How to absolutely dominate fantasy football with CUDDY

March 15, 2018 in #Fantasy Advice #news

Introducing CUDDY, the only way to absolutely dominate fantasy football this year! The Fantasy Football Counselor is here to provide you with the ultimate game changer approach to your draft in both daily and yearly fantasy football. Giving you the ultimate edge!

Introducing the only surefire way to give you a scientifically proven concept I have developed through years of experience.  Follow the CUDDY system when drafting and selecting your players in daily and yearly leagues to absolutely dominate them!

Remember this is the foundation. Understanding this formula alone won’t guarantee that you win your leagues. You must do your own research, understand player rankings, depth charts, stay on top of the latest news and much more to really dominate!

What is the CUDDY system and how to dominate fantasy football

“CUDDY” stands for the 5 main criteria, in selecting the right player for your fantasy football roster. This formula is universal and can be used for all fantasy sports platforms such as daily and yearly. This system was designed to be the “go to” process in selecting your rosters.

I know this system will help you gain the edge in fantasy sports. It has been proven to work. I have dominated the best talent in the industry as a result of this game changing system. Last year you have seen my results through transparency!

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C- Consistency

This is the first yet the most important letter in the system. Target players
that have been consistent year in and year out, month in and month out and week in and
week out. Look for patterns of consistency in games. If they have one 30 point game and
then 5 games averaging 2 points and then a 10 point game, that’s not good! They lack
consistency. Names wont help you dominate alone, numbers do! You want to see steady production 80% of the time as a rule of thumb. Look for consistency. Your team should be made up of at least 60% consistent players. By this I mean 60% should be consistent and the other players could be riskier with upside. This ensures
you get those guaranteed points everyday they play. This is security to your team. You need
to secure consistent players.

U- Upside

This one is a little tricky to understand and can be based on a matter of opinion,
mixed in with concrete stats. To keep this simple, upside is a player that has shown flashes
of greatness at times and is in a position to really succeed. For example, let’s say team A has a
solid quarterback but he is lacking a good wide receiver. The next year team A drafts a top 5
College WR prospect who will be receiving the ball from this stud QB. This would give this
receiver some HUGE upside! You guys can fill in the blanks on how you want to determine
upside in your research. I offer my direct advice at in the Elite Talent
Mastermind group, and let you know who fits the “CUDDY” every year to keep you up to

D- Durability

I see it every year, the general consensus ranks injury prone players near the
top of their lists! Straight to the point “No Fluff”. If a player is injury prone on a regular basis
regardless of the talent, he should be AVOIDED. It’s just not worth it! Be aware of this, if they
lack durability, the “CUDDY” falls apart because they will lack consistency and upside!

D- Depth

This one is not discussed as much as it should. I study depth charts harder than
anyone in the industry. A Depth Chart is probably one of my favorite tools in the “CUDDY”
system when I am selecting a player to draft in Fantasy. Where a player is on the current
depth chart will tell you a lot about the player. It implies higher snap counts, receptions,
carries and volume of points. I would much rather draft a WR1 on a not so great team, instead
of a big name player on a better team that is a WR3 on the depth chart . You have to be smart
and always study and stay on top of the depth charts. I hammer this point in my training.

Y- Youth

Like anything, what goes up must come down. Big name players stats decrease
over time and players come out of their prime every year! One of my strategies is scouting out
young new talent, especially RB’s who fit the “CUDDY”. Understand that Youth is
contradictory to Consistency within the CUDDY system, if they are a rookie. However, if they
land on the right team and are higher in the depth chart, the UPSIDE is massive! Youth,
especially in keeper leagues, is a go to criteria for me. Make sure it is for you too. I LOVE to
gamble on youth and rookies

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Finally, you’re a combination of the 5 fantasy players you associate with most. Are you rubbing shoulders with those who elevate your game? Or do you simply hang out with those who are mediocre and have little to no passion abut winning in life?

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In conclusion

My mission here is to help you win. As an open book I share with you what has worked for me, and also the transparency of those results. Unlike most other “analysts” you get weekly advice and philosophy just minus the transparency.

My CUDDY system is an absolute game changer you wont find anything close to on the internet. I have also created the video version of this completely breaking it down for you for less than what it would cost you to play in your leagues this year.

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I look forward to hearing from you and how this system helps you dominate your fantasy football leagues this year!