Fantasy Football 2018 – Players to Avoid. I’m Not Wowed

May 21, 2018

The Fantasy Football Counselor is very picky with who he wants on his fantasy football team. Here is a list of players to avoid and have years to wow him and he’s not wowed!  Be sure to also SUBSCRIBE to watch the video version of this podcast on YOUTUBE here: http://bit.ly/ffcounseloryoutubechannel Get your tickets to the […]

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Fantasy Football podcast – Hater Comments

May 19, 2018

The Fantasy Football Counselor reads hater comments. Special episode, having some fun about all the recent twitter drama!  Be sure to subscribe to out Youtube channel to watch the video version of the podcast HERE: http://bit.ly/ffcounseloryoutubechannel Get into the Elite Talent Mastermind to get DIRECT access to the Counselor HERE: http://bit.ly/Fantasymastermind  Check out this episode!

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Rookie Rundown

May 17, 2018

Who is going to be fantasy football 2018’s Alvin Kamara? The Counselor runs through and analyzes the Top rookies coming into the 2018 NFL season. He let’s you know who could really break out! A must listen episode that will give you a massive advantage over your friends and competition.  Draft Domination Course here: http://bit.ly/draftdominationcourse Get […]

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Fantasy Football 2018 – Calls out worst advice ever!

May 16, 2018

The Fantasy Football Counselor calls out an industry analyst on the worst fantasy football draft advice ever given! Also, he answers some of your questions here and shouts you out! This is another GOOD one. For the best and most honest fantasy football advice that actually helps you WIN! Click Subscribe to this channel!  Get […]

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Fantasy football 2018 – Depth Chart MEGA Episode

May 15, 2018

Massive episode reviewing all 32 NFL team depth charts and letting you know who to draft in fantasy football 2018! The Counselor puts a lot of weight on the depths charts. The content in this episode alone will give you a massive advantage over the competition!  SUBSCRIBE to the YOUTUBE channel to watch the video […]

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Fantasy football 2018 – Instagram Experts draft lottery

May 13, 2018

Special episode with the Fantasy football Counselor hosting the instagram experts draft lottery! These are the TOP and most harderst working fantasy football instagram accounts. This will be for a 12 person, 2 keeper 1 pt ppr league. Draft to be held in late July. 12 hard working accounts and over 260k combined followers! It’s […]

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Fantasy football 2018 – Live Mock draft Mid May

May 12, 2018

Live Fantasy football mock draft jam packed with vital draft information. The Fantasy football Counselor, does a draft live on Youtube and gives value in this must listen too Mid May episode.  Watch this video on Youtube and Subscribe: http://bit.ly/ffcounseloryoutubechannel  Learn the CUDDY HERE: http://bit.ly/cuddysystem Draft Domination Course here: http://bit.ly/draftdominationcourse Make sure you Mock draft often! It will […]

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Fantasy football 2018 – Early Tight End Rankings

May 10, 2018

The top 12 tight end early rankings episode is here. Packed with information on when to draft a tight end. Also, some bonuses on which tight ends can really break out in 2018 fantasy football. You can catch this video on Youtube! Subscribe HERE: http://bit.ly/ffcounseloryoutubechannel Draft like a pro with this: http://bit.ly/draftdominationcourse LEARN THE CUDDY SYSTEM HERE: http://bit.ly/cuddysystem […]

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Fantasy Football podcast – Trending Social Media Questions

May 9, 2018

What happens to Kamara’s Fantasy football value with the Ingram 4 games suspension? Does CJ Anderson destroy Cristian McCafferys Value? Joseph Robert answers some top trending fantasy football questions in this Wednesday’s Episode. May 9th 2018 Subscribe to this #1 fantasy football podcast on YOUTUBE also HERE: http://bit.ly/ffcounseloryoutubechannel Learn the CUDDY HERE: http://bit.ly/cuddysystem This is the ONLY […]

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Fantasy Football Qb Rankings 2018 – Top 12

May 7, 2018

Here are the Early Top 12 Fantasy Football Qb Rankings 2018. Where is Carson Wentz? Does Matt Ryan bounce back this year? Who are some honorable mentions outside the Top 12? We have all the answers here and so much more! This again strays away from all the general consenus lies and terrible rankings! Subsribe, […]

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