Fantasy Football Rankings 2020
Fantasy Football Rankings 2020 – Each position
February 14, 2020
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February 19, 2020

5 Super Easy Ways to Dominate your Draft

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Fantasy Football Draft


  1. Load up on running backs
  2. Wait on a Quarterback
  3. Wait on a Wide Reciever
  4. Add Depth
  5. Don’t follow the mainstream fantasy football rankings


I’m excited, we are talking fantasy football draft, five super easy ways to dominate Let’s go over these five super easy ways to dominate.

1. Load Up on Running Backs

Let’s start off with number one, you need to load up on running backs. I cannot express to you how important this is. Now let’s look at some running backs here that were drafted early that just completely busted, first of all. I mean Le’Veon Bell, I can’t say that he completely busted but he did not put out that first round RB one type of performance. He finished 16th amongst running backs. But you look at a guy like Le’Veon Bell, I was high on with David Johnson, other guys like Damien Williams who were drafted in a second round. And listen, when you look at these guys, you got to see that things change. Yes, they’re early first-round picks, but they don’t always finish in the first round like they don’t give you first-round value. Another guy that was drafted high, James Conner, you got to be careful with these guys. The Damien Williams, the James Connors. These guys have not had years to wow us, and have not been consistent throughout the years showing signs of injuries. Damien Williams was a guy that was a backup for years.

We’ll go back to this first tip here, the super-easy way to dominate your draft, load up on RBs. You got to understand that there isn’t a lot of RBs that are not in committees, right? You want guys that are not in committees. You want guys that are going to get the workload, that are going to get the volume. There’s only a handful of those guys. There’s Christian McCaffrey, there’s Zeke Elliott, there’s Derrick Henry, there’s Dalvin Cook if he stays healthy. Now, this is not a guy I trust going into 2020 fantasy football. I’ll explain that in other videos. Saquon Barkley. There’s literally a handful of these guys that you can trust. So you want to load up on RBs early. And I would go robust RB. I’m going to explain this to my 16 Round Draft Solution. It’s okay to go robust RB. Load up because you can never have enough depth at the running back position. In my 16 Round Draft Solution, I’m going to tell you guys the optimal player to draft in each round, and a full strategy to implement. But what I’m considering doing again is going with the robust RB.

Now, if you think of it as chess, you’re taking players off the board, so not only are you loading up at a position that is very volatile and has a lot of uncertainty in it, you’re loading up on running backs, taking away potential running backs that could be workhorses on other competitors in your league, right. Other teams are not going to have these players. So you want to load up on running backs. This is a simple fantasy football draft strategy that’s really going to give you an advantage, and you want to make sure that the running back you acquire is going to get the workload, and is not in a committee, and again, there’s only a handful of those guys.

Now in later rounds, we talk about this in the Draft Solution, we talk about this is that you want to load up on guys that have that potential upside that could break out. For example, this year we saw some guys that weren’t drafted early on that had pretty good seasons. Guys like Miles Sanders. Raheem Mostert did pretty well. Josh Jacobs was around a third-round pick, but either way, he had a pretty good season. You can get these guys, these golden nuggets later in your draft, mid to late rounds, that could break out and be a top-five top ten running back. And again, I talk about that in my 16 Round Draft Solution, which is available for preorder right now if you head on over to There’s no content in it now, but you can get at the lowest possible price. Full presale starts in April right after the draft, as I release the first video, but get in early.

That was tip number one.

2. Wait on a Qb

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy number two, wait on a quarterback. Now we saw this past season. A lot of people were drafting Pat Mahomes in and around the second round. Second, third round I would say he was coming off the board. He had a good season. He finished seventh amongst quarterback’s not bad, but when you look at it, you could have got yourself a Russell Wilson in and around the fifth to the seventh round, and got yourself a Dak Prescott, who finished second amongst quarterbacks, in and around round seven to ten. If you look at Pat Mahomes, was he worth a third-round pick the past year? I’m going to say no.

This is going to continue to happen as we see with Lamar Jackson who had a pinnacle year. I mean if you look at Lamar Jackson stats, they are insane. 3,127 yards, but that’s not the impressive thing. The impressive thing here is his 1,206 rushing guards, 176 attempts, and 12 rushing touchdowns. Had a good passing season as well with 36 touchdowns, only six interceptions. Not bad, but you got to look at his rushing yards, and his rushing touchdowns really inflated his numbers. Now my concern with Lamar Jackson is he’s running out a lot, 176 times. He is susceptible to injury. I don’t care how strong, or durable, or agile, or elusive you are, you are a human being, and you are not a running back. So you’re going to put yourself out there, there is a chance that you are one hit away from being injured for the entire season, and losing fantasy points for me.

Hey listen, if I got Lamar Jackson, give him to me in the fifth or sixth round for the draft, that’s not going to happen because people are going to follow the mainstream and they’re going to draft him in and around probably as late as a first-round anywhere to the beginning of the third round. Again, it’s early now in the season, it’s the second month into the 2020 year. Things are going to change. We’re going to see how mock drafts play out. We’re going to see how things happen. But I’m going to assume here that Lamar Jackson gets drafted very early in 2020 fantasy football drafts, which is going to be a huge concern. Going back to this tip of wait on a QB because you can literally get yourself a guy that’ll finish top five, that you can get honestly in and around the 10th round. You want to wait on a QB.

Now don’t wait too late. I talk about this full strategy in my 16 Rounds again, but what you want to do here is you want to anchor yourself with an ace quarterback that’s going to be consistent, but you ideally want to wait as long as possible. If I can get Russell Wilson in and around the fifth round next season after I’ve secured a ton of running backs and my ace wide receiver, then Russell Wilson seems more attractive in round five, and then I always get myself a backup. Again, more of that in videos and make sure you guys are subscribed to my YouTube channel. There’s going to be a ton of how-to videos, and strategies to help you guys dominate your draft. But going back to number two, wait as long as possible on a QB. You do not want to invest too early because what goes up must come down, and I do not believe Lamar Jackson will have the same type of year. He’ll have a good year if he stays healthy, but will he finish number one again? Probably not, maybe, but I’m not investing a second-round pick on him.

3. Wait on Wide Receiver

All right, let’s move on to point number three. Wait on a wide receiver. And what I mean by that is not wait until the seventh round. No, no, no. What I mean by that is wait until at least the second, third, or fourth round. A lot of people jump on a wide receiver in the first round. What happened last year? We saw it, a lot of people drafted Odell in the first round. I told you, stay away from Odell Beckham, Jr., three years in a row, and three years in a row he has busted, finished 25th amongst wide receivers in PPR this past year. Was drafted in the first round across all the fantasy football consensus rankings. Everyone had him ranked in the first round, and a first-round pick. I said stay away. Sure enough, he busted.

And another guy that busted significantly, and a lot of that was predicated on Ben Roethlisberger’s injury, and I get it, but Juju Smith really, really busted. I mean this guy finished 65th amongst wide receivers. Absolutely ridiculous. 113 fantasy points, PPR. This guy is being drafted at the end of the first round, but this happens. This is part of the game. It’s fantasy football. Injuries happen to players, and players that help players have good fantasy points like quarterbacks, it happens. So you got to be cautious of that. I never invest in a wide receiver early. I always secure my running backs. For example, Cooper Kupp, this guy’s being drafted in the fourth, fifth round. He finished fourth amongst wide receivers. Another guy, Julian Edelman, a guy that has been consistent throughout the years, finished seventh amongst wide receivers. Allen Robinson was absolute value the past season in drafts, finished eighth amongst wide receivers. The guy that I was drafting in the fourth round was Kenny Golladay, finished ninth amongst wide receivers. DeVante Parker, I mean this guy was going undrafted at times, finished 11th amongst wide receivers.

The point I’m trying to make is wait on a wide receiver. Do not draft one until you feel secure at the running back position because there is a lot of depth at the wide receiver position. I want to implore you here, I cannot stress this enough to you, wait on a wide receiver. There is a ton of them out there and a lot of guys that could potentially break out.

Now this 2020 NFL draft class has a ton of solid wide receivers coming in that could have some fantasy impact. We’re going to get into that in more videos. We’re going to talk and deep dive into these rookies, and where they land is really going to impact their fantasy football value. It’s going to be exciting to see how it plays with these rookie wide receivers coming in because there could be a ton of value that you can get later on in your draft that is going to make a significant fantasy football impact, and you don’t get to pay that first-round draft pick.

Now another guy, when you’re looking at wide receivers, Davante Adams, you could probably get him at a value this season, finished 22nd, but that was predicated injury. There is a lot of guys that didn’t have good seasons this past year that could have better seasons next year. Guys like Michael Gallup guys, guys like Davante Adams, guys like Stefon Diggs, Calvin Ridley, Emmanuel Sanders, Deebo had mediocre years, and some of them came on near the end of the season, DK Metcalf finished 33rd amongst wide receivers. He could come up and move a little bit up the rankings, in the draft as well. But there’s a lot of hidden gems at wide receiver. Trust me, you can wait, and that’s what I’m recommending for tip number three on how to dominate your draft.

4. Add Depth to your Roster

All right. Tip number four, add depth. Now depth charts, I study them, I look at who’s on the roster, who’s on the team, and I try to draft players that are higher on their depth chart. Now what I mean by adding depth, in a one quarterback league, I always have two quarterbacks. In a two running back league, I usually have four to five running backs. There is a ton of depth on my roster, and this is what my fantasy football draft solution talks about. Get rid of the fantasy football draft kits. You don’t need them. This is going to help you dominate and my 16 Round Draft Solution, you can get it preorder at explains this. I make sure that your roster is completely optimized to the point where literally you have a ton of depth, you don’t even need the waiver wire at times because you’ve got so much depth on your roster. You’re going to be so happy with your team.

Now, some of the guys I drafted in later rounds are swing and misses at times, and you may need the waiver wire to cover yourself for some depth, but try to add as much depth to your roster as possible so that you are secure. It’s a belt and suspenders theory. It’s literally belt, suspenders, and super glue. It’s like I always have a backup plan for a backup plan, and then I have a backup plan for that as well. That’s how I think in fantasy, always cover yourself and add depth, it is very crucial. A lot of people don’t do it. A lot of people will just draft I would say five wide receivers and they’ll have two running backs. Okay, well yeah you really like those wide receivers, but what about your RB depth? That’s great you got wide receiver depth, but what about the RB? Why is that position lacking? Why is there no depth at that position?

It’s happened to me. This is why I’m expressing this to you. It’s happened to me where I was in a two-quarterback league, and I keep going back to this example if you listen to my stuff, I was in a two-quarterback league, and I only had two quarterbacks. But if you look at it guys, if there are 12 teams and everybody’s got two quarterbacks, there is not a lot of good starting quarterbacks. Now out of those 12 teams, a lot of guys had three to four quarterbacks. So when I went to the waiver wire to cover my bi-week in a two-quarterback league, there was no starting quarterback. So I literally had to start a week without a quarterback. I only had one quarterback in a two-quarterback league starting because some guy decided to hoard four quarterbacks on his bench. See the chess game here. He blocked me from starting, but again he could be lacking depth too. So you got to find that balance when you are adding depth. Okay. All right.

5. Don’t Follow the Mainstream Rankings

And the final tip on the super easy ways to dominate your fantasy football draft, do not follow the mainstream consensus rankings. They are wrong every year. You’ve got to think outside the box. And again, that’s what my 16 Round Draft Solution talks about, that’s what I talk about, and that’s what these tips help you on, is that the mainstream will tell you, draft Odell in the first round, draft two wide receivers. Be careful guys when you are drafting, okay. Do not follow the mainstream, the copy and paste rankings. What I mean by copy and paste, they literally take the top finisher in the last year and tell you to draft them again this year in the same order because they finished on top.

And the reason the mainstream, the consensus, and the entire mainstream media does this is that it’s the safe thing to do. It’s a safe thing to do to say, “Okay, well these guys finished on top. They’re the best players in fantasy, draft them again.” You don’t play it safe in fantasy football if you want to win. If you do whatever everyone else does, and if you have that sheep mentality, you’re just going to be part of the herd. You need to break away from that herd and become a lion, okay. And that’s metaphorically speaking, but apply that to fantasy football, and I promise you you’re going to get good results. Stick with this podcast.

Let’s recap these tips. Five super easy ways to dominate. Number one, load up on RBs. Number two, wait on a QB. Number three, wait on a wide receiver, but not too long. Number four, add depth. A ton of depth, but make sure it’s balanced. Don’t get like six quarterbacks, okay. Make sure every position is covered. And number five, do not follow the mainstream fantasy football rankings, okay. Think outside the box. Be a lion and you will dominate.

Hopefully, this helps you guys. Make sure you guys click subscribe. We will be back tomorrow. I’m doing an NFC breakdown on team needs. Bringing in Tom Santanello back on the show. Super excited about that show as we move towards the fantasy football 2020 season, and the NFL draft is coming up. So many things coming up in the offseason. Make sure you are glued to this podcast. We go year-round, a ton of content coming your way. Click subscribe, and I am out.

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