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May 17, 2023

Best Ball 2023 | 5 Tips to Dominate your Draft

Best ball advice and draft strategy

Best ball advice and draft strategy

5 Tips to Win at Best Ball

  1. Consistency is NOT key
  2. Durability and Upside are the most important
  3. Cover all your bye weeks
  4. Wait on Tight End
  5. Get the 16 Rounds Plus App

Let’s dive into these tips and tricks and explain their meaning. Before we do, we have to answer the big question below:

What is Best Ball Fantasy Football?

Best ball is like season-long fantasy football, but in this case, you draft your team and don’t have to manage it during the season. Best Ball automatically starts the highest-scoring player in your selected position.

There are no head-to-head matchups weekly. It’s whoever scores the most points, like a horse race. The team that scores the most points after an entire NFL season wins

The Deep Dive on the 5 Tips to Win at best ball:

1. Consistency is not key

In the best ball, as long you have a lot of depth at each position, you don’t have consistency out of all your players. The game will take the highest scorer at each position each week. So if one of your studs has a bad week, that’s ok.

2. Durability and upside are the most important

You need your players to be healthy all season long. You can’t have all your players at a particular position be down, or you won’t be scoring points in that specific position.  In year-long, if you lose a player, you can put them on IR or drop them. You cannot do this in the best ball, so your players must remain healthy.  So make sure that you draft players that don’t have a lengthy injury history.

Also, the upside is key as you need players that will have big games. The upside players can help you win the season. Big games add up, and those points do as well.

3. Cover all your bye weeks

Having depth is key, and ensuring you don’t have overlaps of players playing is off on the same week. Note that all your players at a particular position are not on the same bye weeks.

4. Wait on the Tight End

The tight end is a crap shoot after guys like Travis Kelce. It is hard to get upside-tight ends these days. You want to secure the top positions like QB, RB, and WRs. Get the best players at these positions, as the tight ends will not give you many points.

You are better off waiting on tight end later and just get a guy that gives you a solid 10 points a week. The guys that you draft in rounds 4-6 may not be too different points-wise from the guys you get in late rounds.

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5. Secure the 16 Rounds PLUS draft app

There is no shame in plugging the solution to the best ball. Our tool has a draft mode that helps you specifically with your best ball drafts. Take advantage of this and dominate your drafts!

You can watch the FULL fantasy football podcast here for the breakdown of all these tips and strategies:




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