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Antonio Brown News and 2019 Fantasy Surprises

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Antonio Brown makes the news again, and we discuss the biggest surprises of 2019 Fantasy Football.

Joseph: Welcome to the show everybody. Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor. It is January 23rd in here with Tim the man, bald guy. Yeah, I’ve added the man now, Tim.

Tim:  Tim the man, bald guy. Yes, you are on fire today already.

Joseph:  I am, man. You’re ranking up every episode that goes by.

Tim: So now I’m the man, but I’m still the bald guy.

Joseph: Yeah. Since you’re the man, you don’t happen to be a lawyer, do you? Because Antonio Brown, before we get into this Antonio Brown, we’re doing a whole show on surprises, and I can’t say that I’m surprised here with Antonio Brown, but there’s a warrant issued for his arrest as of the time of this recording. We’re recording this around 8:00 AM on January 23rd, Eastern time. What’s going on, man? Can you save Antonio Brown?

Tim: Here’s the thing with Antonio Brown. Surprise, I wasn’t relevant, so I’d have to create some drama.

Joseph: That’s all you need to know.

Tim: I need to keep my name in the news.

Joseph: Yeah, we’re going to get to this in a second, but today’s show is about surprises. Fantasy football surprises and NFL surprise in general that happened back in 2019 going into … it’s still part of the 2020, 2019 season, but I just got to touch upon this Antonio Brown because again, I’m not surprised. Everything’s leading up to this, and it just keeps getting worse. Alleged battery assault charge here, and they’re saying it’s a simple charge, a simple battery.

Joseph: I don’t know, man. The bottom line is this guy apparently attacked a guy that was basically delivering goods and supplies to his house. I think it was his storage stuff that he had back in LA were being delivered to his house and apparently, him and his trainer didn’t want to pay him the four grand initially for the delivery charge, he threw a rock at the truck, truck driver eventually came back, assuming that Brown’s going to pay the $4,000.00, and then Brown doesn’t pay the four … it says, “I’m going to pay the $4,000.00 but doesn’t want to pay the damages, because he threw the rock at it.” They pummeled the guy up a little bit, damaged any of the other goods in the truck that belonged to other people. His trainer apparently went in, got a $20,000 bond and now they’re looking for Antonio Brown. There’s a warrant out for his arrest. The drama’s unreal, Tim.

Tim: You seem to know a lot about this. By any chance, were you the guy driving the truck?

Joseph: I don’t know. I don’t know. It depends. Well, if you see me pull up in a Lamborghini after I sue Antonio Brown, then you’ll have a good idea.

Tim: Yeah, no doubt.

Joseph: It’s just been a ton of drama. I just had to throw that in. We’ll see what the outcome is. It’s like a real live soap opera going on there.

Tim: Yeah. So here’s the thing, Antonio Brown is one of my surprises. He’s Antonio Brown, he’s a great talent. There’s no denying that, but this year was just a absolute shit show for him. He could not get his act together. He’s on a team, he’s off a team. Another team picks him up, he plays one game, he’s gone. Just so much crap with Antonio Brown.

Tim: Like I was saying to you, he’s so talented. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back next year. Somebody’s going to pick him up just for the name. He still is a great talent, but people just want that name, that attachment, create some excitement around a team.

Joseph: Yeah. A lot of people saying he’s not coming back. His career is over but then those might be the keyboard warrior haters from what you’re reading, but a lot of people saying he may come back. I don’t know. Right now, we got to see what happens with this whole jail thing. Will he serve at some time, a day maybe? Who knows what’s going on? I think he’s in and out in a day.

Tim: He’s definitely not right in the head right now, let’s put it that way. The NFL’s overlooked a lot worse than this.

Joseph: Yeah. We might get back to this if any news breaks while we’re recording this over the next 15, 20 minutes.

Joseph: All right, let’s talk about some surprises. Tim, you’ve got a list of surprises here that happened throughout the 2019, 2020 season, primarily for fantasy. Now, I’ve got a couple as well for fantasy, but some more reality stuff as well. We’re going to go through your list. I’ll give you a couple of my surprises this year.

Joseph:  Now you’ve got to understand everybody, a lot of this stuff we anticipate, primarily I do, because I anticipate things that could potentially happen. A lot of people are surprised that Antonio Brown busted. You know what? No, I wasn’t. He wasn’t on Pittsburgh anymore. New team, new offense, drama queen. I figured something would have happened, not to this extreme, but I figured Antonio Brown would bust. I figured a lot of players would bust. Damien Williams use to wow us, we weren’t wowed. That wasn’t a surprise. So, there’s a lot of things that didn’t surprise me. A few that did. Let’s go through them.

Joseph:  Tim, do you want to talk about some surprises? Let’s roll right to it.

Tim: Yeah. So, I’m a nice guy, and I sent you my list ahead of time so you could look at it and have some ideas prepared but anyways, I’m going to break your heart. Andrew luck retiring abruptly before the season starts.

Joseph: Yeah. Why do you get to bring that up? I wasn’t thinking about it. I was kind of over it for. It’s one of those things where it was like a death. You’re never really over it. You just kind of …

Tim: Push it to the back but every now and then you’d get a memory.

Joseph: Yeah, he was my man-crush, that goofy looking Andrew Luck. I enjoyed watching him throughout the year, especially being a Colts fan. Retired abruptly before the season even started. Now, I drafted a bunch of teams well before the season. I usually do my drafts, I try to do them as early as possible. That gives me the edge, although this took away from my edge. Now I do add a lot of depth at the quarterback position. I always draft two quarterbacks in one quarterback league, two quarterbacks in a three quarterback league but in many cases, in many of my leagues, I lost Andrew Luck abruptly. Yeah, that was a huge shock, and I think that shocked the entire NFL.

Tim: Yeah. I think the biggest thing there was this was a real surprise, because nobody expected him to retire.

Joseph: No, not at all. This may sound crazy, but his dad is responsible for XFL. Could there be a chance we see Andrew luck in the XFL? Who knows?

Tim:  I highly doubt it. I don’t think they can pay him the kind of coin that he could still get by coming back to the NFL.

Joseph: Yeah, that’s true.

Tim: He didn’t leave for any specific reason other than his own personal health and sanity so you could always see him come back as well. I don’t think you’re going to see it. It’s not like he got injured, and he’s been a bag of bones for the longest time. He decided it wasn’t working for him.

Joseph: Yep. All right. What other surprises you got, Tim? Let’s rip through your surprises.

Tim:This one’s a surprise but not a surprise. Lamar Jackson in general, who would have thunk man, this guy throws for 36 touchdowns and only six int’s. Typically when it comes to quarterbacks that are known for using their legs, I always find their arms kind of sacrifice a little bit, but definitely not with this guy. Mind you, he didn’t throw for huge yardage, but still throwing for 36 touchdowns, only six int’s. That’s an amazing ratio. Then running, ran for 1,206 yards. This is a quarterback.

Tim: We’ve recently put together our way, way, way too early list of rankings, and we both still have him very high. My concern with him is with a quarterback that runs so much, you put yourself in harm’s way, and I hope to God he can stay healthy.

Joseph: Yeah. I’m looking at this, and it’s a total surprise, especially with the rushing because when I look at a top rushers in the league, Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, Christian McCaffrey, Zeke and Chris Carson, Leonard Fournette has 1,152. He’s number six. So, Lamar Jackson coming in sixth amongst running backs … he’s a quarterback, everybody, amongst running backs with 1206 just under Chris Carson and above Leonard Fournette, beating guys like Josh Jacobs, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, Saquon Barkley, David Montgomery, Todd Gurley, Miles Sanders. I can keep going. Beat them in rushing yards. That’s crazy.

Tim: This guy is amazing. Like I say, my only concern is that he gets used up, gets beat up. He took some pretty heavy hits even late in the year, and he still bounces back up. As you get a little bit older, and you play a little more, that’s not going to be so easy. I’m a little bit concerned for him, but right now he’s just … an amazing year.

Joseph: That’s my concern is the overuse here. I’ve got to just elaborate on this for one second. 176 attempts, you’re run out 176 times, you’re exposing yourselves. That is insane. If you look at that from a running back perspective, that is 22nd amongst running backs in attempts. Now it’s not a lot, but it is a lot for a quarterback, and you’re putting yourself on the line. That’s going to be a big concern, especially when a lot of people are going to be investing in Lamar Jackson probably as early, believe it or not, I’m going to guess here as early as the first round next year. I wouldn’t be surprised, man. People have already talked about that.

Tim:  I’d be amazed to see him going round one, but I could see him easily going in two, which is still crazy high for a quarterback.

Joseph:   I can see him going late round one. There are some crazy people. He’s been consistent, he was strong. Will he continue next year? I don’t know. We’ll have to see. All right, next-

Tim:  I hope so. We didn’t bump him down our list too much. I think we both him at either second or second third, something like that.

Joseph: All right. What next surprise?

Tim: Okay. Surprise but no surprise, Baker Mayfield. Expectations were huge going into the season. It looked like the team was trying to put some guys around him and he tanked. Absolute tanked. 22 touchdowns, 21 interceptions. That’s almost a one to one ratio.

Joseph: I called this.

Tim: That is ridiculous.

Joseph: I called this. He was a top-four quarterback, unproven. He had some sort of proof the year before but not to the degree to make him a top four, top five. Yeah, that’s insane man. Terrible ratio there.

Tim: The thing is coming in from college too, he had amazing college numbers, he never had a turnover ratio this bad. In college, it was basically a one to five, so one interception for every five touchdowns, which is pretty damn good and almost a 70% completion ratio. This year, just brutal. He did have some guys around him, guys that could make things happen. OBJ basically fell off the map here. I think he finished 21st or something in wide receiver, jarvis Landry getting the bulk of the work on that team.

Tim: It was a surprise and unfortunately, I bought into the hype train. I thought, with his college stats, with everything going for him, I thought he could make it happen. He couldn’t.

Joseph: Yeah. I should do a bust episode the next couple of days. Should be out tomorrow, hopefully, or the day after. I’m going to do it just on everybody voting on the biggest busts, for 2019 and Baker was the biggest bust at quarterback. I expected it, but the mainstream and… everybody had high hopes for Cleveland. Didn’t happen, right?

Tim: Yeah. It was a total let down, that team this year.

Tim: So, let’s move on to my next guy, a guy that you love to hate, for the most part, was Kenyan Drake. After moving to Arizona, he came in with a bang. Moving to Arizona. Sorry, I don’t know if I said moving from Arizona. Anyways, moving to Arizona, he came in, I think his first game was a great game. I forget the exact points, but he played really good, put up some big numbers that week, probably 25 plus fantasy points. Kind of settled down over the next couple of weeks, so everybody was like, “Okay, maybe a bit of a one-hit wonder.” No man, this guy looks like the real deal in Arizona now. He needed to get that move from Miami to get something going and sure enough, it’s worked for him. So we’ve actually both ranked him fairly high for next year so far too.

Joseph: Yeah, it depends on … this is why I hate doing early rankings because we don’t know what’s going to happen after the draft or the offseason moves or free agency, all that stuff. It’s very disappointing. This was actually a huge surprise for me. David Johnson, I drafted him predicated on the fact that he gets a lot of work being a workhorse, being a strong, solid, going to get all the goal-line work. Didn’t see a viable threat there in regards to taking away volume and incomes Kenyan Drake, who’s had years to wow me, and I wasn’t wowed.

Joseph: So, this honestly was probably one of the biggest surprises for me and very, very upsetting, because David Johnson‘s numbers look pretty good. I had a great week one, had a great week, week four, week five and week six. Then after that, he just plummeted. It’s terrible. Kingsbury doesn’t … Basically what I was hearing is he inherited David Johnson. He wants the offense to run his way. Drake looks a lot more explosive and that’s just the bottom line. That’s what it comes down to. He likes Drake,, I guess.

Tim: Well, you also got to remember he did get injured early too. David Johnson did get injured probably in that sixth game, or he was out for a couple of weeks there and that seemed to change everything for the team. That’s when they went and made this change and then figured Kenyan Drake was their go-to guy, which that’s kind of how it panned out.

Tim: So, I still don’t see David Johnson falling off the map. He needs to be traded or if he’s out of contract, thankfully, he wouldn’t need to go to another team. I bet you he’s still going to be a really decent running back for many years to come.

Joseph:  I’m pretty ruthless. If I was David Johnson, I’d be vocal. This is where I would go Odell, Antonio Brown on the coaches. I’d be like, “You know what? Screw you guys. I’m the man. I’m the guy here. How dare you bench me. You benched me. I need to start. I’m better than Drake.” That’s what I would be saying if I was David. It is what is.

Tim: Maybe he did, man. Maybe this is a team that just keeps all their drama in the house and doesn’t let anything out but definitely there was some stuff going on behind the scenes here.

Joseph: For sure. I remember how he did that tweet said, “Well …” you So I’m guessing maybe he did say something and well, they didn’t do anything. So, who knows?

Tim:  That’s right.

Tim: All right, so we’ve already kind of hit on my next guy OBJ, finishing 25th amongst wide receivers. I know you love to hate this guy. You’ve always said he was overrated, blah, blah, blah. Sure enough, this year kind of proves it and like I said, Landry was the go to guy on the team. Mind you, OBJ still finished with some decent numbers. He had 1,035 yards on 74 receptions. That’s pretty good. Now, he was targeted 133 times, so that that catch to target ratio isn’t really good. It’s just probably hovering around 57%, off the top of my head. Still finished with 201 points, that’s not bad but definitely not what everybody wanted out of OBJ.

Joseph:  Yeah, 25th amongst wide receivers, 201 points and again, the targets, I told you they wouldn’t be there. 133 targets. That doesn’t give you a top-five wide receiver period. You’re looking at a top-five wide receiver. Michael Tom is 185 targets. Julio Jones, 157 targets. You need 150 plus, I think, to get some really solid numbers, in my opinion.

Tim: So, we’ll move on. We’ll try to rush through the last couple … well, I’ve only got a couple more here, and we’ve already hit on the other one, Antonio Brown, the diva that nobody wanted.

Joseph: Yeah.

Tim: That’s all you can say about him. He’s the diva that nobody wanted this year.

Joseph: I don’t know how much he’s going to get away with, man. Yelling in front of his kids, getting away with a potential rape thing. I don’t know what happened there. I guess he wasn’t charged, I guess money talked in that case. Multiple accounts of the alleged rape. This guy, he’s sitting there hanging out and then the police were looking for him, and he was outside throwing a football outside like nothing happened. It’s crazy, man. He’s nuts.

Tim:  Yeah. That’s all we need to talk about with Antonio Brown. Let’s stop giving him any kind of publicity.

Joseph: Yeah. Too late.

Tim:  My last and final guy, which isn’t really a surprise of what happened. We didn’t expect much when he made this move.

Tim: Oakland is really well known for the last several years for using their tight ends, so I’m talking about Jared Cook. Jared Cook moves over to New Orleans and basically did dick for the first half of the year, at least. Thankfully, they finally started working him in a little more, and the targets and receptions weren’t really that huge, but he started putting in some touchdowns, so making himself fantasy relevant again. I hope next year that , New Orleans kind of sees what he can do for them and they start using him a little more. This year I would say he kind of tanked a little bit as far as what the expectations were but next year, I think Jared Cook’s going to be back in, definitely in those top five tight ends.

Joseph: Yeah, he finished seventh in PPR. I’m seeing it here. Seventh and PPR, nine touchdowns, second in touchdowns. Not bad but not huge numbers that people kind of expected.

Tim: Yeah, yardage wasn’t there. The number of catches just wasn’t up to snuff. There’s definitely a lot of room for improvement. I think they were underutilizing him for half a year and then finally started clicking.

Joseph:  All right, so a couple of surprises with me. One was Juju, I say JuJu because again, nobody expected big Ben to go down like that. What do you think of Juju, man? That was ridiculous.

Tim: Yeah, that’s a good miss on my part, so yes. I was one of those guys that thought Juju could handle the pressure. I thought after seeing him play last year, we saw him taking some double teams, making some incredible catches. This year, it just wasn’t there. Like I say, big Ben going downplayed a little factor in it, working with these other guys that just couldn’t get their shit together. Yeah, Juju, definitely, man. Good call.

Joseph: Yeah, Juju was a nightmare. Again, I think a lot of that was predicated on big Ben. Big Ben was the guy not being there, and it kind of screwed Juju all around. Period. That was it.

Tim: Yeah. Good call. Like I say.

Joseph:  Okay, Ryan Tannehill. The big surprise here in reality, mainly, but Ryan Tannehill, I cannot believe how well he did and took the Titans as far as he did, man. That was phenomenal.

Tim:  It was but Unfortunately, so you didn’t provide me a list ahead of time, how were his stats compared to last year? That’s what I would want to know. Is it just that the whole team was a better team this year, and they kind of pulled together and made something happen or did he personally step up and do much better than last year? I don’t think he did. I think he’s relatively on pace with what he did last year. Something just clicked for the team.

Joseph:  Yeah, when you’re talking from a fantasy point of view, he definitely stepped it up. His biggest game was 26 points in week three back in 2018 but when you’re looking at 2019, he had some phenomenal games down the stretch here. Week 14, week 15, week 16 … 27, 24, 23 points. For fantasy points, he did good. I think it was a team around him, the o-line, Derek Henry that made him better and made him look like a superstar. I think that’s what it came down to. His passing yards weren’t phenomenal. I think he only had, what, this past year he had … near the down the stretch, he had one game over 300, had 391 passing yards in week 14. After that, I think it was more of a Derrick Henry running game for the most part.

Tim: I think, when it comes to Tannehill, it’s one of those, he stepped it up when the team needed it to be stepped up. Closing out the season with such great games, that’s what leaves a good taste in everybody’s mouth.

Joseph: I got to say one more surprise here and there’s a ton more of surprises, but these are just the ones that stuck out of the top of my head before we did the show, is the Myles Garrett hit on Mason Rudolph with the helmet smash. That was a bit of a surprise to a lot of people.

Tim: Yeah. All you heard about that when it happened was Myles Garrett’s normally a very mild-mannered guy. Whatever. This time he decided that’s enough bitch, smash.

Joseph: Yeah. That was a big surprise for me with that when it comes to Myles Garrett. Yeah, it’s going to be interesting to see what surprises we get for 2020, that’s for sure.

Tim: Yeah, no doubt. Like I was saying, we’ve already put out our way, way, way, which I hate, way, way, way too early ranking but yeah, we’re going to be looking at it a little more in depth, we got to look at contracts, who’s going to possibly be gone from teams. This is where, in fantasy, you have to really look at what you normally don’t look at. Defenses and offensive lines and stuff like that. There’s a lot of work that goes into putting together a really good ranking show, but we’ll be on it, we’re just not on it right now. Right now, we’re just kind of taking it for what it is.

Joseph:  Yeah. We’ve got a huge podcast coming up for you guys in 2020. The whole show, in general, is going to change it’s dynamic, we’re going to get some insider information this year for some fantasy, more reality on some player information. I know a guy that’s going to be coming on the show, very knowledgeable. There’s a lot of cool stuff coming out with the show, so make sure you guys are subscribed, and we’ll be back. You can see our beautiful faces back in March for YouTube.

Tim: Maybe I’ll get a makeover or something, so I can look really special for everybody.

Joseph: Yeah, you should come back strong. We should come back as Wayne and Garth or get some wigs going or something like that.

Tim: Yeah.

Joseph:   Yeah. We’ll look stunned because we haven’t been on for a while. Remember when Wayne and Garth, if you guys remember Wayne’s world, when they were first on air, they were kind of shocked. Garth kind of just sat there, because he didn’t know what to do. It’s been so long. He hadn’t been on the air. So for us, it’s been so long, we’re going to sit there shocked on our first episode back.

Tim:  Yeah. So I’m going to have to make the extra effort. I’m going to have to go get a mani-pedi, get my hair done.

Joseph: Get your hair did.

Joseph:  All right. So, those are your surprises for 2019, 2020 fantasy football. I can’t wait, man. Fantasy Football will be back before we know it. We don’t stop here. We go all season. Let’s find out how the drama unfolds with Antonio Brown.

Tim: Yes. Next weekend, super bowl, baby.

Joseph:  Yeah, get the drinks out.

Joseph:  All right, that’s it, Tim. We’ll talk soon. I’m out, and we’re going to do a bus show coming up soon. I’m going to have somebody on, special guests for that and yeah, we’re going to keep rolling out the episodes.

Tim: Yeah, right on. All right. Have a good one, everybody.

Joseph: Yeah, and we’ll do the Superbowl prediction. I say we run that next week. We’ll do that.

Tim: Yeah. Although, I’ll give you a little teaser for mine. San Francisco.

Joseph: Yeah. I’m leaning San Fran right now. It may change, but we’ll talk about that. We’ll talk soon.

Tim: All right, have a good one everybody.

Joseph: Bye guys.


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