’re going to take them down. We got to neutralize the one piece. Then you’re SOL, right?

When you look at Christian McCaffrey, you’ve got to say, “Hey man, pinnacle year, no way but down.” I’ve got him at third. I’m not saying he’s going to be a bust, but I’m saying, there are other guys that can merge above him, and I think Henry and Saquon are the guys to do it. CMC is safe at number three.

4. Ezekiel Elliott

Fantasy RB Rankings 2020

Coming to number four and I’m a little concerned about this guy only because of Pollard. as there is the Tony Pollard effect. Pollard last year and the gun. Talk about Ezekiel Elliott coming in number four. Zeke Elliott is solid and consistent. He’s a workhorse. Derrick Henry was the guy that was number one in target, number one attempts last year, and Zeke was number two. I love a running back that gets a lot of volume and Zeke had 301 rushing attempts in 2019.

Now, when you’re looking at Zeke Elliott, you got to look at a guy who is a workhorse, who’s on a team that’s going to feed him the ball. Now, they did get CeeDee Lamb, so they are going to be going to their wide receivers a lot more, which is very interesting. It could help them again because it could open things up, but it also could mean that they’re throwing the ball a lot more. By the way, love Dak Prescott this year as he has a lot of great receiving targets to throw to.

Now, the Cowboys did get us an offensive lineman. a center in the fourth round which could help Zeke a little bit more as well. But I love him. Listen, he’s going to get the rushing attempts and he’s safe and secure. Pollard, 86 attempts, 455 yards, two touchdowns on the ground. Again took away 400 plus yards. I get it. It’s a little worrisome. And again, Pollard could come in a little bit more. But they paid Zeke, they got to use him. They want to win a super bowl. They got the weapons. You’re going to play your best player. That’s the bottom line. So, I do still like Zeke at fourth. Continuing to get the volume, and again, 301 attempts. Even if that drops to 250 attempts, as a floor, still not bad. So you’re guaranteed that production. That’s why you cannot deny Zeke Elliot a top-five spot based on volume attempts, previous history, talent, and durability. I absolutely love Zeke Elliott.

5. David Johnson

Fantasy RB Rankings 2020

Coming in at number five. Now, this is going to turn a lot of heads and ask, what are you doing Joe? It will raise a lot of eyebrows, and I get it, that’s fine. I’m compensating for things that could rise or could fall. So, the guy got at number five, again, it’s going to shock a lot of people. That’s okay. No problem. The guy I’m looking at is David Johnson. Now, here’s why I love David Johnson so much. Go back to 2016. Yeah, Joe, you keep reliving the past, It was 2016. I get it, guys. But listen. David Johnson, I met him. And you’re like, “Okay, well, Joe you met him. You’re biased.”No, listen, I met him. This guy has got a lot of really good work ethic. He’s dealt with haters his entire life. This guy got screwed in Arizona, got sidelined for a guy who’s not as good as him, and he was doing relatively well prior to getting benched in fantasy. He was putting up some solid mid-range, low-end RB one numbers. The guy was pretty damn good for Fantasy Football. And then he got sidelined. That’s got to be a huge blow to your ego, to your personality, and that’s got also put a chip on your shoulder and say, “Hey man, I’m going to crush it this year. I’m going to dominate football.”

Prior to going into last year, I said he’s going to be one of the best running backs in the game. I still think he’s got that now. Here’s the nice thing about it. He’s with the Texans, a team that believes in him, who didn’t acquire another running back there. So there’s really no committee there with David Johnson that’s going to affect him. He’s going to be the workhorse. Hyde is no longer there with the Texans. The good news again, Hyde had 245 attempts, six touchdowns, and over a thousand yards, and that’s Carlos Hyde. He sucks. David Johnson is a top-five running back talent-wise, guys.

A lot of people to say he was sluggish last year and he was terrible. But listen, I’ll tell you something. For example, if you’re working at a company, let’s use a grocery store, for example. You’re working at a grocery store and you’re a manager and all of a sudden you get word from corporate that you’re going to be released. Some people would, and I’m not saying you should slack, but a lot of people would be like, “Okay, well, I don’t really care about this job. I’m not going to put everything I got into it. I’m getting fired. Corporate just called.” The same type of thing with David Johnson. He must have heard or found out that he was moving on and replaced. He’s like, “I’m not going to give these guys my all. I’m not going to run as hard as I can. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to preserve my body for a team that believes in me.” Which in this case was the Texans. The Texans believed in him and that’s great for him and fantasy owners in 2020.

So again, David Johnson, I absolutely love. Now, they did get a center in the fourth round. So, they did help the old line a little bit. I like him. I like David Johnson. There’s a ton of opportunity, a ton of upside, a ton of volume. And again, the chip on his shoulder, he’s got to solidify the RB one rule. And the advantage is, he’s a Fantasy Football sleeper this year. I think he’s going to be going to the third, fourth round. You can steal this guy. And again, I talk about this in 16 round draft solution: you’ve got to get it, guys, because I’m literally honed in and focused, and I’m going to make sure your roster is optimizing every single round.

This isn’t a draft kit. This isn’t copied and paste rankings. Guys, this is honed in and focused on advice at each position. I absolutely love David Johnson for Fantasy Football 2020. Make sure you target him, okay? And now again, based on ADP, this is not ADP rankings. This is running backs I like. You could go less and you can get some of the guys I list below, ahead of them, and then still get David Johnson. Okay? So be aware of that.

6. Josh Jacobs

Fantasy Football RB Rankings 2020

Okay, coming in at number six, Josh Jacobs. We’re going to move through these guys relatively quicker. Listen, I love it. There’s going to be less stacked boxes. The Raiders did draft a Ruggs and Lynn Bowden. Two wide receivers. One was drafted in the first round, one was in the third. Ruggs is a burner. He’s going to stretch the field a little bit. Josh Jacob, should see less stacked boxes. He’s got no committee here, guys. Who’s he got? He’s got Jalen Richard behind him and he sucks.

So, Josh Jacobs is definitely going to eat I’m telling you. They did draft that old line, John Simpson in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL draft. And again, got those two wide receivers. I absolutely love Josh Jacobs. I think the ceiling is high in the receiving game, in the running game, and in the attempts per game.  Now, he didn’t finish the greatest. He finished 21st last year in PPR points. I understand. But he did play 13 games. He still had over 1,150 … He had 1,150 rushing yards, 4.8 yards per carrying, and seven touchdowns. But this year, now he’s fully integrated and they actually have wide receivers that are going to threaten the secondary. Less stacked boxes. Love Jacobs at six. Definitely target him.

7. Leonard Fournette

2020 fantasy rb rankings 2020

Coming in at number seven, Leonard Fournette. I just talked to my contact with the Jacksonville Jaguars, one of the top influencers at UCF Jaguar. He just told me, “Man, this is going to be a huge year for Leonard Fournette because he’s got to perform.” There was talk … Now, by the time you listen to this, maybe a trade was done. But from what I’m hearing and what we saw with the draft, Leonard Fournette is staying in Jacksonville. Again, this is late April. I’m going to be updating the top 10 lists. Leonard Fournette is staying in Jacksonville. He finished seventh in PPR last season with three touchdowns, over a thousand yards.

This year, he has to perform. That’s the bottom line, guys. He had 265 attempts. That’s going to go up. He had three touchdowns in 2019 and that is going to go up this season for sure. The Jacksonville Jaguars may want to trade him and there was talks of it and it never happend. He may want to prove a case for another team because Jacksonville has shown that they’re not that interested, and if he wants to get paid a contract, a big contract from another team, he has to perform. This is the year of his life. So I think he could be even higher than this. He could be a top-three running back, if healthy. And the nice thing is, guys, the Jacksonville Jaguars now got Laviska Shenault. They’ve got an ACE wide receiver, potentially, that’s really going to stretch the field, open things up for Leonard Fournette, who could definitely be a top-five finisher. But I’ve got him in it at number seven. Love Leonard Fournette. Target him in all platforms, standard, and PPR.

8. Alvin Kamara

Fantasy Rb Rankings 2020

By the way, this list is in PPR at one point. Next guy, I’ve got his Alvin Kamara. Guys, what you see is what you get. 171 attempts, 797 rushing yards. This guy’s always going to get around 70 to 80 receptions a season. He went down a little bit last year, ane he finished ninth in PPR. He could be a little bit higher this year in rankings, but he’s always a top 10 finisher. I understand Latavius Murray worries you, but Alvin will still get his share.The thing with Kamara is that what you see if what you get and you will get production. He could have finished a little highe last year but Brees was a little banged up in a couple of games. Maybe that affected him a little bit.

I love Alvin Kamara and I think the ceiling is still high and the talent is there. They also drafted Cesar Ruiz at the center and it could help Kamara a little bit more. A lot of pluses here for Alvin Kamara going into 2020 Fantasy Football, a running back that’s going to be safe and secure. If you can get him in the second round, bonus. Try to go ahead and do that. But again, love him.

9. Todd Gurley

Fantasy RB rankings 2020

Coming in at number nine, love this guy as well, and I know you guys keep giving me the arthritis excuse. But listen, Atlanta Falcons, they believe in him. They did not acquire another running back. The only guys he’s got behind him is Ito Smith and Brian Hill. The guy I’m talking about is Todd Gurley. Listen, this guy is an absolute monster still. I don’t care, any way you slice it and dice it. Finished 14th in PPR last year on a team that didn’t start working until mid to late season. 12 touchdowns on the ground.

There’s nothing saying he can’t have a good year. Mind you, he didn’t break a thousand rushing yards than last season, which is great, which is going to lower his ADP this season. That’s fine. Finished 14th last year, again in PPR. He’s going to be the focal point of the Falcons offense, and the way that they’ve designed their offense this year is they want to win a Superbowl. Ryan’s getting older and he’s got to go all out. They did draft a center, Matt Hennessey, in the third. Improve that old line a little bit. High octane offense. He’s going to get all the goal-line work, predicated he’s healthy. Absolutely love Todd Gurley this year. Bounce back year. And a guy you can definitely get, and I think a lot of people will be sleeping on him. Todd Gurley, man oh man. Probably going to be a third-round pick. Love him.

10. Miles Sanders

Fantasy Football Rb Rankings 2020

Coming in at number, 10 this was a very hard decision. This is going to change. There’s a couple of guys that were honorable mentions at 10, that could easily crack the top 10. And again, some of these rookie running backs could come in and crack the top 10, guys like Jonathan Taylor, guys like Deandre Swift, and guys like Cam Akers. If and only if they become workhorses and they’ve got the talent to potentially be workhorses because the guys behind him aren’t really phenomenal.

Darryl Henderson with the Rams, not exciting and Cam Akers could take that job. Kerryon Johnson can’t stay healthya and he’s not that good. Swift could take that job in Detriot. Then you’ve got Jonathan Taylor. Marlon Mack sucks, and you guys can say, “Well, Marlon Mack doesn’t suck.” Dude, he’s just an average running back. Hasn’t done anything phenomenal. He’s not that good. Jonathan Taylor could be a workhorse running back. Again, we don’t know.

So based on that … and also, David Montgomery, another guy in a good position who had 240 plus attempts, that’s going to go up this year as well. They could crack the top 10. Le’Veon Bell could crack the top 10. Austin Ekeler could crack the top 10. There’s a couple of guys. It’s very tough to decide. But the guy I got in the top 10 shows a lot of promise and shows a lot of upsides. The guy talking about his Miles Sanders. Now, this is the nice thing about it. I’m going to take a look at the Eagles draft right now. Okay? I’m going to pull it up. The Eagles did not draft another RB, which tell me they believe in Sanders.

I love Miles Sanders.  They’ve got Scott there in the committee but Miles Sanders is their guy. Finished 15th in PPR last season, 179 attempts, 800 plus rushing yards, 50 receptions, 509 receiving yards, three receiving touchdowns.

But the thing about him is that he came alive near the end of the season, showed promise, and now they’ve got receivers. They’ve got Carson Wentz hopefully back healthy. Listen, this is the year they can do it. They drafted Jalen Reagor in the first round with the 21st pick. I love Miles Sanders, a guy that’s got a high ceiling and could be the workhorse running back for the Eagles.

Again, this 10th spot, or guys that could slide in the top 10, could happen. Jonathan Taylor. Another guy, Cam Akers. But again, it’s very early right now to really gauge who’s climbing up the depth charts, if they’re a rookie, to see. The guys that are here have pretty much solidified their spot on the depth chart and are going to be set for a ton of targets. I absolutely love this list.

Let me repeat this list. Saquon Barkley at one. Derrick Henry at two. Christian McCaffrey at three. Zeke Elliot at four. David Johnson at five. Josh Jacobs at six. Leonard Fournette at seven. Alvin Kamara at eight. Todd Gurley at nine. Miles Sanders at 10. Honorable mentions, David Montgomery, Austin Ekeler, Le’ Veon Bell, Jonathan Taylor, Cam Akers, and even Clyde Edwards-Helaire and D’Andre Swift. All guys that could crack the top 10. The ceiling is there for any of these guys, but we don’t know.

Another, here’s a Fantasy Football draft tip, Fantasy Football draft advice, Fantasy Football draft strategy, whatever you want to call it. But when you’re looking at these rookies, make sure you snipe them around earlier before their ADP and you’d get a ton of upside. Okay? There’s a draft tip for you. Do a lot of mock drafts, get a feel, and then snipe these guys, the Jonathan Taylors of the world, a little bit before and you’ll do very, very well.

All right, guys? The top 10 running backs, Fantasy Football 2020, the early list. There you have it. Smash the thumbs up, leave a comment. What do you think of the list? I love to hear your feedback and get the 16 round draft solution at, or a link below. I appreciate you guys being here. Get your lion shirts, guys, these are pretty damn cool. Lion mentality. We’ll talk soon. Subscribe. I am out.

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