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Top 10 Fantasy Football Rookies 2022 | Dynasty Rankings

Top 10 Fantasy Football Rookies

Top 10 Fantasy Rookies 2022

  1. Breece Hall
  2. Kenneth Walker
  3. Drake London
  4. James Cook
  5. Alec Pierce
  6. Treylon Burks
  7. Christian Watson
  8. Tyler Allgeier
  9. Garret Wilson
  10. Isaiah Spiller

Now, I’m super excited. I’m ready to dive into this top 10 list with rookies, dive into why I believe these guys are amazing talents, and why they could be relevant.

1. Breece Hall

Top 10 Fantasy Rookies 2022

Breece Hall could shine if given the workload.

The first one is Breece Hall. Now, you look at dynasty rankings for everybody, he is number one on everybody’s list. Now, there’s a chance that the guys I mentioned here below him are going to emerge ahead of him. Very, very possible. But Breece Hall, based on talent, based on opportunity, could really shine. The only knock I have on Breece Hall right now is the team that he’s on because he’s the Jets.

Now, if you look at their top running back last year, Michael Carter, he had around 147 attempts mixed in with a bunch of bottom feeders. They don’t run the ball a lot. Okay? And the fact is, Michael Carter is still there. That’s the big problem here. So are they shelving Michael Carter and saying, “Hey, we need a full integration of a run system with the best running back on the board, talent-wise, which is Breece Hall,” and they’re just going to run him 250 plus attempts and they work the ground game? Are they going to do that? Who knows? They got Garrett Wilson first round. Okay? Out of Ohio State, wide receiver. Tons of talent there, a six-foot receiver. Now they’ve got an opportunity to spread the ball around. Right? Elijah Moore is there. They’re going to spread it out. They’re going to open things up for Breece Hall. Is he going to be integrated into their run game? Is he going to be their running back? Is it going to be a workhorse running back?

So you can gamble on that and draft him in and around… See, I’m doing mock drafts. He’s coming off as early as round three. You could take that gamble. Now, if you want to wait, maybe your league mates are sleeping on him, you might get him around rounds four or five. It depends. So there’s some variance. I explain all of this in the 16-round draft solution so if you’ve not got it, it is a game-changer. Okay? This is not your consensus rankings. This will actually help you guys win your draft. So, Breece Hall, I’m looking at him, I’m thinking like, “Hey, man, I’m seeing a guy that could get that full workhorse volume.” That’s what I’m seeing. The talent is there, the speed and power, and vision are there. That’s important. It was a round two pick, so the high draft capital is there from the Jets. 6’1″, 220. Last year in college, 253 attempts, 1,472 yards, and 20 touchdowns. He is that workhorse guy. Watched the tape on him. Ultra explosive. He’s got all of the variables, all of the skillset that you need in a workhorse running back.

Again, I like him as an RB3 as part of a robust RB strategy if you are drafting because there’s a ton of depth at wide receiver. You can wait at wide receiver and as you’re going to see some of these rookies, there’s a ton of depth at wide receiver. Breece Hall, again, if you want him, he could be your RB3 the way the ADPs are. Now, his ADP could shoot up. You could hear that the Jets announced that he’s the workhorse running back. You could start seeing some films on him in training camp. Everybody jumps on him, his ADP rises up and then he is a second-round pick. But I still think you can get him in the third round and after. I definitely like the talent and value and I’m willing to roll a dice on him, personally. It’s up to you guys if you guys are.

2. Kenneth Walker

Kenneth Walker

Walker should take that starting job.

So number two here is Kenneth Walker, running back, Seattle Seahawks out of Michigan State. Now, why do I like this guy so much? The answer is because Carson’s coming off neck surgery. Rashaad Penny’s had years to wow us; we’re not wowed. Walker was a workhorse in college. I mean, the guy had 1,636 yards and 18 touchdowns. He can also catch the ball very well. He had 13 receptions for 89 yards last year and a touchdown. 1,725 scrimmage yards last year over 250 plus attempts. This guy gets it done. Watched tape on him. Kenneth Walker is very crafty, shifts very well, cuts very well, has great vision, ability to change direction was very well . Top-end speed was not the greatest and he doesn’t seem as explosive as a Breece Hall, but I do like Kenneth Walker. I think the talent is there. I think the opportunity will be there.

Now, understand guys. The quarterback situation’s a little messy. I don’t even know who’s starting. Is it going to be Drew Lock? I don’t know what’s going on with the quarterback situation there at all. But I will tell you this: Russell Wilson ran the ball a lot. So that’s a big concern when you’re looking at a guy losing potential rushing guards to a quarterback. So I’m looking at it here. I don’t know. I think Drew Lock may get to start. They’ve got Metcalf. Lockett’s still there. In regards to the committee there, Chris Carson coming off that neck surgery. I think they invested in him high because they believe in him. I think that they want that true workhorse running back. They never got it with the injury-prone Chris Carson. Rashaad Penny, years to wow us, we’re not wowed.

I mean, investing a second-round pick in a running back when they have that position covered. When you look at Penny, it’s just I don’t believe that they believe in Penny. So I really believe Walker could get an opportunity if Chris Carson proves that he’s just not ready to get back into it to 100%. I don’t even know if he’s going to recover to be that 100% Chris Carson that we saw years ago. So Kenneth Walker, has tons of upside, tons of opportunity, tons of talent, and a guy that could really emerge as a rookie.

Now, you can get this guy for value. Sitting 33rd on the consensus rankings. So he’s coming off after the fifth, sixth round. He’s value. Now, as I’m preparing 16 round draft solution, I did a bunch of mock drafts, and, yeah, you can get this guy … I’ve actually got him listed coming off in the seventh here. So you might be able to snipe him. I mean, some people might not even draft him. They might not know who he is or they might be focused on Rashaad Penny or something like that. That’s fine. Let that distraction be there. But when reports are coming out that Kenneth Walker is getting more volume, if you’re drafting early, he could be a great stash as your RB4 or RB5 on your roster with RB1 upside. So Kenneth Walker is the other guy I like here as a rookie.

3. Drake London

Drake London

Drake is a plug-and-play WR 1!

The third guy here. Now, I’m seeing this guy come off very early in drafts, Drake London. When you’re looking at wide receivers this year, Drake London is a guy that literally is probably in one of the best positions out of all of them. Okay? He’s 6’4″ or 6’5″, 210 pounds. Big wide receiver. Calvin Ridley’s not coming back. Kyle Pitts is there. Pitts is a tall guy. What is he, like 6’6″? Drake London is going into a plug-and-play situation and he is being slept on.

Now, again, going back to my 16-round draft solution, laying out doing mock drafts, I saw Drake London had come off as early as the fourth round. So look for his ADP to rise as people start waking up and realizing, “Hey, he’s the wide receiver one.” And we were drafting Calvin Ridley, and Julio Jones in the first and second picks last year, first and second rounds, right? They were both in the top 10 last year and I told you to avoid both, right? So I’m looking at Drake London. I’m seeing a good receiver. He had seven touchdowns. Not the greatest, but over 1,000-yard receiving season last year. He was a first-round pick, guys. Obviously, the Falcons need a wide receiver. Again, plug and play, love the value. Desmond Ritter was drafted in the third round at quarterback. They’ve got Mariota there. Both guys are not shy about throwing the deep ball. Drake London could be a great and is a great, deep-ball threat there and a red-zone target.

So is he going to get those receptions you want? Possibly, because of the volume. But he will get those touchdowns. He’s going to be a safe wide receiver two, in my opinion, with wide receiver one upside, and you can get for value. Okay? And I’m telling you, you stash a bunch of these wide receivers on your roster, load up on those running backs early, and you’ve got yourself an amazing roster. So Drake London, I got coming at number three. Love the upside. Strong receiver, very strong, comes down on the ball very strong.

4. James Cook

James Cook

James Cook will be used in the passing game a lot.

All right, the next guy here is James Cook. I’ve got some question marks about Cook a little bit. Now, he was a round-two pick, running back for the Buffalo Bills. Had himself a good campaign last year, with seven touchdowns, 27 receptions, 284 receiving yards, and four receiving touchdowns. He is a receiving running back. 728 yards on the ground. 5’11”, 190. Now, James Cook, you’re looking at him out of Georgia. He’s going into some competition there with Moss, Singletary. Not very strong competition very easily could take that job at RB1.

Decent value, sitting 40th on the consensus rankings, give or take. So he’s going to be valued in the draft.  I can get this guy after round seven in fantasy drafts.  I see him coming off round eight, actually, in mock drafts. So James Cook, again, I’m aiming high. Typically, he might be slept on. He might not even come off that early, right? But some people are seeing it that he could be the RB1, so they might jump on him early, before the eighth round, after. There are some variances. But as of right now, I’m seeing him coming off in and around round six to around eight, or nine.

So, again, James Cook could take that job, but the problem I’m having here is, again, a bit of a committee and also Josh Allen likes to run the ball a lot. That’s a big issue for me when I am looking at a running back. That’s why I’ve avoided Baltimore Ravens running backs for years because of Lamar Jackson. I’ve been right because Lamar Jackson likes to run the ball a lot. So does Josh Allen, which may hinder James Cook. And they’ve got some great receivers. They’ve got Gabriel Davis and they’ve got Diggs. They’ve got some targets there at wide receiver. And again, James Cook could line up as a slot receiver, line up outside. He can catch the ball, so he’s got that Swiss Army knife feel to him; whereas I’m not looking at him thinking he’s going to be a workhorse running back, going to get me 280 rushing attempts. That’s my hindrance towards him. I like my running backs to be running a lot. James Cook, again, maybe as a PPR guy with some upside, very, very possible. But I do like him. Don’t get me wrong. Just not as my RB1, as my RB5, RB4 possibly with that upside. But very hard to trust these rookies coming in, especially going into a committee with a quarterback that runs the ball a lot. James Cook has upside so consider drafting him.

5. Alec Pierce

Alec Pierce

Matt Ryan is gonna feed Pierce all season.

Number five here. A lot of people are sleeping on him and the guys I’m going to mention after could easily finish ahead of this guy, but no one’s talking about Alec Pierce.  So Alec Pierce, is one of the best deep ball, pure deep ball wide receivers out of this draft class. He is a good wide receiver who had 884 yards, and eight touchdowns last year. You know what I like about him is opportunity. That’s the big thing with him, right? He’s going into a situation here with Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan throws the ball a lot. He doesn’t run a lot so he’s going to be doing a lot of passing. Guys, that’s the bottom line. He’s got a good O-line now. Last year with the Falcons, Matt Ryan got hit a lot. Didn’t have good protection. That’s what he does the best throw a lot and if you don’t have time to throw, how are you supposed to thrive? He didn’t have any wide receivers. Now you’ve got Pitman, which I like Pitman. He was very expensive. He’s coming off in and around the third, and fourth round.

A lot of people want Pittman now, but Matt Ryan’s being slept on, which is really odd. People are drafting Michael Pittman third round. I see him coming off in drafts and Alec Pierce, I mean he’s completely slept on. He’s sitting 102nd on the consensus ranking. This is a guy that could finish top 10 amongst wide receivers actually possibly surpassing Michael Pittman if Matt Ryan throws to him. Now you’re saying, “Well, Joe, that’s crazy.” Not really. It’s very possible with a guy like Matt Ryan who throws more than anybody else in the league when he gets going. He throws a lot guys, lots of attempts. Okay? So when I look at a guy like Alec Pierce, I’m seeing a young stud, a young value who’s in an opportunity where they don’t have any other wide receivers. You could say Campbell’s there and all these other guys. He’s a second-round pick. They obviously believe in him. They want to give another weapon to Matt Ryan. They did it with Alec Pierce. So again, value sleeper stash. He’s probably going to go undrafted in your leagues most likely, but a guy that could really, really shine this year with Matt Ryan. I like Alec Pierce and you should target him as a deep sleeper in all your drafts.

6. Treylon Burks

Dyntasy 2022 rankings

Treylon Burks is also a plug-and-play WR.

The next guy here is another plug-and-play similar to Drake London. Number six here, I’ve got Treylon Burks round one pick, Tennessee Titans have him now. Treylon Burks, is a good receiver out of college. Again, I like the opportunity, but understand if he’s going with the Tennessee Titans, it is a run-first team. Derrick Henry’s going to be running crazy, running wild as long as he’s healthy. Tannehill does not throw a lot. Kind of a contrast to Matt Ryan. Ryan Tannehill does not throw a lot. He’s going to be handing the ball off a lot. Now he is getting a lot of criticism for that, right? So he may start throwing the ball a lot more. Who knows, but Treylon Burks is a plug-and-play position. AJ Brown shipped off.

If you think about it like this, which is absolutely crazy, AJ Brown was a top 10 wide receiver last year. I said, “Don’t draft him. I don’t think the volume’s going to be there. It’s crazy. Don’t invest the first-round pick on AJ Brown.” AJ Brown finished 32nd amongst wide receivers and busted on his ADP completely. Mainstream consensus, not a sound out of them. Not taking accountability for it. Completely busted.  First-round pick… By the way, AJ Brown’s first-round again, which is absolutely ludicrous, it’s crazy. Just wild, right? But now you’re looking at a guy like Treylon Burks who’s sitting around 36th on the consensus rankings, which means you get him for value. I mean, I did some mock drafts yesterday. Where was he coming off of here? He was coming off after the fifth round, sixth round even.

So some people going high. I did a bunch of mock drafts but you want to average him out in and around the seventh round. You have Woods there who I think could start the season off as the wide receiver one, but Treylon could come up and emerge. So I’m looking at Treylon Burks here as a guy that could be the wide receiver one because, again, I was never crazy on Robert Woods. Now you’ve got an opportunity here where Treylon Burks comes in, could be the wide receiver one and you get him for immense value. So I’m looking at Treylon Burks. You are literally getting like AJ Brown for like immense value. That’s like literally what you’re getting here. So I’m looking at Treylon Burks as a guy that could be of immense value this year. I like the value, the talent, and the opportunity, and I am excited for Treylon Burks’s season as an absolute steal.

7. Christian Watson

Fantasy Football WR sleeper

Christian Watson could thrive with 169 Freed-up Targets.

All right, let’s move on here. We got Christian Watson. Now, Christian Watson, I’m taking a look at him here. I’m seeing the Green Bay Packers without Davante Adams. So I’m seeing a ton of value and I’m seeing a steal here with Christian Watson who was drafted in the second round. 6’4″, 208 pounds out of North Dakota. Now, when I see this guy, I’m seeing Aaron Rogers. Everyone’s like sleeping on Aaron Rogers, by the way, now. He could be the RB or the wide receiver one this year without a doubt. Now you’ve got Lasar there, you’ve got Aaron Jones who I think could get integrated a little more this year. So Christian Watson again, a second-round pick. They waited. They waited to get him because they thought he would fall. With their third pick, they’re like, why aren’t they drafting a wide receiver with their first pick? Because six top wide receivers were drafted before the Packers get a pick, right?

So they’re like, “Ah, Christian Watson will fall.” But Watson is sitting 59th on the consensus rankings right now for fantasy. So he’s an absolute steal. He might even go like after the 10th round, right? So you’re looking at a guy who’s probably a plug and play for Aaron Rogers, who’s made Davante Adams an amazing wide receiver, right? Or vice versa, right? But usually, quarterbacks make wide receivers. So 169 targets were freed up, 169 targets available. Now some people are saying, “Well, Romeo Doubs might do well. He was a fourth-round pick. Could be the one.” I doubt it. I think that Watson’s the guy, but who knows? Crazier things have happened. Another knock to Christian Watson could be, hey, Aaron Rogers only likes veteran wide receivers. That’s kind of true as well. He likes to throw to people that he’s got that rapport with, but he’s got to build rapport if he wants to succeed, and he has got to believe in these rookies and these young guys. So Christian Watson could thrive. Good value, major upside, and a lot of freed-up targets with Davante Adams being gone.

8. Tyler Allgeier

Tyler Allgeier

Big Time fantasy RB Sleeper in 2022

Number eight here. You may not have heard this name yet, but Tyler Allgeier was a workhorse in college. 1600 plus yards in college, 23 touchdowns, 276 attempts last year and he can catch a ball. 28 receptions, 199 receiving yards, 6′. What is this guy? Sorry, 5’11”, 220. All right? So he is a big guy. Now the Falcons have him. The Falcons drafted him in round five. Now round five may not sound that appealing but what I like about Tyler Allgeier is that he doesn’t have a lot of competition. Mike Davis is now off the team. They’ve got Damien Williams. They got Cordarrelle Patterson.

Now Cordarrelle Patterson is a steal in his own right. He’s a fantasy football sleeper. He did well last year and he got it done in the receiving game and the running game. They may want to work and run him. Also, obviously, the quarterback is suspect, too. Mariota likes to run the ball if he’s starting. Tyler should get the goal-line work. Beast. I watched some tape on him and he is actually pretty explosive. Tyler Allgeier, look it up, is a sleeper for the Falcons, a deep sleeper. But he’s one of those like he could do nothing or he could be like one of the best running backs in the game if they give him the opportunity. Who knows? It’s one of those dart throws. You stash on the bench and you could be very happy.

9. Garrett Wilson

Garrett Wilson

Wilson doesn’t excite me too much but has upside

Number nine here, Garrett Wilson. Am I absolutely crazy about him? No, because I’m more into Bruce Hall and I think one of them is really going to shine. I don’t see both of these guys really crushing it. I could be wrong, but Garrett Wilson first-round pick. The Jets did a really good job here with some picks with some top solid picks with their offense. So they’ve got two of the top at their position. Garrett Wilson round-one wide receiver and Bruce Hall. They got arguably one of the best wide receivers and running backs in this class. 6′, 188 pounds, over 1000 yards receiving, 12 touchdowns out of Ohio State last year. Garrett Wilson could be an easy plug and play. They got Elijah Moore there, but this guy could easily surpass him. I mean, it goes without saying, but again, you’re going to pay a little bit more for this guy. 42nd on the consensus rankings. I mean, if you look at a guy like Alex Pierce in a good position with a better quarterback at 102 on the consensus rankings in ranks. Christian Watson sitting 59th on the consensus rankings, right? And he’s got a better quarterback in Aaron Rogers.

Then you got Garrett Wilson, an unproven quarterback with Wilson throwing the ball. Garrett Wilson, Zach’s throwing the ball. It’s just like, man, am I going to pay an earlier draft capital for that question mark? That’s where I have a bit of an issue, okay?

And the last guy here, number 10, and I got a coin toss between who I should put number 10 and there are tons of other guys. It’s Chris Olave I call him Chris Olaf. It’s kind of funny because it’s not Olaf from Frozen, it’s Chris Olave. But I’m going to call him Chris Olaf. Just O L A V E looks like Olaf. Okay? So there’s Chris Olaf. There are a couple of other guys that keep people keep bugging me about. They’re like, “Oh, Joey’s going to break out Dameon Pierce round four from the Texans.” I still think he’s got some competition there with Marlon Mack there.

10. Isaiah Spiller

Spiller is a sleeper

Spiller will eat with the Chargers

Again, the guy I’m going here is Isaiah Spiller, though, at 10 after all those names I mentioned. And you could say, “Well, Dameon Pierce has a better opportunity.” Very possible but Isaiah Spiller is going into a committee with Austin Ekeler’s fourth-round pick currently sitting 53rd on the consensus rankings. Isaiah Spiller is a guy that could be the RB1 on that team. Again, he’s got some knocks on him in college. Sometimes they call him sluggish and the guy is … when I looked at his tape, he doesn’t look as explosive as a Breece Hall, but he does run violently when he runs. He carries defenders on him. He looks like a strong running back. Again, I’m looking at him as a stash, as a guy who could take Ekeler’s spot because if you guys remember some people in fantasy, a lot of people in fantasy, have a very short-term memory.

Austin Ekeler was a backup to Melvin Gordon, okay? Hear me out. I want you guys to stick with me on this thought process.  People are drafting Austin Ekeler in round one, okay? They’re drafting Javonte Williams in round one. All right, that’s cool, I get it. Javonte Williams is a young guy, he’s up and coming, right? He could be the guy. Melvin Gordon is like completely off people’s radars. People might draft him after the fifth, or sixth round. They might stash Melvin Gordon, right? He actually had the same amount of attempts as Javonte Williams, both 203 apiece. In fact, Melvin Gordon had eight touchdowns. He’s a pest and he’s coming back. Melvin Gordon is actually better than Austin Ekeler because Melvin Gordon started over Austin Ekeler for several years.

You guys are completely disregarding the young Isaiah Spiller and drafting Austin Ekeler round one, but you’re drafting Javonte Williams round one and completely ignoring Melvin Gordon who’s better than Austin Ekeler. But now you’re saying, “Well, Joe, Austin Ekeler is proven. He’s done really well in fantasy. He’s the running back one. He solidified that spot.” All that makes sense, yes. I’m not saying Isaiah Spiller is going to beat Austin Ekeler or Javonte Williams and all that. Just stick with the thought process here. All I’m saying is just stash Isaiah Spiller. That’s it. Stash him. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If he busts, that’s okay, because you got him for nothing. All I’m saying is fade Ekeler, stash Spiller and see what happens because there are a ton of other running backs I like over Austin Ekeler who’s a guy that just doesn’t get it done in the volume game.

So that’s my strategy. That’s my plan. That’s my suggestion. It’s up to you guys to make that decision. So Breece Hall, Kenneth Walker, Drake London, James Cook, Alex Pierce, or Alec Pierce. Some people call him Alex, but it’s Alec Pierce. Treylon Burks, Christian Watson, Tyler Allgeier, Garrett Wilson, and Isaiah Spiller. As I said, there are a ton of other running backs and wide receivers, even quarterbacks that could break out. Jelani Woods, round three Colts. There are so many sleepers. I go over all this in the 16-round draft situation. I can’t give away all my secrets. Get it below, guys. There’s a ton of value here. Make sure you guys target these guys for amazing values and steal and these guys could all finish in the top 10 easily. Not all of them, but some of these guys could easily finish in the top 10 at their respective position in fantasy. All right guys, subscribe, thumbs up. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Top 10 rookie rankings for fantasy football 2022, there you go!

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