Superbowl Preview and Prediction
Superbowl Prediction and Preview 2020
January 30, 2020
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February 5, 2020

Superbowl Recap and Discussion

Superbowl Recap and Discussion

The Superbowl is over and we have the full recap and review of the game and our thoughts on the halftime show!

Joseph Robert: Welcome to the show, everybody. Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor. It is February 3rd, the day after the Super Bowl and Tim and I are up early to discuss and recap the game. What’s going on, Tim?

Tim:  Not much, man. How’s it going?

Joseph Robert:  Good. Late-night last night but here we are dedicated, focused and we’re going to recap the game, talk a little bit about what happened, some stats, some fantasy relevance and of course, the Super Bowl halftime show, which is arguably one of the best of all time is what we’re hearing. So let’s dive into it. Yeah.

Tim: I don’t know about that. I don’t know about that. I mean, I thought it was pretty well done but could have done without the reggaeton guys.

Joseph Robert: Who was that guy? Who the heck was-

Tim: I know. I’m sitting here with Ingrid and even she’s like, “Who is this guy?” And, “Oh my God, this music.” It just kind of ruined it.

Joseph Robert:  He looked like a mad scientist or something like that. Yeah. We’ll get into that halftime show too as well and I want to talk about this game. I really do. And actually guys, make sure you guys click subscribe before we start because we’re going to go year-round. So as soon as this Super Bowl, now that it’s done, everybody goes, “Yeah, we’re going to take a break off football.” Listen, we don’t take a break. We’re going to just get started now. Now’s the time. Fantasy football 2020 is starting. There is no break.

Tim: This year, there technically is no break because if you really want to keep it going, there’s the XFL which kicks in this coming weekend.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, we’ll do a little bit of talking about that. I just want to see what happens there. How I don’t know, how much momentum it gets.

Tim: Yeah. We don’t know what we’re going to get yet. So we didn’t invest a lot of time in this at this point. But yeah, we might look at it. We’ll probably talk about it a little bit. Why not?

Joseph Robert:  Yeah. But before we do that and before we get to early ranks and before we really deep dive into 2020 fantasy football, let’s cap this thing here by discussing the Super Bowl, the final game of the 2019/2020 season here. Let’s talk about it. 31 to 20, Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl. And I got to tell you, man, San Fran was up 20 to 10 and they coughed this up, man. That was their game to lose there. I don’t understand, Tim.

Tim: Okay. But like I was saying to you off-air, so if you want to go over it again, I mean, there were a couple of plays that could’ve gone either way and technically I think went in KC’s favor and those are game-changing plays. So the one was there was interference in the end zone on Kelce where the defender just kind of jumped up, threw his arms up but didn’t really interfere with Kelce in any way, I don’t think. The problem was he didn’t look back at the ball. So right there, they give him the interference call, oh, there’s a touchdown.

Tim: And then there was the touchdown where they pass it to the end or just outside the end zone, I believe. He was running, going for the corner. If you look at a certain view that they showed on replay, it looked like his one foot was just slightly out of the line before he could reach the ball around the corner. Once again, whatever play or whatever call the refs had made on the field would’ve stood. So if they said no touchdown, it would have been no touchdown. Unfortunately, they called a touchdown. Under review, there wasn’t enough evidence. They didn’t overturn it. So some things went against them, but it’s like I said, they gave up a couple of the big plays and that’s on the defense. The defense played amazing for the most part, but they did give up a few of the big plays that KC can normally get, and that’s what killed them.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, they had the early three and out at the beginning of the game, you thought that it would be a tighter game, and then it just slipped away near the end, honestly. Pat Mahomes turned it up. When you compare the two quarterbacks though, Pat Mahomes, 286 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, not the greatest game. And you look at Jimmy Garappolo, 20 for 31, 219 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions. And again, one came near the end there. But I mean, Jimmy Garappolo played pretty decently. They were moving the ball. They had a really good strategy moving the ball up the field. In regards to running it, throwing it, whatever. Deebo Samuel got involved. I felt that Mostert was neutralized though. Don’t you agree? Mostert was just neutralized.

Tim: He wasn’t neutralized, man. His numbers, in general, were pretty good. For whatever reason, San Fran went away from the run.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. 12 rushes, that’s it for Mostert. I mean, they could’ve got him worked a little bit more. 58 yards, one touchdown. When he did run, he did do some good stuff. They gave Coleman the ball five times. I don’t agree with that. I don’t think he should have been touching the ball. They should’ve pounded the rock with Mostert. He’s just a better running back.

Tim: You can say that. But like I said, I think in the divisional championships, they went to Coleman all the time and both running backs had good games in the playoffs, so I don’t mind what they did there. I just hate the fact that they did tend to go away from the run this game. They thought they’d play a different game plan and it just didn’t work out. Like you say, Jimmy G’s numbers aren’t bad. He did fairly well. But why did they go away from the run? Why did they give Kansas City the time to get back in the game? Like to me, those are mistakes. But they’re not game-changers. It could have swayed the game a different way.

Joseph Robert: Speaking of the rod, I’m getting a lot of heat because I, prior to the season, I said Damien Williams sucks and I still think he does, but I give him props to this game and the past couple of games. 17 rushes, 104 yards, one touchdown, 6.1 yards per carry, arguably could have been the MVP of the game. Now I just watch him run and I watch how they play. They don’t really need a solid running back. They get it done without a solid running back. But literally all he does is he catches a little past outside the backfield, runs on the outside. It’s the same play over and over and I don’t know why defenses can’t adjust to stop this predictable play, Tim. It doesn’t make sense.

Tim: Numbers were inflated a little to me too if you ask me. Like near the end of the game, he got that long run, like you say, along the sideline. I don’t think I would say Damien Williams had a great game here. His numbers are inflated. He had a good game. He did perform well when given the opportunity, but all in all, San Fran’s defense just … I wouldn’t even say they didn’t stop them, they just didn’t give him anything. He got some easy plays that inflated the numbers.

Joseph Robert:  Yeah. Tyreek Hill, not bad. Nine receptions, 105 yards. He had that long 44 yarder, which was, I think, the longest play of the game, just over Damien Williams’ 38-yard run. They all played pretty well. Sammy Watkins stepped up with five receptions, 98 yards. Kelce with a touchdown, six receptions, 43 yards. I mean, the whole team performed, but it wasn’t like this outstanding wow performance. It was enough to get it done. It was nitty-gritty. It made the ending of the game exciting. Overall, it was a pretty good Super Bowl, one of the better ones I’ve seen in the past couple of years, I think.

Tim: Yeah, it was definitely … It was as advertised. It was a good game. San Fran’s defense, for the most part, played an amazing game, which is what you expected. It’s just Kansas City has that firepower, man. And they put up a couple of big plays and when they need them and they turned the tide of the game.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. I mean, at the end of the game, I just wished there was a little more fight out of the 49ers. When they had some time to come back, I believe they were down four and there was just no fight coming back. There was no sense of urgency at Jimmy Garappolo. I don’t know what it was, man. I just did not see the fight in the 49ers’ offense coming back to try to rally back to win this game. There was nothing there, man. There was nothing.

Tim: Yeah, they had like two minutes, 47 seconds or something. I think they had all three timeouts. And just, yeah. I think their first play actually was a run, which is crazy. Yeah, they just couldn’t do it. In the end, their offense wasn’t powerful enough to make that comeback.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. There just wasn’t in a fight in them at all. And again, Andy Reid, from what I’m hearing, he says he’s going to go eat some cheeseburgers after the game.

Tim: Yeah, I’m not going to say anything.

Joseph Robert: That’s what I’m hearing. That’s what I’m hearing. Andy Reid going to eat some cheeseburgers, I think. I think the White House is going to have them in for burgers and McDonald’s, I think. That’s what we’re hearing.

Tim: Wow, what a gourmet meal at the White House.

Joseph Robert: All right, so what else was I going to say here? All right. The Super Bowl halftime show, what do you think of that, man? I mean, I got to tell you, it was entertaining, it was seductive, it was provocative, it was interesting. It was a pretty good show, man.

Tim: Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, the costumes were decent. The women are beautiful. The music was good. It was a nice montage of all their popular songs for the most part. One of the things Ingrid said was like, “These are all the old songs.” And when you think about it, yeah, a lot of the songs that they sang were-

Joseph Robert: 20 years.

Tim: Some of the early stuff, yeah.

Joseph Robert: Like almost 20 years ago, but that’s what they’re known for, right?

Tim: Yeah. Especially Shakira. Like, JLO’s kept it going throughout the years, but Shakira really was only a huge hit for a few years there and then just kind of fizzled out. She’s still got her loyal fans, but that was it. Yeah. All in all, it’s a good halftime show. I like both those ladies and everything was good. That’s all I can say about it. But yeah, those two guys kind of killed it for me.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, they’re buzzkills. But I think, what’s her name, Shakira’s been traveling and she tours all the time and does show. So she’s still relevant, especially overseas, I believe, in certain areas. So she’s remained-

Tim: Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about though. We don’t care about overseas relevancy. She’s not the name she was 15, 20 years ago, that’s what I’m saying.

Joseph Robert: Not as big. She had that big run in the early 2000s, I think it was. And I got to tell you, man, it was a pretty good show. And JLO, I mean JLO and Shakira both, they still look good considering they’re about … 20 years ago was their prime. So you got to look at when these girls were in their prime. That was the early 2000s and they’re still doing pretty good.

Tim: If you want to talk about their looks, their looks are freaking amazing. They’re both beautiful, beautiful women with amazing bodies.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. That’s what happens, man. You got to take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter what age you are. Take care of yourself. I mean, JLO’s 50. She looks like she’s about what? 34, 35.

Tim: Oh yeah.

Joseph Robert: That’s crazy. So man, what do you think? Overall Super Bowl, how would you rate it out of 10? Pretty good Super Bowl?

Tim: Yeah, man. I mean, I’d definitely give it an eight and a half to nine. Like you’ll very rarely get a 10 out of 10 for anything out of me. So kind of as advertised, what I expected. I expected San Fran defense and Kansas City offense.

Joseph Robert: I just wanted more of a fight out of the 49ers out of the end. That’s all I wanted. I wanted a more exciting finish there and I just hate it, man. You’re down four. There’s got to be a sense of urgency, you know what I mean? It wasn’t there. And then they got to third and 10 and they couldn’t convert. They got pressure. I mean, just fight. I don’t know. There was just no fight there. Figure something out. You have four downs to figure it out. Move the ball down the field.

Tim: It’s funny because Ingrid was rooting for Kansas City and of course I had predicted a San Fran win. So she’s bragging, she’s like, “Haha, it’s over. …” I’m like, “No way, are you crazy? There are three minutes left, that’s plenty of time, blah blah blah.” And then they let me down.

Joseph Robert: Yeah. Jimmy G was just not a guy you could trust there. So it is what it is. It was a good game and yeah. Let’s move on to the 2020 season coming up, man. 2020, 2021 can you believe it?

Tim: I can. I can. I’m pumped, I’m ready. Not too long before we head down to the draft.

Joseph Robert:  It’s going to be huge, guys. Make sure you guys subscribe. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed the Super Bowl as much as we did. And then that’s it, man. Nothing else to say.

Tim: Yeah. So I mean, if you want to keep it going a little bit here. So yeah, XFL is starting up, I believe, February eighth is all the first games. We’re going to kind of keep an eye on it and maybe we’ll probably talk about it with you guys a little bit for the next several weeks here, but just overall, not too excited. Don’t know what to expect yet, so we don’t want to go crazy.

Joseph Robert: All right, I just want the top tier players. That’s why the NFL is so popular, right? So now you’re getting a couple of guys that were in the NFL playing, playing in this league now and players that just aren’t on NFL caliber playing in this league. So I don’t know how the gameplay is going to be, how intense it is going to be, but we’re going to have to double-check the rules and go over that with everybody and maybe cover a couple of the games there.

Tim: Yeah, they need some excitement early to make sure that it solidifies their position and everybody wants to tune in and check it out.

Joseph Robert: All right, Tim. Man, that was a good one. And yeah, let’s start rolling out the 2020 fantasy football content. Make sure you guys are subscribed and leave that five-star rating or review on iTunes. We greatly appreciate it.

Tim: Yeah, man. You better still be ready for some football.

Joseph Robert: Congrats to the Chiefs.

Tim: I wanted San Fran.

Joseph Robert: All right. All right, well, congrats to the Chiefs anyway, even though Tim’s not going to do it.

Tim: That’s right. I’m a little moody when it comes to these things.

Joseph Robert: All right. We’re out, guys. Have a good day.

Tim: Have a good one, everybody.

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