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January 13, 2020
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January 19, 2020

Superbowl Prediction and weekend preview

So who will win this weekend? The Counselor has his prediction along with a preview of the two big games!


Show Transcript:

Joseph Robert: (singing). Welcome to the show, everybody. Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor here with Tim, aka The Bald Man. What’s going on, Tim?

Tim: Not much. How’s it going, everybody? Hey.

Tim: No way. Did you look in your crystal ball? You know who it’s going to be?

Joseph Robert: Yes, yes. I know, and I’m going to tell you guys. I’ve hammered out this conspiracy, and I think this is how it’s going to play out.

Tim: You’re going to ruin the surprise.

Joseph Robert: I’m going to ruin it. I’m going to explain all that. But man, I’m exhausted. I was up late yesterday, I got to tell you. I was watching the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix. It just came out, and I’m halfway through it. Man, that guy, he had everything going for him, and he kind of screwed it. You know, Tim?

Tim: I haven’t seen any of it yet, actually. So, I’m going to wait, and you’re going to ruin it for me too. You’re just a ruiner today.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, if you guys haven’t seen it, Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix. I have no affiliation, nor am I trying to promote it or anything like that. It’s just crazy because… I was just watching it because it’s football-related. That’s pretty much the main thing here. But a guy that had everything going for him, playing for the Patriots, going from a 7,000 square foot mansion into a 7 by 10 jail cell. It’s crazy, man, and it’s definitely worth watching. Again, I’m halfway through it, Tim, and make sure you try to watch that, everybody.

Tim: Yeah, see it and see what you think. We’re not advocating going out and killing people to make a great story, though.

Joseph Robert: No, no. That’s another thing I want to talk about. That’s a whole other debate. I kind of doesn’t like Netflix and these networks making these documentaries of guys that did these terrible things. You’re giving them a platform. But they’re not the same, man. It’s football related, and it’s documenting stuff, and it’s making you aware of it. So, I guess it’s… I don’t know, man. It’s informative. Let’s put it that way. But yeah, I don’t know if these guys deserve a platform, dead or not, right?

Tim: Yeah, yeah. I understand what you mean. But it kind of humanizes some of the issues that people face, like, “Oh my God, I’m the only one who’s going through this.” Well, no, you’re not, man. Other people have been there.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, and that’s the thing with this documentary. You can kind of see how he kind of broke down and the things that broke him down. So, if anyone is struggling in their life, you can spot things like that. So, I guess it’s a little bit educational too in regards to preventing this stuff or seeing signs in people as they’re breaking down, before they go to their potential downfall. But, yeah, definitely interesting. Go check it out. I think it’s a three-episode series, and I think it’s an hour or so per episode, I believe. Again, I’m about halfway through. Very interesting.

Tim: All right, man. Let’s get to the serious important stuff here.

Joseph Robert: All right, so we’ve got the Titans versus the Chiefs here. Now, should I just get right to the conspiracy here and just tell you who’s going to be in the Super Bowl?

Tim: Sure.

Joseph Robert: We could technically just not even recap these games or a preview of these games, just to get right to, hey, this is what the Super Bowl is going to be, and that’s the bottom line.

Tim: I want to hear your theory on this one because I don’t see too many theories going here, other than the young guns.

Joseph Robert: No, I actually see this happening. So, it’s the hundredth anniversary. Not the hundredth Super Bowl. Let me get this straight. It’s the hundredth anniversary of the NFL, okay?

Tim: Yeah.

Joseph Robert: Now, check this out. Ironically, the Chiefs played the Packers in Super Bowl I.

Tim: Oh.

Joseph Robert: Ah ha. Yeah, yeah. Ironically, that’s the bottom line, right? So, I’m thinking it’s going to be Packers versus KC. It’s just so fitting. Look at them. They’re here in the Conference Finals. It was Super Bowl I. What do you think, Tim? What do you think of this theory? Is it concrete or what?

Tim: That is a great theory that they might want to replay, rehash that Super Bowl I sort of thing. I don’t see it happening, but we’ve seen crazier already. I don’t see the Packers winning, but, man, we didn’t see Baltimore losing either.

Joseph Robert: That’s what I think, and I really feel that… I think that even actually makes the best matchup because there have been debates about Aaron Rodgers being the best quarterback in the NFL, and now he’s playing the potential best quarterback, which is Mahomes. Mahomes is pretty much the best quarterback in the NFL. So, I’m really curious about that. I think this is how it plays out, Tim. I really feel it’ll be KC and the Packers. I really do.

Tim: I like the way you’re thinking. It makes for a great story for the weekend. I just don’t see it happening.

Joseph Robert: Why? Okay, so-

Tim: But that’s the thing with conspiracy theories, though, right? People don’t see them happening until they happen.

Joseph Robert: So, what are your thoughts? What do you think? How does this play out, then?

Tim: No, man. Like I say, I don’t think Green Bay has a chance. We said that about other teams, though. The Playoffs tend to change everything. Teams find a way to do things differently. But, man, when you look at it statistically, the Packers shouldn’t even be in there playing the 49ers.

Tim: I’ll give you some offensive numbers here. The 49ers are better in almost every offensive category. In total offense, they’re fourth compared to the Packers 18th. In passing, 13th to 17th. So, not a huge gap there. But in rushing, second-best rushing compared to 15th. There’s no candle here. And the 49ers are so much better defensively. They’re fourth-ranked, compared to Green Bay’s 18th. You look at the statistics, and Green Bay shouldn’t even be in this game.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, but you know what? Playoffs change things, and I really think-

Tim: Exactly, yeah. They rise to the occasion, man. I don’t know what it is. The coaches look at different things, they start analyzing it differently, start trying some new things. They focus on one guy or one weakness. They just find it.

Joseph Robert: I want to go over one more quick thing here with my conspiracy before we dive more into these games here. This is very, very important. Let’s go back, Tim. Let’s go back to the 2005 NFL Draft. The 49ers, with their first overall pick, select Alex Smith. They basically said, “You know what, Aaron Rodgers? Screw you. We’re not going to pick you.” The Packers picked Aaron Rodgers at 24. So, there’s a chip on Aaron Rodgers’ shoulder. Another thing to solidify my conspiracy theory. Alex Smith… Do you get it? Do you know what I’m saying? I think Aaron Rodgers was in an interview saying, “Yeah, man, I still…” He’s ready to go. He’s like, “Okay, I’m going to show them. I’ll show them that they made a mistake that they didn’t pick me.” Do you know what I’m saying?

Tim: You think he’s been holding this chip on his shoulder for 14 years and now he’s going to unleash.

Joseph Robert: Perfect opportunity, is it not? The team that screwed him, the franchise that screwed him… Here we go. It’s going to be Aaron Rodgers versus the 49ers. He’s going to give them the ultimate eff you. He’s going to beat them. The Chiefs are going to get rid of this stupid Cinderella thing the Titans have. Tannehill has no business being as far as he has in the playoffs. It’s going to be the Packers versus KC. It’s going to be because of the hundredth anniversary, and it’s going to relate to the Super Bowl I, which was the Packers beating the Chiefs. It’s all set up to be like this.

Tim: It’s going to be huge.

Joseph Robert: Do you see it now? Is this coming together now?

Tim: I understand your vision. I just… no.

Joseph Robert: Okay, listen, I’m betting the house.

Tim: You know I’m not a conspiracy theory guy though, and you are. So, we’ll see how it plays out, man.

Joseph Robert: So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and bet the house on this, and I’m going to buy a Lamborghini with it. There you go. How about that?

Tim: You better talk to the wife first, or maybe it’s… What do they say? It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission? Something like that.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, yeah. “Honey, I believe in this conspiracy theory. It didn’t work out. We lost the house.” Can you imagine?

Tim: Yeah, I think you’d be lost after that.

Joseph Robert: But if I’m right, I win. It’s kind of like when the Doc in Back to the Future discovered the flux capacitor, right? It kind of hit him in the head. He kind of woke up and he… You know?

Tim: Something tells me Marina is still not going to care about your Lamborghini with your growing family.

Joseph Robert: Probably not. All right, let’s talk about this, Tim. We’ve got the underdog versus the Chiefs here. Titans… I don’t know, man. Is Derrick Henry going to be able to continue to run through these guys? It’s an easier defense compared to what he was up against, right? He was up against the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots. Easier rushing defense to play against. Can they neutralize him? I don’t know. I say yes because of the conspiracy.

Tim: Well, not just that. But that’s the thing, like what I was saying. They know that everything is predicated on Derrick Henry’s… the way he approaches the game. If he has a great game, Titans win. If he doesn’t, Titans are dead. There’s no ifs, and, or buts about it. There’s nothing else but Derrick Henry. So, if you can neutralize him, you’ve won the game.

Joseph Robert: Hence, that reinforces my decision yet again. It’s going to be the Chiefs winning, and I’m telling you, man, they’re coming in hot. Coming down 24-nothing, coming back to win that. There is a ton of momentum for both of these teams, but I think there’s more momentum for the Kansas City Chiefs. Pat Mahomes, that offense, he’s got amazing tools that Tannehill… First of all, Mahomes is a lot better quarterback, let’s be honest there when you break that down. And his tools… Tannehill doesn’t have Tyreek Hill. He doesn’t have Travis Kelce. Mind you, the Titans do have a better running game, but that’s the only thing I think they have. I would say the defenses are pretty close too.

Tim: Okay, yeah. You’re right. Tennessee, it is all about the running game. Man, Tennessee’s rushing offense is ranked second or third, I think, and it’s all because of Derrick Henry. I also read something this morning. He has the most yards after first touch sort of thing-

Joseph Robert: Contact-

Tim: Yeah, after contact. So, he can do it, man. We’ve seen him… What was it, a couple of weeks ago where he had more rushing yards than two-thirds of the quarterbacks that played that weekend. It was in Spain. So, they can do it. Derrick Henry can do it.

Tim: Let me throw this stupid little fun fact at you that I got off the NFL’s website. Tennessee is the third team to beat the number one defense and number one offense in postseason. The other two times that happened, those teams went on to win the Super Bowl.

Joseph Robert: Wow. That’s an interesting fact.

Tim: Yeah, it’s a fun little fact. So, if Tennessee can pull out this one against the Chiefs, they win the Super Bowl, baby.

Joseph Robert: I don’t believe it because I do believe in the conspiracy that KC is playing the Packers because Aaron Rodgers is pissed because of the draft, that the 49ers didn’t draft him. And the fact, let me repeat this, and the fact it’s the hundredth anniversary and then they played in the Super Bowl I, KC versus the Packers, where the Packers beat the KC Chiefs. That’s the bottom line, and this is where it’s set up for the hundredth anniversary.

Tim: You are just full of conspiracy facts here.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what I believe. So, that’s my prediction. If I’m wrong, then maybe I’ll drop the conspiracy theory thing next year.

Tim: No, you won’t.

Joseph Robert: Well, okay. Hold on a second. Let’s visualize. It doesn’t sound that interesting to say, “Okay, Tannehill versus Garappolo.” Or does it sound better to say, “Aaron Rodgers versus Pat Mahomes. We’ve got the protege versus the legend”? There’s more of a story. It’s the hundredth anniversary. These guys played in Super Bowl I.

Tim: I agree.

Joseph Robert: That’s what I think. That’s what I’m thinking.

Tim: You got it. You’ve got all the hype things going for you there. I just don’t… It shouldn’t happen that way, so let’s see what happens.

Joseph Robert: Or does it sound better “Derrick Henry, the rushing leader versus Jimmy Garappolo.” It doesn’t… I don’t know. You could say, “The king versus… who?” Jimmy doesn’t really appeal to me. You know what I mean? He’s good. The team’s been great. They’ve shown that they’re for real. But Aaron Rodgers’ playoff time, it’s going to be a battle. It’s going to be interesting, and it could be anyone’s game. Going into that matchup, Tim, who do you got? Take the conspiracy out. Who do you got here?

Tim: I want to go for the Titans. I just… I can’t. The 49ers-

Joseph Robert: No, I’m talking the 49ers. 49ers and Packers, I mean.

Tim: Oh, okay. Yeah, yeah. I’m all over the 49ers. I think I’ve kind of already said it. They lead in pretty much… They’re way better in almost every offensive category and better in defense. The only place that the Packers have them is in the takeover differential. The Packers have plus 12 in the takeaways compared to plus four for San Fran. So, turnovers could be the big thing in this game. If the Packers can snag a couple INTs, they can get some forced fumbles, whatever, that’s going to be the decider.

Joseph Robert: On paper, it shows the 49ers beat them in every category: offense, defense, passing and rushing. But I will tell you that Aaron Rodgers… Again, playoff time. I think they have more tools on that offense. Davante Adams is a far better receiver than any receiver the 49ers have. Deebo Samuel has been great, but he hasn’t proved that he’s on Davante Adams’ level. And then you’ve got Aaron Rodgers, who is far more experienced than Garappolo. When you’re looking at that from that point of view… And I think Aaron Jones is probably better than Mostert. Mostert has been pretty good and stuff like that, but 49ers are doing better in rushing. That’s probably because of their whole line. It’s anybody’s game, and that’s just the bottom line.

Tim: Well, and here’s the fun fact on this game, thanks to the NFL. The Packers haven’t lost a game since losing to San Fran in week 12, where they were destroyed 37 to 8.

Joseph Robert: Exactly. So, redemption, right?

Tim: Redemption, but oh my God. That was a huge differential. They got killed that game. Can they make the comeback? That would be amazing. That’ll just add fuel to the fire.

Joseph Robert: I think Aaron Rodgers has to win this. Again, going back to 2005, Alex Smith was selected first overall. Where is Alex Smith now? He’s injured, right? And here’s Aaron Rodgers, who has proven he’s a far better quarterback through the years than Alex Smith, was passed up by the 49ers. That’s a slap in the face. I think this is the ultimate time to say, “Hey, I’m back, and I’m going to kick your ass. You’re going to make a mistake by not drafting me.”

Tim: I feel sorry for someone if they hold a grudge for 14 years.

Joseph Robert: Well, this is a big part of their life. Understand, when they make the NFL, that’s a big pinnacle moment in their life. To be rejected by… And you feel… And then you prove them wrong your whole… Now it’s time. It makes sense. Trust me on this one. I’m standing firm.

Tim: [crosstalk 00:14:52]. We’ll see, man. I like the way you throw all this crap out there.

Joseph Robert: I’m standing firm by this one. I really believe it’s a better storyline.

Joseph Robert: And, hey, hit me up on Instagram. DM me. Let me know if you agree with this theory. I want to know if you guys listen to the podcast. I want to know who’s listening to the podcast, and I want to know, tell me, do you believe in my conspiracy? Just give me the tagline “I believe.” That tells me that you believe it’s KC versus Green Bay. And if not, DM me and tell me, “Hey Joe, I don’t believe,” and then tell me what you think, because I think this is how it’s going to play out. There you go.

Tim: Yeah, so don’t get Joe wrong here. We don’t want to know if you’re a believer. We don’t care. Not Justin Bieber.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, yeah. Again, I’m not saying do go bet the house. I’m not encouraging that. But this is my theory, right? Everyone’s got to have a prediction. This is what I’m guessing. I could be completely wrong, and I may drop the conspiracy talk after this year if this doesn’t work out.

Tim: Only regarding football this year. You’re always full of conspiracy theories.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But if I’m right, oh boy. I better get a, “Whoa, Joe, that was impressive, impressive discovery.”

Tim: Yeah, you really pulled that theory out.

Joseph Robert: You got to call me The Doc because I discovered the flux capacitor. I’m in the future.

Tim: Yeah, man. You traveled back and told everybody.

Joseph Robert: All right, guys, that wraps it up. Short show today, but not a lot of teams to talk about. Just sit back and enjoy these games, and that’s pretty much it.

Tim: Yeah, there’s two whole games. We had to bore you guys with some of Joe’s Aaron Hernandez story stuff. So, just have a great weekend with these games. It’s going to be exciting.

Joseph Robert: Yeah, yeah. Go watch that on Netflix, the Hernandez thing. Yeah, he was a crazy, crazy dude, man. That’s all I got to say. And you already know who the winners are for these games, but you should watch them anyway to see that I’m right.

Tim: Yeah, Joe has looked in the crystal ball. You guys know everything. It’s going to be boring, but yeah, just watch.

Joseph : Yeah. All right, man. Well, we’ll talk soon.

Joseph Robert: We’ll talk soon, guys. Enjoy the games, and maybe I’ll do an episode Sunday night or something by myself, say, “Yeah, I was right” or “I was wrong.” Who knows?

Tim: Yeah, yep.

Joseph Robert: All right, guys, we’re out. We’ll talk soon.

Tim: Have a good one, everybody.

Joseph Robert: Yeah.




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