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Superbowl Prediction and Preview 2020
January 30, 2020
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DFS for the Superbowl

Fanduel and Draftkings help

DFS - Fanduel and Draftkings Advice

Fanduel and Draftkings help

DFS – Fanduel and Draftkings Advice

Joseph Robert:

I’m going to give you guys some optimal players at each position for the Superbowl. And I’m going to walk through a FanDuel lineup. Now this is a custom lineup, it’s not your typical lineup. This is the one where you have an MVP. I’m going to select a couple of MVPs that I think are going to be worth it and I’m going to give you for the flex spot. So basically, how it works guys is it’s a $60,000 salary. You’ve got five spots to fill, and the top spot, the MVP spot, is 1.5 times the points value. So selecting the MVP is going to be crucial. Is it going to be Pat Mahomes? Is going to be Deebo Samuel, Raheem Mostert? I’m going to go over that with you guys right now. So optimal players to play at each position for DFS.

So let’s start off with the quarterback here. Now again, it’s only one match-ups. We can break this down, have a little bit of fun and go back an episode guys, because I did a full breakdown on the Superbowl who I think is going to win. But when you’re already talking daily fantasy sports, if you’re talking FanDuel, if you’re talking DraftKings, again, remember guys every Saturday, I do a DFS show here during the season giving you guys optimal players at each position. So it’s very, very important you guys tune in and I’m going to give you guys a lot of advice so you guys can maximize the opportunity to win on FanDuel and DraftKings. That’s what it’s all about is giving you that competitive edge, not only in the year long fantasy football, but also in daily fantasy football.

Again, whether you’re playing DFS on FanDuel or DraftKings, you’re going to get a competitive edge here on the Fantasy Football Counselor podcast. So make sure you guys click subscribe and we go year long.

All right, so let’s talk about Pat Mahomes here. He is $16,000 right now on FanDuel, very expensive. So you may want to consider maybe putting him in in that MVP spot because you know he’s going to get around two to three touchdowns. He is a viable option. But as you guys know, we’ve seen it before, guys like Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelsey, Raheem Mostert, all of these guys have that huge potential upside. And to differentiate yourself, sometimes you got to choose a guy that’s maybe outside of the box. So a couple of guys I may want to consider putting in this MVP spot. Again guys, it’s five slots here. They’re basically flex options including one up top, so five total, including the MVP spot up top and you’ve got to fill it up filling a $60,000 salary and you basically enter a pool.

Now if this particular one on FanDuel is $1 million to the first place winner and it’s a $9 buy-in, so again, you’ve got to plug it in accordingly. So now if you look at the positions here, I’m going to start with quarterback Pat Mahomes. Obviously the better option, he is $16,000 compared to the $14,000 Jimmy Garoppolo is. When you’re looking at Pat Mahomes here, he had two amazing weeks, 35 weeks, the week last he played and the week before that was 38 points. But he’s got a little bit of a tougher match up playing San Fran. Jimmy Garoppolo, a slightly easier to match up, but he’s playing Casey. I get it. But it’s Jimmy Garoppolo, right? He just hasn’t been performing on a high fantasy football level. As we saw last game, it was only what, eight attempts, six attempts or eight attempts and he completed six passes.

So if you got to pick a quarterback, it’s got to be Pat Mahomes. But again, in this case you don’t really have to because you can literally flex all five positions. But I mean it is tempting to put in Pat Mahomes. So we’re going to slap Pat Mahomes in here, but that spends a lot of our budget. Now I really like Raheem Mostert. He’s also $13,500, really lowering our salary. I also like Deebo Samuel. He’s a guy that I really like and he is one of those guys who could have that real boom game. Now I’ve put in Pam Mahomes, Raheem Mostert and Deebo Samuel in here. That gives me $22,000 that’s not a lot, but there’s still two flex positions left. Who am I going to put in? If I put in George Kittle, that’s $11,500, leaving me with $10,500 to plug it a guy like, it could be a kicker. It could be made Emmanuel Sanders, Breida, someone like that, Mecole Hardman. Anyone of these guys could go off. So I’m going to give you guys a sample lineup right here and I’m going to go and plug in, let’s put in Jesus, so many good options, Mecole Hardman here.

Now I’ve got Mahomes, Mostert, Samuel, Kittle and Hardman. That lineup, if I import it, it’s nine bucks. It’s a solid lineup. How’s it going to contend? It depends. It depends on who goes off in the Superbowl. That’s the big question, but that is a solid lineup you could definitely put in. You could take out Mecole Hardman slide and Tyreek Hill, but you’re going to be over budget. I’m going to take out George Kittle and put in a guy that’s got a high ceiling like Sammy Watkins. Okay? Actually that’s a little bit of a … that budget doesn’t work either.

I’m going to put any Emmanuel Sanders. So Mahomes, Mostert, Deebo, Emmanuel Sanders, Tyreek Hill, you can mix match any players that you want, but those are a couple of lineups that I definitely like. Now looking at the running back position, Kansas City, I got to tell you, they got it in tough. Damien Williams got in tough against Sam Friend. Now mind you, he had a good week the last week he played, a couple of weeks ago when they played, but you got to understand guys, he is playing San Frans de and it’s going to be a tougher match up. Now where Raheem Mostert complete opposite, arguably one of the easiest match ups versus position here. If everyone was playing, he’s actually got the seventh easiest magic versus position, okay, or 6th easiest match up, I’m sorry. So Raheem Mostert, I mean, definitely a guy you want to start coming off a hot game, 48 points last game. Definitely want to consider him but he is expensive, $13,500.

Now understand guys, it is only one game, two teams going at it. That’s why a lot of these, you know FanDuel, DraftKings, they’re offering this little flex play type game where you select five players, put them in because there’s not a lot of players to choose from. You can’t really fill in the positions properly or to maximize those positions. Now if you want to go Jimmy G, he is $14,000 and frees up $2,000 cash. But I just don’t see Jimmy G putting up as many points as Pat Mahomes. That’s the issue I have here plugging in Jimmy Garappolo here in this lineup. So could we put him in. Sure. It’s going to free up money but I’m almost comfortable putting in Pat Mahomes instead. So I’m going to take out Jimmy G and let’s say we don’t put any quarterback in. I got Damien Williams, Raheem Mostert. I got Deebo Samuel, Emmanuel Sanders and Tyreek Hill and I still have $4,500 remaining. So if I take out Emmanuel Sanders, I can put in Travis Kelsey, but that makes the budget a little bit off. So I’ve got to just correct this a little bit. I’m going to take Tyreek out and put in, let’s put in Kittle here. So Damien Williams, Mostert, Deebo, Kelsey and Kittle, zero balance salary remaining. That’s a perfect lineup as well.

Another lineup you can consider, okay? Williams, Mostert, Deebo, Kelsey, Kittle. So what I’m looking for here when I’m building this line, especially if it’s a competitive pool like a GPP where there’s a lot of people in there and there’s going to be multi-entry lineups. This one has 150 a multi-entry lineup here. When you’re looking at a multi-entry lineup, you want to try to get players with massive upside. Okay?

Fanduel and Draftkings DFS strategy

  • Take some risks on players with upside and high ceiling especially in GGP tournaments
  • Have balance in your roster with consistent fantasy players and upside players
  • Be careful with games that have high multi-entry lineups
  • Don’t always do what others are doing and think outside the box

I’m going to give you guys a FanDuel, DraftKings strategy here or if you want to call it a DFS strategy. Very simple. If you are in a GPP, this is where you want to take a lot of risks. So I’m going to take out George Kittle because he’s super safe and I could put in a guy that’s got a ton of upside like a DeMarcus Robinson because he’s $6,500 but a lot of people may not put them in there and he could have one of those boom games.

So if you are doing multi-entry lineups, especially in a GPP where there is a ton of people in it, here’s a fantasy football DFS strategy, end up guys putting in and drafting a player that has a high ceiling and a ton of upside. And again, some of these guys that have the bigger ceilings, the more expensive salaries I should say, sometimes they don’t perform and then you end up doing what everyone else does. Okay?

So that’s a strategy as well. But you also want to get one or two guys that are a lock and you feel really comfortable with. I do feel comfortable with Mostert, I think he’s going to get a lot of work, $13,500, I’m okay putting that in. So again, a nice mix of some safe guys and also go for some upside.

So again, I gave you a sample line up here, Damien, Mostert, Deebo, Kelsey, Robinson. That works. You could plug that in or you could take out Robinson. You could put in Travis Kelsey, right? Again, you can mix, match and find something that works for you. And again, go with that upside.

In regards to wide receivers, again, it’s anybody’s game. Okay? It’s anybody’s game, mid range match up for Tyreek Watkins and everybody from KC and a tough matchup, guys. A tougher match up for guys like Deebo Samuel, Emmanuel Sanders from San Fran.

But you’ve got to put Deebo in. I think he’s going to get some volume. I think he’s going to be the primary receiver. Somebody’s going to catch the ball. And I’m only assuming that San Frans got to throw the ball more. They cannot be predictable and just run the ball. KC will find out the game plan and then they will counter that. So guys, when you are looking at wide receivers, aim for upside. Okay?

So again, very simple episode guys, DFS, final week, Superbowl, DFS weekend. And again, when you’re looking at a daily fantasy sports strategy, have a nice mixture of guys that are secure but also go for those upside players as well. Now if you’re doing a head to head match up in DFS, here’s a strategy for you. Then you want to play it a little bit safer there. If it’s just one on one or if it’s a smaller room, right, four people to ten people. But if it is a bigger room, make sure you guys go for upside. That is a massive daily fantasy sports strategy. Okay?

All right guys, I’m out. Enjoy the Superbowl. Go back. I did an episode on this, guys. Go back and listen to the Superbowl episode. I’m out, guys. Have a great weekend.

Here are your optimal DFS players for the big game. If you are playing Fanduel or Draftkings, this will definitely help you out!

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